• WordNet 3.6
    • n breakthrough making an important discovery
    • n breakthrough a penetration of a barrier such as an enemy's defense
    • n breakthrough a productive insight
    • ***


  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Breakdowns can create breakthroughs. Things fall apart so things can fall together.”


In literature:

Another would-be technical breakthrough was the Bell "phonautograph" of 1874, actually made out of a human cadaver's ear.
"Hacker Crackdown" by Bruce Sterling
Breakthroughs between entries, except as hereinbefore provided, shall be made not exceeding sixty feet apart.
"Mining Laws of Ohio, 1921" by Anonymous
Nevertheless, the two scientists were jubilant at this first breakthrough.
"Tom Swift and The Visitor from Planet X" by Victor Appleton
He called it a breakthrough in the field of perpetual motion.
"With No Strings Attached" by Gordon Randall Garrett (AKA David Gordon)
It's a good thing, and it makes this an ideal time for that breakthrough.
"A Matter of Honor" by Ann Wilson
A major breakthrough of some kind at the perimeter.
"Deathworld" by Harry Harrison
A breakthrough in the use of colour lead to the hey day of romanticism and preparation for neo-impressionism.
"The Land of Look Behind" by Paul Cameron Brown
In fact, it was through Max that Joe Mauser made his breakthrough in his assignment to learn the inner workings of the Sov-world.
"Frigid Fracas" by Dallas McCord Reynolds
He silently counted their breakthroughs.
"Project Daedalus" by Thomas Hoover
The way he saw it, there was room at the top and he was ready for a major career breakthrough.
"Syndrome" by Thomas Hoover

In news:

NEW YORK — Ethnic hair care brand SoftSheen-Carson has introduced its next major breakthrough in styling — the Dark and Lovely 6 Week Anti-Reversion cream serum .
Unceremoniously dumped by his label after his 1997 album Midnite Lover failed to capitalize on the breakthrough of 1995's Boombastic, Shaggy was something of a longshot when Hotshot was released thirty-two weeks ago.
"Mellow Gold," his breakthrough set, was heavily indebted to hip-hop, a post- sheet-music style if ever there's been one.
The 2001 breakthrough, "Praise is What I Do" gave the organization its first gold record.
The model 01+ from OQO, however, represents a real breakthrough in portable computer technology.
Smashing Pumpkins Reissue Breakthrough ' Siamese Dream'.
In 2009 Sikorsky Aircraft built the world's fastest helicopter, the X2, which clocked in at nearly 287 miles per hour and earned a PM Breakthrough Award to boot.
The ability to capture motion on film, while a scientific breakthrough, didn't seem to portend much for the future.
The same acceleration in computational horsepower that drove Siri's breakthrough is powering machine vision's evolution.
Stem Cell Breakthrough Is Like 'Turning Lead Into Gold'.
There was no breakthrough, no eureka, no flash of insight.
Hunter's Light and jockey Silvestre De Sousa notched breakthrough wins at the highest level on Nov 4 when partnering for a victory in the Premio Roma GBI Racing (Ity-I) at Capannelle Racecourse in Rome.
Surf movie production house Poor Specimen launches a new website offering movie back-catalogue and new releases via breakthrough streaming option.
They both ran cross country in the fall before their breakthrough moments in sprints to middle-distance events.
Numerous forms of speech therapy failed him, until, at 16, he had a breakthrough.

In science:

It was a ma jor breakthrough for string theory when Polchinski discovered a prescription for string perturbation theory in the background of p-branes.
Conformal field theory, boundary conditions and applications to string theory
As briefly discussed in §1, the HST observations of NGC 1275 by Holtzman et al. (1992) provided the original breakthrough and was the primary catalyst in this field.
The Formation of Star Clusters
However, the real breakthrough will be NGST, where Burgarella & Chapelon (1998) estimate that it will be possible to observe young globular clusters out to Z ≈ 9, if they exist.
The Formation of Star Clusters
Since several recent large-scale numerical calculations, including ours, have used fairly sophisticated algorithms, it is unlikely that a numerical breakthrough is imminent.
Specific-Heat Exponent of Random-Field Systems via Ground-State Calculations
Breakthroughs in modern technology have made possible the construction of extremely large interferometers both on ground and in space for the detection and observation of gravitational waves (GW).
Algebraic approach to time-delay data analysis for LISA