• WordNet 3.6
    • v bonk hit hard
    • v bonk have sexual intercourse with "This student sleeps with everyone in her dorm","Adam knew Eve","Were you ever intimate with this man?"
    • ***


In literature:

The road drops down a tremendous hill into Sandsend, where they talk of going 'up t' bonk' to Lythe Church.
"Yorkshire--Coast & Moorland Scenes" by Gordon Home

In news:

Head bonk a cure for mommy guilt.
Chris Bonk , Rocky Mountain baseball.
Bedfellows Sex seduces science in Mary Roach's Bonk .
Eustis, Lapine, Kline Bonk Heads Against Great Lear.
She found the casting notice for the project, produced by SRS Cinema and directed by Ron Bonk, on
Seems like just yesterday I was worried about getting bonked on the head by a piece of the defunct Iridium satellite phone system as it fell out of orbit.
But nobody ever got bonked, because Iridium never fell.
Edward Bonk, of Brainard Road, told council Aug 13 he believes the point-of-sale -inspection ordinance should include rental properties as well.
Bonk noted that on Aug 6, council President Dan Brown said the village may incur some liability with storm-water discharges.
View full size Bruce Ely/The Oregonian Bonking in the terrain park at Mt Hood Meadows.
Pop singer Lady Gaga took it in stride when bonked on the head by a metal pole during her Sunday night concert in Auckland, New Zealand.
Mary Roach explores fornication around the animal kingdom in her book Bonk.
Everything from head bonks, fully clothed missteps and more.
We all know that Apple was founded when Steve Jobs took a technicolor trip through a forest and was bonked on the head with a Newtonian Apple logo of inspiration, before going on to literally give birth to a bulky Macintosh computer.
When your body stalls mid-run, it's called bonking.

In science:

Bargmann, D.; Bonk, M.; Hinkkanen, A.; Martin, G.: Families of meromorphic functions avoiding continuous functions, J.
An Extension of a Normality Result by Carath\'eodory
The author would like to thank Mario Bonk and Pekka Pankka for many valuable discussions.
Rigidity of Derivations in the Plane and in Metric Measure Spaces
These results generalize the corresponding results of Bonk, Minda and Yanagihara, and Liu, respectively.
Landau-Bloch constants for functions in $\alpha$-Bloch spaces and Hardy spaces
Recently Bonk used transboundary modulus in a crucial way to obtain uniformization results on Sierpi´nski carpets in the plane.
Beurling's criterion and extremal metrics for Fuglede modulus
In [4, §11], Bonk notes that Beurling’s criterion can be adapted to produce a sufficient test for extremal metrics for the transboundary modulus of a curve family in the Riemann sphere.
Beurling's criterion and extremal metrics for Fuglede modulus