break of the day


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n break of the day the first light of day "we got up before dawn","they talked until morning"
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  • Friedrich Nietzsche
    “Early in the morning, at break of day, in all the freshness and dawn of one's strength, to read a book --I call that vicious!”
  • Mervyn Peake
    Mervyn Peake
    “Each day I live in a glass room unless I break it with the thrusting of my senses and pass through the splintered walls to the great landscape.”


In literature:

He, therefore, set out before break of day to make his attack as they crossed the river.
"Memoirs And Historical Chronicles Of The Courts Of Europe" by Various
There were no prayer-meetings, no meeting together every first day of the week to break break and read the Holy Scriptures.
"Personal Recollections of Pardee Butler" by Pardee Butler
A few days after, Little was taken into custody, and at the next sessions indicted for breaking open the house of one Mr.
"Lives Of The Most Remarkable Criminals Who have been Condemned and Executed for Murder, the Highway, Housebreaking, Street Robberies, Coining or other offences" by Arthur L. Hayward
I hope it is the breaking of a bright day for American literature.
"James Fenimore Cooper" by Mary E. Phillips
I remember how I often cried aloud all night till the break of day.
"A Short History of Monks and Monasteries" by Alfred Wesley Wishart
The next morning, at break of day, the band of Caffre warriors were all in readiness, each with his shield and three assaguays in his hand.
"The Mission" by Frederick Marryat
A little while before the break of day the Savior appeared and told me to go.
"Fifteen Years in Hell" by Luther Benson
You had come into his life like the break of day.
"The Captain's Toll-Gate" by Frank R. Stockton
At the break of day we made the land, at the entrance of a small river and close to some find old ruins.
"Monsieur Violet" by Frederick Marryat
From the first break of day on that Tuesday when Halcyone awoke she was conscious that some sorrow was near her.
"Halcyone" by Elinor Glyn

In poetry:

And he often used to tell us,
"Children, don't forget to pray;
For the darkest time of morning
Is just 'fore the break of day."
"The Deliverance" by Frances Ellen Watkins
If thou art sleeping, maiden,
Awake, and open thy door:
'Tis the break of day, and we must away,
O'er meadow, and mount, and moor.
"Song. (From The Portuguese)" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Let sinners join to break your peace,
And plot, and rage, and foam;
The Lord derides them, for he sees
Their day of vengeance come.
"Psalm 37 part 1" by Isaac Watts
"At the breaking of the day,
From the grave I passed away;
Flowers bloomed round me, birds sang glad,
But my heart was hot and mad.
"The Truce of Piscataqua" by John Greenleaf Whittier
O'er plains and cities far away,
All lorn and lost the morning lay,
When sunk the sun at break of day,
In smoke of mill and factory.
"The Blackstone-Edge Gathering" by Ernest Jones
No sound of wheels or hoof-beat breaks
The silence of the summer day,
As by the loveliest of all lakes
I while the idle hours away.
"Cadenabbia. Lake Of Como. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The Fourth)" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In news:

Gifts in the '12 Days of Christmas': Breaking down their cost .
Maddison Elliott, 10, of Redding, foreground, and other Girl Scout Juniors take a break during a snack earlier this week to play Untangle during the Girl Scouts Go Back to the Future Day Camp at Shasta College.
Operated by the collaborative efforts of the High Country Caregiver Foundation, Deerfield Ridge Assisted Living and the High Country Area Agency on Aging, Day Break operates from 10 am to 2 pm each Tuesday in a secure area of the facility.
It wasn't our intention, but with three kids under the age of nine, our spring break trip to visit family in Colorado turned into a day-by-day tour of front range parks.
Playing frisbee on a windy day requires more effort, as Amber Heimann showed while moving in for a catch the afternoon of March 21, the opening day of a week of spring-break activities set up by the parks and recreation department.
Just days after the two year anniversary of American David's Hartley 's death on Falcon Lake, a break in the case.
Sure we will get some showers and even possibly some heavy rains, but it will take several days of that to break the dry spell.
East Williston school district has decided to cancel three of the five days of the break.
Greensburg — All eyes are on election day, Nov 6, but 10 days later may prove to be the true make-or-break moment of President Obama's political career — regardless of the election result.
VINCENNES — Like many of us who over indulged during the holiday break, the Mitchell wrestling team was a step slow most of the day Saturday at the Vincennes Lincoln Invitati.
If it doesn't snow in Chicago by the end of today [], the city will break an 18 year record of consecutive days without measurable snow (one-tenth of an inch or more) on record.
Loren Mazzacane Connors breaks WNUR's Track of the Day hiatus with a song from his 2011 album, Red Mars.
The Smithtown and Kings Park school boards each voted unanimously Tuesday night to cancel most of the districts' February break, to make up days lost to superstorm Sandy.
Juan Contreras and defense attorney Christopher Berryment confer during a break on the third day of his murder trial in Franklin County Superior Court in Farmington.
This was the kind of day on which octogenarians risk breaking their hips.

In science:

Therefore, assuming that the smooth steepening in the light curve at t = 0.45 days is indeed a jet break, the patchy shell model can be ruled out as the source of the variability at t > 1 day.
The Variable Light Curve of GRB 030329: The Case for Refreshed Shocks
However, in GRB 030329 the jet break is at 0.45 days, and the refreshed shocks took place at a later time, after the whole jet becomes visible as its Lorentz factor is smaller than the inverse of its opening angle.
The Variable Light Curve of GRB 030329: The Case for Refreshed Shocks
This interpretation is supported by the almost constant durations of the different bumps, ∆t ∼ 0.4 − 0.8 days, which is also of the order of the jet break time, tj = 0.45 days, and by the step-wise shape of the light curve.
The Variable Light Curve of GRB 030329: The Case for Refreshed Shocks
Recent work by Ngeow and Kanbur (2006; see also references given therein) suggest that the LMC Cepheid PL relations in V and I are likely to show significant breaks at a period close to 10 days, leading to slightly different slopes of the PL relations valid for periods shorter, and longer than 10 days.
The Araucaria Project. The Distance to the Sculptor Group Galaxy NGC 55 from a Newly Discovered Abundant Cepheid Population
The solid line is a power-law with an index 1.3 with a break around 20 days and a contamination with a white noise with a standard deviation of 0.13 mJy.
Very rapid optical variability of PKS 2155-304