bum about


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v bum about be lazy or idle "Her son is just bumming around all day"
    • ***


In literature:

That house is about as bum a house as any house I ever saw!
"The Magnificent Ambersons" by Booth Tarkington
I'm afraid I would always desert the office if there's a plausible excuse to bum about the waterfront.
"Shandygaff" by Christopher Morley
Still, he shakes his head and says that he don't know about the boys being there, and don't know about that bum detective being crooked.
"The Call of the Beaver Patrol" by V. T. Sherman
He was stronger'n my bum, but he don't know nothing about rassling.
"Hoiman and the Solar Circuit" by Gordon Dewey
Last night I was coming along home after work about two o'clock, and it was cold and rainy and a miserably bum night.
"Living Up to Billy" by Elizabeth Cooper
Everybody at work is going to be really bummed when they hear about this.
"Syndrome" by Thomas Hoover
I was comin' through here about a week ago, and didn't know there was a bum on the train.
"Tramping with Tramps" by Josiah Flynt
Don't talk to me about that bum!
"The City of Masks" by George Barr McCutcheon

In news:

It was 1952 in Haddon Township, New Jersey, and 5-year-old Steven Spielberg was bummed about The Greatest Show on Earth, the first movie he saw in a theater.
Many Terp fans and alums are bummed out about the Big Ten news.
In a recent chat about holiday music, several University of Akron freshmen said they were bummed by the seemingly nonstop bell-busting playing of songs going back to before Thanksgiving.
Whoa well, I was kinda bummed out when they brought this dude into the fold to replace Vince Neil, but now I feel pretty guilty about wanting Vince back.
Spencer Ackerman provides some additional context about the torture scenes in Zero Dark Thirty and says, "Bigelow is being presented as a torture apologist, and it's a bum rap".
These days, recall elections are more about chaos and less about throwing out the bums.
Sun Bum cares about you.
When I'm bummed, sometimes all I think about is Chinese food.