• Two boys build a snowman
    Two boys build a snowman
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n building the act of constructing something "during the construction we had to take a detour","his hobby was the building of boats"
    • n building the commercial activity involved in repairing old structures or constructing new ones "their main business is home construction","workers in the building trades"
    • n building a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place "there was a three-story building on the corner","it was an imposing edifice"
    • n building the occupants of a building "the entire building complained about the noise"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

Plan showing the extent and complexity of the buildings Plan showing the extent and complexity of the buildings
Showing a number of decorated buildings and a free-standing ornate column Showing a number of decorated buildings and a free-standing ornate column
Showing main oblong building and semicircular apse Showing main oblong building and semicircular apse
A smaller, more simple building than the House of Pansa A smaller, more simple building than the House of Pansa
Showing domed building and minarets Showing domed building and minarets
Large buildings, with a statue outside Large buildings, with a statue outside
An imposing building overshadows cobbled streets An imposing building overshadows cobbled streets
A wrought-iron window casement unearthed near an early 17th-century building site A wrought-iron window casement unearthed near an early 17th-century building site

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: During a severe windstorm or rainstorm the Empire State Building may sway several feet to either side.
    • Building That which is built; a fabric or edifice constructed, as a house, a church, etc. "Thy sumptuous buildings and thy wife's attire
      Have cost a mass of public treasury."
    • Building The act of constructing, erecting, or establishing. "Hence it is that the building of our Sion rises no faster."
    • Building The art of constructing edifices, or the practice of civil architecture. "The execution of works of architecture necessarily includes building ; but building is frequently employed when the result is not architectural."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The deepest hole ever made in the world is in Texas. It is as deep as 20 empire state buildings but only 3 inches wide. (Who made it? A petroleum company)
    • n building The act of constructing, erecting, or establishing.
    • n building A fabric built or constructed; a structure; an edifice; as commonly understood, a house for residence, business, or public use, or for shelter of animals or storage of goods. In law, anything erected by art, and fixed upon or in the soil, composed of different pieces connected together, and designed for permanent use in the position in which it is so fixed, is a building. Edw. Livingston. Thus, a pole fixed in the earth is not a building, but a fence or a wall is.
    • n building A flock or number: said of rooks.
    • n building In mining, a wall or pillar built of stone to support the roof in long-wall mining; a pack-wall.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The Empire State Building in New York City weighs approximately 365,000 tons.
    • Building the art of erecting houses, &c.: anything built: a house
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  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “That which builds is better than that which is built.”
  • Robert H. Schuller
    “Build a dream and the dream will build you.”
  • Elizabeth Bowen
    “It is not our exalted feelings, it is our sentiments that build the necessary home.”
  • Young
    “The person who builds a character makes foes.”
  • English Proverb
    English Proverb
    “Fools build houses, and wise men buy them.”
  • George Bernard Shaw
    “Build a system that even a fool can use, and only a fool will want to use it.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. gebyld, bold, a dwelling, from an assumed byldan, to build.


In literature:

Here, in January 1863, the Court met in a structure known as Bruin's Building.
"The Fairfax County Courthouse" by Ross D. Netherton
Then he led the way into an office building.
"The Electronic Mind Reader" by John Blaine
From these three types of building are derived the various schemes on which the churches of the Byzantine Empire were planned.
"Byzantine Churches in Constantinople" by Alexander Van Millingen
The Chinese commenced road-building long before the Christian era.
"The Railroad Question" by William Larrabee
From various causes Portugal is far less rich in buildings of interest than is Spain.
"Portuguese Architecture" by Walter Crum Watson
The conference was being held on the tenth floor of the Hadley building.
"Lords of the Stratosphere" by Arthur J. Burks
Here a fire escape led down to an alley at the rear of the building.
"The Film of Fear" by Arnold Fredericks
This is the simplest way to build a log-cabin, but it illustrates all the main principles of log building.
"Boy Scouts Handbook" by Boy Scouts of America
It is a solid and commodious building.
"Hampstead and Marylebone" by Geraldine Edith Mitton
Set of post builders-moulds used for building up posts which have been drilled short in removing terminals and intercell connectors.
"The Automobile Storage Battery" by O. A. Witte

In poetry:

Mansions for glory and for rest
Do there prepared stand;
Buildings eternal for the blest
Are there provided, and
"Of Heaven" by John Bunyan
Bid faithful swallows come
And build their cozy nests,
Where wind nor storm can numb
Their downy little breasts.
"Spring" by Mary Baker Eddy
Craving, as I do, perfection,
Loathing anything like flaws,
I must raise a slight objection
To your building laws.
""A Perfect Woman Nobly Planned"" by Franklin Pierce Adams
Let strangers walk around
The city where we dwell,
Compass and view thine holy ground,
And mark the building well;
"Psalm 48 part 2" by Isaac Watts
Calling and calling softly
One lights by the window-pane:
The rook, weary with building,
Turns to his sleep again.
"Wings In The Night " by Katharine Tynan
They build an unseen wall around,
And though we do not know,
We walk within its narrow bound,
That hems us as we go.
"We Are The Slaves" by Alexander Anderson

In news:

Columbia Association will build six new outdoor courts at its Owen Brown facility and is also planning to replace the clubhouse (center) with a new building.
View full size Chrysler Chrysler Group will rename the historic Dime Building "Chrysler House" (rendering above) and will move its Great Lakes Business Center and several corporate functions into the top two floors of the 23-story building.
Illinois Gov Rod Blagojevich said he will push for state funding to tear down the building where the Northern Illinois University shootings occurred and to erect a new building in the center of campus, the Northern Star reports.
The 2T-V was developed with very fast build times in mind, as the Tower takes only 2.5 hours to build with a crew of one HSL Rigger and four local crew members.
Mark Armstrong tells the Bismarck Tribune that the area doesn't have a lot of 100-year-old buildings and he's contacted a friend in Oregon that specializes in restoring historical buildings.
Kiowa County United (KCU), the group of local residents who built the KCU Main Street business building has purchased the highway building that formerly housed the Wild Flowers flower shop.
The unpretentious metal sided building at 318 Driveway St, across from the News-Miner building, looks similar to the N.C.
I've been asked recently about my thoughts on distributors who build laundries directly across the street from other laundries or build laundries in the same area where they just built a big, new store for someone else.
The University of Pittsburgh evacuated four buildings this morning after receiving a bomb threat aimed at the Cathedral of Learning, the Chevron Science Building, Frick Fine Arts Building and Posvar Hall.
Inside the Walled City, even today, no one pays taxes and everyone lives and works in strange contorted buildings that defy all safety and building ordinances.
Students first learn what a water clock can do and not do, then build their own simple water clock—and then build a better one.
NBC NATIONAL NEWS — Essex, Massachusetts police said someone played a prank inside an apartment building when they moved a farm animal into the building.
The 34,400-square-foot building, designed by the Swiss architectural firm of Herzog and de Meuron, will have three times the exhibition space of its South­ampton Village building.
The Sardelli family spent five years and their life savings to buy an empty lot and build a four-story building just east of Federal Highway and steps from Hollywood Beach.
Oak Grove Baptist Church, at Route 22 and Thomas Run Road, is planning to build an education and multi-purpose building to the left of the existing sanctuary.

In science:

Quantization would limit the deformation, building three generations, and not four, as other interpretation could imply.
It is the ambiguity. (But only three generations)
The main observation, figure (1), is that to define a vector tangent at a point x0 we need to build two series of points approaching x0 , so the limit (x2 − x1 )/ǫ will give the tangent vector.
It is the ambiguity. (But only three generations)
The curvature tensor is build from the curvatures of the geodesic surface tangent to each 2-plane.
It is the ambiguity. (But only three generations)
In the present paper we explore further the possibility of building the nonrelativistic quantum mechanics of closed system ”quantum ob ject + thermostat” within the framework of the model of one-dimensional randomly wandering QHO (with a random frequency and sub jected to a random external force).
Exactly solvable models of quantum mechanics including fluctuations in the framework of representation of the wave function by random process
In the context of the developed approach the representation of the stochastic density matrix is introduced, which allows to build a closed scheme for both nonequilibrium and equilibrium thermodynamics.
Exactly solvable models of quantum mechanics including fluctuations in the framework of representation of the wave function by random process