• A physician bleeding a patient. (Conjectural sketch by Sidney E. King.)
    A physician bleeding a patient. (Conjectural sketch by Sidney E. King.)
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v bleed lose blood from one's body
    • v bleed draw blood "In the old days, doctors routinely bled patients as part of the treatment"
    • v bleed drain of liquid or steam "bleed the radiators","the mechanic bled the engine"
    • v bleed be diffused "These dyes and colors are guaranteed not to run"
    • v bleed get or extort (money or other possessions) from someone "They bled me dry--I have nothing left!"
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A few items unearthed at Jamestown which were used by doctors and apothecaries. Included are drug jars, ointment pot, bleeding bowl, mortar and pestle fragments, glass vials, and portions of surgical instruments A few items unearthed at Jamestown which were used by doctors and apothecaries. Included are drug jars, ointment pot,...

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: There are more than 700 species of plants that grow in the United States that have been identified as dangerous if eaten. Among them are some that are commonly favored by gardeners: buttercups, daffodils, lily of the valley, sweet peas, oleander, azalea, bleeding heart, delphinium, and rhododendron.
    • Bleed To draw money from (one); to induce to pay; as, they bled him freely for this fund.
    • Bleed To emit blood; to lose blood; to run with blood, by whatever means; as, the arm bleeds; the wound bled freely; to bleed at the nose.
    • Bleed To issue forth, or drop, as blood from an incision. "For me the balm shall bleed ."
    • Bleed To let blood from; to take or draw blood from, as by opening a vein.
    • Bleed To lose or shed one's blood, as in case of a violent death or severe wounds; to die by violence. "Cæsar must bleed .""The lamb thy riot dooms to bleed to-day."
    • Bleed To lose sap, gum, or juice; as, a tree or a vine bleeds when tapped or wounded.
    • Bleed To lose, as blood; to emit or let drop, as sap. "A decaying pine of stately size, bleeding amber."
    • Bleed To pay or lose money; to have money drawn or extorted; as, to bleed freely for a cause.
    • Bleed To withdraw blood from the body; to let blood; as, Dr. A. bleeds in fevers.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Beets reminded early cooks of a bleeding animal when they cut them open, so they started calling them "beets." This was derived from the French word bête, meaning "beast."
    • bleed To void or emit blood; drop, or run with, blood: as, the wound bled profusely; his nose bleeds.
    • bleed Figuratively, to feel pity, sorrow, or anguish; be filled with sympathy or grief: with for: as, my heart bleeds for him.
    • bleed To come to light: in allusion to the old superstitious belief that the body of a murdered person would begin to bleed if the murderer approached it.
    • bleed To shed one's blood; be severely wounded or die, as in battle or the like.
    • bleed To lose sap, gum, or juice, as a tree or a vine.
    • bleed To pay or lose money freely; be subjected to extortion of money: as, they made him bleed freely for that whim.
    • bleed In dyeing, to be washed out: said of the color of a dyed fabric when it stains water in which it is immersed.
    • bleed To leak; become leaky.
    • bleed To yield; produce: applied to grain.
    • bleed To cause to lose blood, as by wounding; take blood from by opening a vein, as in phlebotomy.
    • bleed To lose, as blood; emit or distil, as juice, sap, or gum.
    • bleed To extort or exact money from; sponge on: as, the sharpers bled him freely.
    • bleed In dyeing, to extract the coloring matter from (a dye-drug).
    • bleed In bookbinding, to trim the margin of (a book) so closely as to mutilate the print.
    • bleed To allow an escape of (liquid or gas) through a cock or valve from a higher pressure to a lower. Specifically — To let (steam) escape by a by-pass from a high-pressure cylinder of a compound engine to one of the low-pressure cylinders.
    • bleed In making turpentine, to obtain resin from (living trees) by cutting into them.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Ladybugs bleed to protect themselves. When alarmed, they release drops of a reddish or yellowish bitter tasting liquid from their mouths and from the pores at their joints. This repels prospective attackers.
    • v.i Bleed blēd to lose blood: to die by slaughter: to issue forth or drop as blood: to have money extorted from one: to feel great pity for, as in the phrase, 'the heart bleeds:' to be as red as blood
    • v.t Bleed to draw blood from, esp. surgically: to extort sums of money from:—pa.t. and pa.p. bled
    • adj Bleed full of compassion: emitting sap: terribly weakened by war:
    • adj Bleed (Shak.) bloody
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  • William Congreve
    “If there's delight in love, 'Tis when I see that heart, which others bleed for, bleed for me.”
  • Edward Gardner
    Edward Gardner
    “Opera is when a guy gets stabbed in the back and instead of bleeding he sings.”
  • William Shakespeare
    “If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?”
  • Christian Nevell Bovee
    “Tearless grief bleeds inwardly.”
  • Honore De Balzac
    “Vocations which we wanted to pursue, but didn't, bleed, like colors, on the whole of our existence.”
  • Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit
    Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit
    “The more we sweat in peace the less we bleed in war.”


Bleeding edge - Similar to 'cutting edge', this implies a technology or process that is at the forefront or beyond current practices. However, because it is unproven, it is often dangerous to use (hence the 'bleeding').
Bleeding heart - A bleeding heart is a person who is excessively sympathetic towards other people.
My heart bleeds - If your heart bleeds for someone, you feel genuine sympathy and sadness for them.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. bleden, AS. bldan, fr. bld, blood; akin to Sw. blöda, Dan. blöde, D. bloeden, G. bluten,. See Blood


In literature:

Once or twice the convulsions of his neck threw his enemies off, and the bleeding, sightless head reemerged to view.
"In the Morning of Time" by Charles G. D. Roberts
He was nothing but a helpless lump of bleeding flesh, paralyzed with pain.
"Shaman" by Robert Shea
How to stop bleeding (p. 133).
"How Girls Can Help Their Country" by Juliette Low
On the same line with the remedies just mentioned, have been placed bleeding, general and local, though as we apprehend, very erroneously.
"North American Medical and Surgical Journal, Vol. 2, No. 3, July, 1826" by Various
Bentley put his ear close to the bleeding lips through which words strove to bubble.
"The Mind Master" by Arthur J. Burks
One soldier, trying to oppose it with his hands, was knocked senseless and bleeding.
"The Martian Cabal" by Roman Frederick Starzl
He was bruised and bleeding, and shaking as with an ague.
"The Night Riders" by Ridgwell Cullum
From most veins a pad firmly bandaged on the bleeding point will stop the bleeding.
"Boy Scouts Handbook" by Boy Scouts of America
Some of the latter dragged prisoners, some supported bruised and bleeding victims.
"Mlle. Fouchette" by Charles Theodore Murray
He released his hold on his captive and looked at his bleeding arm.
"The One-Way Trail" by Ridgwell Cullum

In poetry:

Around thy tomb I'll hover,
Near the main,
Like a bleeding dying plover,
"Lilly Lane!"
"Lilly Lane" by James Avis Bartley
We that one by one
Bleed from either's rod.
What for us hath done
Man beneath the sun,
What for us hath God?
"Christmas Antiphones" by Algernon Charles Swinburne
All the holy righteous dead,
All the martyrs bleeding,
Are but just gone on a-head,
Press on—never heeding.
"Pilgrim" by Benjamin Cutler Clark
Garibaldi! Garibaldi!
Bleeds and burns my heart for thee!
Freedom! union for Italia!
Never can be won by thee.
"Garibaldi's Mission" by Janet Hamilton
But oh! that awful God above,
Is yet a gracious God of love--
A bleeding Lamb--a wounded Dove--
The sinner's God.
"There Is A God" by James Avis Bartley
Yes, Ethiopia yet shall stretch
Her bleeding hands abroad;
Her cry of agony shall reach
The burning throne of God.
"Ethiopia" by Frances Ellen Watkins

In news:

Huarach and his crew couldn't stop the bleeding.
Bleeding or Sparkly — either way.
Spayed females don't go into yowling heat or bleeding estrous, and have a reduced risk of breast cancer.
Cave Spring was trying to keep its River Ridge hopes alive, while the Demons were trying to stop the bleeding after three straight losses.
Ferring Pharmaceuticals is launching its first branded TV ad with spots for its Lysteda treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding.
NEW YORK – Police are investigating the death of a New York City woman found bleeding from her neck in the stairwell of an apartment building.
COLUMBIA — A woman fractured her face, neck and skull, and "is experiencing swelling and bleeding," after falling at Quinton's Bar & Deli on Saturday evening.
When Sarah Cotton had severe stomach pain and bleeding in 2007, her sister Brenda Womble took her to see a doctor.
When Michelle Garcia's boutique Bleeding Heart Bakery was ordered closed by city health inspectors in February, the news found its way into newspapers, blogs and other Chicago Web sites.
Hemostatis Use Thrombin to Curb Bleeding.
Vascular Solutions offers a variety of hemostasis products used to stop bleeding.
D-Stat products rely on biologically active components to induce bleeding cessation.
Bleeding Through have been to Lubbock several times and they always gives us a solid metal show.
No Bleeding Risk From Steroid In Tonsillectomy .
Hit twice in the leg while holding a door shut, Kevin Sterne used an electrical cord to stop the bleeding.

In science:

SBF-I) with their large 0.′′ 472 pixels and severe charge bleeding could not be used for this.
A Synthesis of Data from Fundamental Plane and Surface Brightness Fluctuation Surveys
Together in the three fields, we compiled a catalog of 56, 674 unique ob jects with good photometry— ob jects not corrupted by saturation, bleed trails, or edge effects—and V < 23.
The Globular Cluster System of NGC 5128 I. Survey and Catalogs
In addition, objects within an SDSS-database mask for holes, satellite trails and bleeding pixels had these mask values set to unity.
Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): The input catalogue and star-galaxy separation
The acoustic mechanism leads to perhaps too late, too weak explosions and bleeding of PNS oscillation power to numerically unresolved daughter modes may diminish its relevance in nature .
The Role of Collective Neutrino Flavor Oscillations in Core-Collapse Supernova Shock Revival
Panel D shows the UH 2.2m data stacked as a composite image without background star removal, using all frames where the expected position of P/2008 R1 was not severely affected by the charge bleed from the field star. frames.
Faint moving object detection, and the Low Signal-to-Noise recovery of Main Belt comet P/2008 R1 Garradd