• WordNet 3.6
    • n biopsy examination of tissues or liquids from the living body to determine the existence or cause of a disease
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n biopsy Examination, for diagnostic purposes, of a piece of tissue severed from the living body.
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In news:

Urologists with a financial interest in a laboratory send more prostate biopsies for analysis and have a lower rate of cancer detection than those who use independent labs, according to a new study.
Urologists with a financial interest in a lab send more prostate biopsies for analysis.
Diffusion- Weighted MRI Reduces Number of Breast Biopsies.
Core Biopsy of Prostate From an Elderly Male.
I recently had a prostate biopsy, which showed a small area of cancer.
My urologist discussed the option of close surveillance, with periodic biopsies and regular PSA blood testing.
Extraorbital pseudotumor of the petrous apex : Biopsy via a transnasal endoscopic approach.
Celiac often is determined by a blood test and a bowel biopsy.
Former inmate loses suit claiming he might have contracted hepatitis C from prostate biopsy.
These two tests and the biopsy finally gave Cam's parents his diagnosis: Crohn 's disease.
Previous to this breakthrough, the only way to detect these nutrients was by performing a "dermal posterior hip biopsy" – essentially, by punching a three-millimeter hole in the skin (ow).
A new device could help doctors diagnosis the most deadly form of skin cancer more quickly and accurately and it has the potential to save patients from unnecessary biopsies.
The EBUS-TBNA system makes biopsies of the lungs, lymph nodes and respiratory tract safer, more accurate, less invasive and less costly than alternative methods.
Fiber-optic probes that act as "cancer flashlights " could provide biopsy-type information to help physicians spot suspicious sites.
Fifteen years ago, I had just gotten off the phone with the doctor who did the biopsy.

In science:

The alternative solution suggested is “bringing the MR virtually” in the operating room using MRI/TRUS data fusion. This approach allows refining prostate localization in the TRUS images with MRI data acquired pre-operatively. A similar approach was developed for biopsy guidance by Kaplan et al .
MRI/TRUS data fusion for prostate brachytherapy. Preliminary results
Phys. 1998; 42,3, 507-15 (1998) 5G. Fichtinger, T.L. DeWeese, A. Patriciu, A. Tanacs, D. Mazilu, J.H. Anderson, K. Masamune, R.H. Taylor, D. Stoianovici. System for robotically assisted prostate biopsy and therapy using intraoperative CT guidance.
MRI/TRUS data fusion for prostate brachytherapy. Preliminary results
Radiol. 9:60-74 (2002) 6N. Hata, M. Jinzaki, D. kacher, R. Cormak, D. Gering, A. Nabavi, S.G. Silverman, A. V. d’Amico, R. Kikinis, F.A. Jolesz, C.M.C. Tempany. MRI-guided prostate biopsy using surgical navigation software: device validation and feasability.
MRI/TRUS data fusion for prostate brachytherapy. Preliminary results
Small tissue cores (0.6–2 mm in diameter) are extracted from the corresponding biopsy paraffin blocks (donor block), then inserted into a TMA receiver block according to the plan.
Mass data exploration in oncology: An information synthesis approach
This technology helps solving issues linked with the ‘‘whole slices” approach but its principle also leads to new limitations. For instance proposes a method to solve the sampling issue and obtain a statistical representation of the whole biopsies.
Mass data exploration in oncology: An information synthesis approach