bright side


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n bright side a consoling aspect of a difficult situation "every cloud has a silver lining","look on the bright side of it"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • bright side the positive or favorable aspects of a situation.
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    “There is no danger of developing eyestrain from looking on the bright side of things.”
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    Source Unknown
    “Few cases of eyestrain have been developed by looking on the bright side of things.”


Look on the bright side - If you look on the bright side, you try to see things in an optimistic way, especially when something has gone wrong.


In literature:

Yoked to a sort of plough, Bright and Broad, the oxen, tore through the piled-up snow and threw it to either side in great ridges.
"The Tale of Pony Twinkleheels" by Arthur Scott Bailey
It was bright in the lock, and Joe stared out the cabin ports at the quilted sides.
"Space Tug" by Murray Leinster
I looked out, and there stood Annie with a little sister on each side of her, brightly smiling at us.
"Famous Adventures And Prison Escapes of the Civil War" by Various
This would account for the greater brightness of the northern side of the zodial light.
"Outlines of a Mechanical Theory of Storms" by T. Bassnett
It was disappointing, but there was a bright side to it.
"Three Years' War" by Christiaan Rudolf de Wet
I could see her, too, by the side of Mr. Floyd in a bright, wonderful world of which I knew nothing.
"Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. 22, August, 1878" by Various
In the bud state they are drooping, and are marked with a bright chestnut tint on the sunny side.
"Hardy Perennials and Old Fashioned Flowers" by John Wood
Now his glance is bright as lightning, Now the knife is in his side!
"Charlotte Bronte and Her Circle" by Clement K. Shorter
We ought to try and look at the bright side.
"The Danvers Jewels, and Sir Charles Danvers" by Mary Cholmondeley
Hill-sides were pink with the wild-rose and underfoot violets and the dandelions made a bright mosaic.
"A Pagan of the Hills" by Charles Neville Buck

In poetry:

And brightly o'er the water stream'd
The liquid radiance wide;
Donica's little dog ran on
And gambol'd at her side.
"Donica - A Ballad" by Robert Southey
"Soft as the wild-duck's tender young,
That float on Avon's tide;
Bright as the water-lily, sprung,
And glittering near its side
"Nancy of the Vale" by William Shenstone
Pale the moon her light was shedding
O’er the landscape far and wide;
Calmly bright, all ills undreading,
Emma wander’d by my side.
"The Violet-Gatherer (From The Danish Of Oehlenslaeger)" by George Borrow
And if that sight should you delight
Your tears will all be dried,
For souls so bright that walk in white
Dear bliss on the other side.
"The Wall Between" by Katharine Tynan
The eye of Faith, that waxes bright
Each moment by thine altar's light,
Sees them e'en now: they still abide
In mystery kneeling at our side:
"Holy Communion" by John Keble
Side by side we lie silent
Between sunned cliffs and blown seas:
Our eyes more bright than sea ripples,
Our breaths more light than the breeze.
"The Flower Of Flame" by Robert Nichols

In news:

Pop sees bright side to rout.
How to Flip It " Bright Side Up".
Region's real estate slump has a bright side .
On the bright side, the article says Hardee's turkey burgers can pass muster, just don't cover it with bacon, cheese and mayo.
A scene from Monty Python's Life of Brian: Always look on the bright side of life.
Howard Rissmiller of Spring Township has always believed in helping others look on the bright side of life.
If there's any bright side to the gray November days we're now subjected to, here's one: warm, cozy sweaters that will make the transition from pajama to pullover relatively painless.
Most circumstances have a bright side.
Leave it to Brian Cardinal to find the bright side to Stephen Jackson's dig at him.
I've always tried to look on the bright side.
Gift Guide Look on the Bright Side.
(AP) — Defensive tackle Kyle Williams prefers looking at the bright side after the Buffalo Bills' sky-high expectations were abruptly deflated by a season-opening dud .
Look at the bright side, grounded grind fans.
Giants looking at bright side after loss.
While homes in Brownstone Brooklyn are selling for $6 million, the flip side to that pretty penny is not so bright.

In science:

As an interesting side note, the brightest and longest period (P ∼ 55 d) Cepheid that had been discovered by Hubble (1926) in M33 was found to have stopped pulsating at the present time and increased in brightness by ∼ 0.5 mag at B (Macri et al. 2001).
Cepheids, Eclipsing Binaries and the Distance Scale: from the Galaxy to the Local Group
Bright and dark sides of nitric oxide in ischemic brain injury.
Neuroprotective efficacy of nimesulide against hippocampal neuronal damage following transient forebrain ischemia
On the bright side, these usually are the largest statistics b-hadron lifetime measurements that are accessible to a given experiment, and can, therefore, serve as an important performance benchmark.
Averages of b-hadron and c-hadron Properties at the End of 2007
The image is roughly 1 degree on a side; north is up and east is to the left. A heavily reddened T Tauri star (IC 2087 IRS) and HH 395 lie within the bright reflection nebula at the center of this image.
Low Mass Star Formation in the Taurus-Auriga Clouds
Colors show ρp at the sides of the box, with black corresponding to zero density and bright yellow corresponding to densities up to ∼30ρg (left) or ∼10ρg (right).
Forming Planetesimals in Solar and Extrasolar Nebulae