• WordNet 3.6
    • v butter spread butter on "butter bread"
    • n butter an edible emulsion of fat globules made by churning milk or cream; for cooking and table use
    • n butter a fighter who strikes the opponent with his head
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Oriental Butter-Making Oriental Butter-Making

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth is called Arachibutyrophobia
    • Butter An oily, unctuous substance obtained from cream or milk by churning.
    • Butter Any substance resembling butter in degree of consistence, or other qualities, especially, in old chemistry, the chlorides, as butter of antimony, sesquichloride of antimony; also, certain concrete fat oils remaining nearly solid at ordinary temperatures, as butter of cacao vegetable butter shea butter.
    • n Butter One who, or that which, butts.
    • Butter To cover or spread with butter. "I know what's what. I know on which side
      My bread is buttered ."
    • Butter To increase, as stakes, at every throw or every game.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: People living on the east coast prefer creamy peanut butter, while people living on the west coast prefer chunky peanut butter
    • n butter The fatty portion of milk. AS prepared for use, it contains 80 to 85 per cent of fats, with varying amounts of water and salt, and minute quantities of sugar and curd. It is used as a food or relish by most peoples, and is made directly from the milk, or from the cream previously separated from the milk, of cows, goats, and other animals. Agitation or churning separates the fats from the milk or cream and makes them cohere in lumps, which are then worked together, freed as far as possible from buttermilk, and usually mixed with salt, which preserves the butter and develops its flavor.
    • n butter In old chemistry, a term applied to certain anhydrous metallic chlorids of buttery consistence and fusibility.
    • butter To smear with butter.
    • butter To flatter grossly: as, he buttered him to his heart's content.
    • butter In gambling slang, to stake the previous winnings, with addition, at every throw or every game.
    • n butter One who or that which butts; an animal that butts.
    • n butter A machine for sawing off the ends of boards, to square them and remove faulty parts.
    • n butter An obsolete form of bittern. Compare butterbump.
    • n butter One who has charge of a butt or fire-bucket. See butt, n., 1.
    • butter In cricket, to fail to make a simple and easy catch; to muff.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In the late 1800's, washing machines and butter churners were sometimes powered by dogs walking on treadmills.
    • n Butter an animal that butts
    • n Butter but′ėr an oily substance obtained from cream by churning
    • v.t Butter to spread over with butter
    • adj Butter light, flighty, like a butterfly
    • ***


  • Hermann Goering
    Hermann Goering
    “Guns will make us powerful; butter will only make us fat.”
  • Duke of Alba Ferdinand Alvarez De Toledo
    Duke of Alba Ferdinand Alvarez De Toledo
    “I have tamed men of iron in my day, shall I not easily crush these men of butter?”
  • Katherine Cebrian
    Katherine Cebrian
    “I don't even butter my bread; I consider that cooking.”
  • Ambrose Bierce
    “Deliberation. The act of examining one's bread to determine which side it is buttered on.”
  • Else Lanchester
    Else Lanchester
    “She looked as though butter wouldn't melt in her mouth --or anywhere else.”
  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown
    “Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.”


Bread and butter - Bread and butter issues are ones that affect people directly and in a very important way.
Butter wouldn't melt in their mouth - If someone looks as if butter wouldn't melt in their mouth, they look very innocent.
Fine words butter no parsnips - This idiom means that it's easy to talk, but talk is not action.
Know which side one's bread is buttered on - If you know which side one's bread is buttered on, you know where your interests lie and will act accordingly to protect or further them.
Quarrel with bread and butter - Bread and butter, here, indicate the means of one’s living. (That is why we say ‘he is the bread winner of the family’). If a sub-ordinate in an organisation is quarrelsome or if he is not patient enough to bear the reprimand he deserves, gets angry and retorts or provokes the higher-up, the top man dismisses him from the job. So, he loses the job that gave him bread and butter. Hence we say, he quarrelled with bread and butter (manager or the top man) and lost his job.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. botere, butter, AS. butere, fr. L. butyrum, Gr. boy`turon; either fr. boy`s ox, cow + turo`s cheese; or, perhaps, of Scythian origin. Cf. Cow


In literature:

Pour in buttered tin pans.
"One Thousand Secrets of Wise and Rich Men Revealed" by C. A. Bogardus
But the effect of churning, I have often observed in the dairy, is to separate the cream into two substances, butter and butter-milk.
"Conversations on Chemistry, V. 1-2" by Jane Marcet
We could distinguish plainly the white goose across his back, in contrast to his butter-colored coat and great bushy tail.
"When Life Was Young" by C. A. Stephens
Mansing had been found sound asleep, several miles back, lying flat by the side of the empty butter-pot.
"An Explorer's Adventures in Tibet" by A. Henry Savage Landor
Rye and Butter and Honey.
"Food for the Traveler" by Dora Cathrine Cristine Liebel Roper
Dissolve the butter in a large saucepan, slice the vegetables and fry them for a few minutes in the butter, but do not allow them to brown.
"New Vegetarian Dishes" by Mrs. Bowdich
Filter through coarse butter muslin into a sterile flask.
"The Elements of Bacteriological Technique" by John William Henry Eyre
The trouble appears most frequently in packed butter on the outside of the mass of butter in contact with the tub.
"Outlines of Dairy Bacteriology, 8th edition" by H. L. Russell
Peel the tomatoes, and put into a sauce pan with butter, thyme, onions and parsley (and 1 clove of garlic chopped and fried in butter).
"The Cauliflower" by A. A. Crozier
She had a great aversion to bread and butter too for a long time, but that she got over.
"The Beth Book" by Sarah Grand

In poetry:

Smeared with butter, off to bed
Crept the sleepy flower.
"Fie!" the good nurse dew-drop said,
Come now to my bower.
"Why The Daisies Are Not All White" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Of all the doings of the day
His ignorance is utter;
But he can quote the price of hay,
The current rate of butter.
"Billy Vickers" by Henry Kendall
Then clouds were dark on many a brow,
Fear sat upon their souls,
And, in a bitter agony,
They clasped their buttered rolls.
"The Mysterious Visitor" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
"An actor man?" the lady said.
"What is your favourite role?"
"Hot, madam, and with butter spread,"
He answered from his soul.
"His Bread And His Art" by C J Dennis
Werther had a love for Charlotte
Such as words could never utter;
Would you know how first he met her?
She was cutting bread and butter.
"Sorrows of Werther" by William Makepeace Thackeray
We borrowed the loan of Kerr's ass
To go to Dundalk with butter,
Brought him home the evening before the market
And exile that night in Mucker.
"Kerr's Ass" by Patrick Kavanagh

In news:

Butter churn s are butter churn s, and for years it was a form that stoneware collectors weren't necessarily that interested in, except when you see a piece of stoneware that's decorated so extravagantly as this.
Butter one side of each slice of bread with the remaining 2 tablespoons butter .
Butter 3c peeled and sliced Granny Smith apples (about 3 large) Streusel topping (recipe follows) Caramel sauce (recipe follows) ½ c butter, softened 1c sugar 2 large eggs 2c all-purpose flour 2 tsp.
The new snack comes in three flavors: Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter and Chocolate, and Banana Vanilla Crème.
3lb Corned Beef Honey & Dijon Mustard Sauce Whisk together two parts honey to one part mustard Dijon Dill Butter Melt one stick of butter and whisk in 3Tlb mustard & fresh or dried dill to taste.
NEW YORK — Palmer's, the maker of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula facial care products, has officially launched two new skin care items: the Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone BB cream and Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone dark spot corrector .
Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery Cultured Butter with Sea Salt Crystals.
1/4 cup butter, preferably goat butter.
Hundreds of brands of cooking oils, butter substitutes and sprays use diacetyl to provide or enhance the flavor of butter.
Like the Peanut Butter Cup ($2 single/$20 per dozen), which features chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling, peanut butter buttercream frosting (which Mrs Levinson spent six weeks refining) and a mini peanut butter cup on top.
Butter each slice of bread on one side and place on the griddle buttered side down.
4 tablespoons unsalted butter, plus softened butter for brushing.
Lobster Popcorn with Lemon Butter Lobster and popcorn both improve with butter, and when you combine all three ingredients, you're on the road to culinary heaven.
Muscadine sauce 2 tablespoons unsalted butter ½ cup chopped green onions 1 cup red wine 8-ounce jar muscadine jelly Hot pepper sauce to taste (optional) Melt butter and saute green onions until tender.
Stores all across the country are pulling peanut butter and certain nut butter s off store shelves due to a recent recall by Sunland, Inc.

In science:

Similarly, if three of the butterflies or swallowtails contact, tenfold image regions are produced.
Multipole Gravitational Lensing and High-order Perturbations on the Quadrupole Lens
Butterfly and swallowtail are high-order singularities on the caustics.
Multipole Gravitational Lensing and High-order Perturbations on the Quadrupole Lens
The butterfly structure was evolved from a cusp and has three cusps, so it also corresponds to increasing two cusps (Orban de Xivry & Marshall 2009).
Multipole Gravitational Lensing and High-order Perturbations on the Quadrupole Lens
Therefore, one, two and three swallowtail or butterfly singularities should be yielded under such perturbations, as has been shown in Figures 4, 5 and 6.
Multipole Gravitational Lensing and High-order Perturbations on the Quadrupole Lens
The number of butterflies or swallowtails as well as their positions are determined by the phase differences between the high-order modes and the m = 2 mode.
Multipole Gravitational Lensing and High-order Perturbations on the Quadrupole Lens