• WordNet 3.6
    • n bison any of several large humped bovids having shaggy manes and large heads and short horns
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: A bison can jump 6 feet.
    • n Bison bī"sŏn (Zoöl) The aurochs or European bison.Efforts at conservation of the American bison resulted in setting aside several reserves, and by 1990 a few stable herds were established, numbering from hundreds to thousands, roaming certain public areas, such as Yellowstone Park, some reserves in Canada, and some private reserves. Some bison are kept as range animals for food, and the American bison has been bred with domestic cattle to form a cross called the beefalo. The American bison is commonly (though improperly) called a buffalo; an image of the bison appeared on the inverse of the U. S. five-cent coin (nickel) from 1913 to 1937, and that coin was referred to as the buffalo nickel.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n bison The aurochs, or bonasus, a European wild ox: hence applied to several similar animals, recent and extinct.
    • n bison Bison or Bos americanus, improperly called the buffalo, an animal which formerly ranged over most of the United States and much of British America in countless numbers, now reduced to probably a few thousands, and apparently soon to become extinct as a wild animal. It formerly extended into some of the Atlantic States, as Virginia; the contraction of the area of its habitat and the reduction of its numbers have gone on steadily with the advance of European occupation; the construction of the Union Pacific railroad cut the great herd in two, leaving a southern or Texan herd, chiefly in the region of the Staked Plains, and a northern or Yellowstone or Saskatchewan herd, in the region of the upper Missouri and northward. The animal resembles the aurochs (which see), but is considerably smaller; the hump is very high and large; the hind quarters are light; the tail is about 20 inches long, ending in a wisp of hairs of about 6 inches additional; the horns, especially in the male, are short, thick, and much curved; the head is carried very low; the long shaggy hair of the fore parts sometimes sweeps the ground; the color is blackish in fresh pelages, more brown or gray in worn ones and in aged individuals; the calves are reddish. Formerly the hair-covered skins were much used as robes, but only the cows were killed for them, the hides of the bulls being not easily manageable. In summer, after shedding its hair, the animal is nearly naked.
    • n bison [capitalized] [NL.] A genus or subgenus of the family Bovidæ, including the aurochs, B. bonasus (see cut under aurochs), the American bison, B. americanus, and several related fossil species, as B. latifrons.
    • n bison A name applied by Indian sportsmen to the gaur, Bibos (or Gavæus) gaurus, in distinction to ‘buffalo,’ which is used for Bos buffelus.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Bison bī′son or bis′on a large wild animal like the bull, found in Lithuania, the Caucasus, &c., with shaggy hair and a fatty hump on its shoulders
    • Bison The American 'buffalo' is also a bison
    • n Bison bī′son or bis′on, a large wild animal like the bull, found in Lithuania, the Caucasus, &c., with shaggy hair and a fatty hump on its shoulders
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. bison, Gr. bi`swn, a wild ox; akin to OHG. wisunt, wisant, G. wisent, AS. wesend, Icel. vīsundr,: cf. F. bison,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
From L. pl. bisontes, prob. of Teut. origin; cf. Old High Ger. wisunt, A.S. wesend.


In literature:

There were no Bisons west of the Rocky Mountains, when Lewis and Clarke travelled there in 1805.
"Delineations of the Ox Tribe" by George Vasey
The long mane of a bison covered his head, and above that waved a plume of feathers.
"Wood Rangers" by Mayne Reid
It is a sort of buffalo or bison with two very solid, strongly planted horns on its thick-set head.
"My Friends the Savages" by Giovanni Battista Cerruti
The weary hunters dropped the bison-skins in one place to be stretched and cured the next day.
"The Cave Twins" by Lucy Fitch Perkins
The Ioway bluffs opposite were black bison shapes under a sky spangled with stars.
"Shaman" by Robert Shea
The biggest brother's attention was given to the bison only an instant.
"The Biography of a Prairie Girl" by Eleanor Gates
You're Bison Billiam, aren't you; Bison Billiam, the great scout.
"The Trimming of Goosie" by James Hopper
Thass juz my i'onious cuztom, Mr. Bison.
"Dr. Sevier" by George W. Cable
On came the two bisons, and it was apparent soon that no more were following them.
"Two Arrows" by William O. Stoddard
In my childish estimation, bear stories rivaled the tales of mad gold rushes, thundering bisons and savage Indians.
"A Mountain Boyhood" by Joe Mills

In poetry:

A fawn beside the bison grim,—
Why turns the bride's fond eye on him,
In whose cold look is naught beside
The triumph of a sullen pride?
"The Bridal of Pennacook" by John Greenleaf Whittier
The Bison strong and the Indian wild
Have departed from our plains;
The land where they lived has been defiled
By man's greed for worldly gains.
""Lo," The Departed" by Jared Barhite
In his war paint and his beads,
Like a bison among the reeds,
In ambush the Sitting Bull
Lay with three thousand braves
Crouched in the clefts and caves,
Savage, unmerciful!
"The Revenge Of Rain-In-The-Face. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The Fifth)" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The Eagle, stooping from yon snow-blown peaks,
For the wild hunter and the Bison seeks,
In the changed world below; and finds alone
Their graven semblance in the eternal stone.
"Inscription-For the relief" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Thick-rushing, like an ocean vast
Of bisons the far prairie shaking,
The notes crowd heavily and fast
As surfs, one plunging while the last
Draws seaward from its foamy breaking.
"Remembered Music" by James Russell Lowell
High o'er his head the soaring eagle screamed;
The wolf's long howl rang nightly; through the vale
Tramped the lone bear; the panther's eyeballs gleamed;
The bison's gallop thundered on the gale.
"Francis Parkman" by Oliver Wendell Holmes

In news:

McLoud's Redskins, after leading 23-20 at halftime, were hit with a 47-41 setback to Perkins-Tryon in Saturday's consolation finals of the Bison Invitational.
The riders moved the population of more than 500 bison to corrals on the west side of the island, where they will be held for a health checkup and, eventually, some will be auctioned off to the public.
Riders corral Antelope Island's bison herd.
Courtney Edmonds poured in 22 points, Morgan Palmer added 12 and the Meeker Lady Bulldogs pulled away from Tecumseh for a 51-45 win Saturday in the Bison Invitational.
Curator to discuss horses, bison.
9 free-throw advantage for the Gophers, who hit 17 of 22 compared to eight of 12 for the Bison.
Sam Ojuri added 61 yards and two scores for the Bison (11-1), who will host Lehigh in the quarterfinals next weekend.
Bison prepping for Friday night lights.
The North Dakota State Bison aim for an upset as they visit Williams Arena to take on the 13th-ranked Minnesota Golden Gophers on Tuesday.
The No 13 Gophers defeated the Bison at Williams Arena on Tuesday night.
North Dakota at North Dakota State Bison.
ST LOUIS — North Dakota State hasn't played a Missouri Valley Football Conference game yet, but the Bison have already been picked as the preseason favorite to win the title.
The Last Bison releases video promos for new EP.
The Bison defense has answered every challenge all year long.
The Bison rank first in the FCS in scoring defense (10.8 ppg.

In science:

Does the mismatch matter for the datasets used here? We should not expect the mismatch to be a cause for concern between the 360-day BiSON frequencies and 360-day MDI frequencies.
Fresh insights on the structure of the solar core
We have verified that application of the correction procedure outlined in Appourchaux & Chaplin (2007) does not alter significantly the 360-day BiSON frequencies, nor does it affect significantly the results of the structure inversions.
Fresh insights on the structure of the solar core
There will be a more serious mismatch between the 4752-day BiSON frequencies and the 360-day MDI frequencies.
Fresh insights on the structure of the solar core
However, the solar-cycle frequency correction procedure, outlined in § 2.2 above, adjusts by definition the BiSON frequencies to values expected at low levels of activity; as such this in principle removes the Sun-as-a-star and resolved-Sun mismatch without the need to apply a further correction.
Fresh insights on the structure of the solar core
The differences between the MDI and BiSON results are not merely a result of having more modes.
Fresh insights on the structure of the solar core