• the Second Cataract Between Hamkeh and Wady Halfa
    the Second Cataract Between Hamkeh and Wady Halfa
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adv between in between "two houses with a tree between"
    • adv between in the interval "dancing all the dances with little rest between"
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

the Channel of The Nile Between The Two Fortresses of Semneh and Kummeh the Channel of The Nile Between The Two Fortresses of Semneh and Kummeh
the Routes Leading from The Nile to The Red Sea, Between Koptos and Kosseir the Routes Leading from The Nile to The Red Sea, Between Koptos and Kosseir
"It hopped into the space between the rails." "It hopped into the space between the rails."
Between Tilford and Elstead Between Tilford and Elstead
Mill on the Wey, between Pyrford and Ripley Mill on the Wey, between Pyrford and Ripley
Steps wind up between a rock wall and trees Steps wind up between a rock wall and trees
Near the foundation of the probable bake shop, a pair of kilns once served for slaking lime, and perhaps for firing pottery. Between the kilns was a flame-scarred pit containing evidence of ironworking and the roasting of bog ore for iron Near the foundation of the probable bake shop, a pair of kilns once served for slaking lime, and perhaps for firing...
Earthenware vessels made at Jamestown between 1625 and 1640. The site of an early 17th-century pottery kiln was discovered on the island in 1955 Earthenware vessels made at Jamestown between 1625 and 1640. The site of an early 17th-century pottery kiln was...

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Tug of War was an Olympic event between 1900 and 1920
    • Between Belonging in common to two; shared by both. "Castor and Pollux with only one soul between them."
    • Between Belonging to, or participated in by, two, and involving reciprocal action or affecting their mutual relation; as, opposition between science and religion. "An intestine struggle, open or secret, between authority and liberty."
    • Between In intermediate relation to, in respect to time, quantity, or degree; as, between nine and ten o'clock.
    • Between In the space which separates; betwixt; as, New York is between Boston and Philadelphia.
    • n Between Intermediate time or space; interval.
    • Between Used in expressing motion from one body or place to another; from one to another of two. "If things should go so between them."
    • Between With relation to two, as involved in an act or attribute of which another is the agent or subject; as, to judge between or to choose between courses; to distinguish between you and me; to mediate between nations.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The most deadly fires that occur in the home happen between 6pm and 10pm
    • between In the space which separates (two points, places, objects, or lines); at any point of the distance from one to the other of: as, between the eyes; between Washington and Philadelphia; the prisoner was placed between two policemen.
    • between In intermediate relation to, as regards time, quantity, or degree: as, it occurred between his incoming and outgoing; a baronet is between a knight and a baron; they cost between $5 and $6 each; between 12 and 1 o'clock.
    • between In the mutual relations of: as, discord exists between the two families.
    • between From one to another of, as in the exchange of actions or intercourse.
    • between In the joint interest or possession of: as, they own the property between them.
    • between By the action, power, or effort of one or both of.
    • between In regard to the respective natures or qualities of: as, to distinguish between right and wrong.
    • between In regard to one or the other of: as, to choose between two things.
    • between In the intermediate space; in intermediate relation as regards time, etc.: with an object understood.
    • n between One of a grade of needles between sharps and blunts.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Between 1902 and 1907, the same tiger killed 434 people in India
    • prep Between be-twēn′ in the middle of two, of space, time, or degree: in the middle or intermediate space, to defend or separate: expressing reciprocal relation from one to another: by the joint action of two or more persons
    • ***


  • Noelie Alito
    Noelie Alito
    “The shortest distance between two points is under construction.”
  • Italian Proverb
    Italian Proverb
    “Between saying and doing, many a pair of shoes is worn out.”
  • Salvador Dali
    “There is only one difference between a madman and me. I am not mad.”
  • Mclandburgh Wilson
    Mclandburgh Wilson
    “Between the optimist and the pessimist, the difference is droll. The optimist sees the doughnut; the pessimist the hole!”
  • Blaise Pascal
    “Beauty is a harmonious relation between something in our nature and the quality of the object which delights us.”
  • Edwin Way Teale
    Edwin Way Teale
    “The difference between utility and utility plus beauty is the difference between telephone wires and the spider web.”


Between a rock and a hard place - If you are caught between a rock and a hard place, you are in a position where you have to choose between unpleasant alternatives, and your choice might cause you problems; you will not be able to satisfy everyone.
Between the devil and the deep blue sea - If you are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, you are in a dilemma; a difficult choice.
Between you and me and the cat's whiskers - This idiom is used when telling someone something that you want them to keep secret.
Bit between your teeth - If you take or have the bit between your teeth, you take or have control of a situation. (Bit = piece of metal in a horse's mouth)
Few and far between - If things are few and far between, they happen very occasionally.
Read between the lines - If you read between the lines, you find the real message in what you're reading or hearing, a meaning that is not available from a literal interpretation of the words.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. bytwene, bitweonen, AS. betweónan, betweónum,; prefix be-, by + a form fr. AS. twā, two, akin to Goth. tweihnai, two apiece. See Twain, and cf. Atween Betwixt
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. betwéonum betweónanbe, and twegen, twa, two, twain.


In literature:

Any attempt to distinguish between an artificial and a natural system, between the dead and the living, runs counter to this tendency at once.
"Creative Evolution" by Henri Bergson
The breach between him and Stanley, as may be imagined, had not been lessened by what had happened between them in the common room.
"The Hero of Garside School" by J. Harwood Panting
The first line of steam propelled ocean packets was organized to run between New York and Liverpool.
"A History of the Nineteenth Century, Year by Year" by Edwin Emerson
The tube is suspended between two massive castellated walls, which form an imposing feature on the lawn at Birr Castle.
"The Story of the Heavens" by Robert Stawell Ball
There were 270,666 incomes between $5,000 and $10,000; 30,391 between $10,000 and $25,000; 12,439 between $25,000 and $50,000.
"The American Empire" by Scott Nearing
He had never been compelled to make a choice between innocence and greatness, between crime and ruin.
"Critical and Historical Essays, Volume III (of 3)" by Thomas Babington Macaulay
Its permanence was owing to the fact that it was a league between nations more than a league between kings.
"A Student's History of England, v. 1 (of 3)" by Samuel Rawson Gardiner
So quiet and noiseless was the entrance that he did not notice it until the figure stood between him and the fire.
"The Cryptogram" by James De Mille
Pause the length of three dots between letters, and the length of five dots between words.
"Scouting For Girls, Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts" by Girl Scouts
There is, of course, no gap between reflexes and instincts, or between instincts and the still less easily describable original tendencies.
"Introduction to the Science of Sociology" by Robert E. Park

In poetry:

To take him in that net.--
Man! swinging-wicket set
The Unseen and Seen;
"Any Saint" by Francis Thompson
One night you made me a poet,
Ugly blond whore.
Get between my legs,
I'll whip you.
"My Little Lovelies" by Arthur Rimbaud
I tasted deep the hour
Between the far
Owl's chuckling first soft cry
And the first star.
"Sowing" by Edward Thomas
Then go we smoking,
Silent and snug:
Naught passes between us,
Save a brown jug—
"Old Song" by Edward FitzGerald
Buried in Winter,
How unexpected it is
Between the trees
To imagine flowers
In the fallen snow.
"Buried in Winter" by Ki no Tsurayuki
Confidence of crystal
Between two mirrors
At night your eyes are lost
To fuse waking to desire.
"Nusch" by Paul Eluard

In news:

Rebel fighters celebrate, as negotiations resumed between tribal elders and rebel leaders in a mosque at a checkpoint between Tarhouna and Bani Walid, Tuesday, Sept 6.
Stress between the nations is clear from a delay in a meeting between Washington and Hanoi on the issue.
He smiled cynically as he surveyed the decorated square, which was mostly quiet on Friday while some flashpoints, like the Kalandiya checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem, saw clashes between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian protesters.
Saturday's game between New Mexico State and the University of New Mexico is the 104th meeting between the I-25 rivals.
A line has been drawn between two different ideologies, but not between Republicans and Democrats.
The outcomes of Saturday's games between the Bruins and Stanford and between Oregon and Oregon State will determine whom UCLA plays for the Pac-12 championship.
MOORESTOWN — South Lenola Road is expected to be closed daily between 7 am and 3:30 pm Monday through Friday between Kings Highway and Camden Avenue, police said.
Between 5% and 15% of people with Type 2 diabetes , and between 25% and 40% of people with Type 1 diabetes , will someday develop diabetic nephropathy.
WASHINGTON — Arizona had the second-highest income inequality in the nation between 2008 and 2010, trailing only New Mexico for the gap between its richest and poorest residents, a new report says.
The theft occurred between Friday evening and 7 am Monday from a business on 385th East Avenue near Oklahoma 51, between Coweta and Wagoner, Maj.
The standoff between Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and his critics escalated today, when more than 100 people were injured in clashes between supporters and detractors.
The standoff between Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and his critics escalated today, when more than 100 people were injured in clashes between.
We know our nation to be divided between red and blue states, between Republicans and Democrats and between competing visions of the future.
The difference between liquidation and extinction is like the difference between a fire sale and an actual fire.
The fierce fighting and cease-fire agreement between Israel and Gaza's Hamas rulers could usher in a new era of relations between the bitter foes and their allies.

In science:

This ElcIntAct between the WllSpr ElmElcChrg and the FlcVcm (zero-point ElcMgnFld) is generated by dint of StchVrtPhtns exchanged between the fluctuating vacuum (FlcVcm) and the WllSpr ElmElcChrg during a time interval of their life.
Physical model of Schrodinger's electron. Heisenberg convenient way for description of its quantum behaviour
Vhigh ≫ Vordinary as it takes place in the QCD: the strong interaction between quarks is much more than the electromagnetic one between electrons (positrons).
A String Approximation for Cooper Pair in High-T$_{\bf c}$ superconductivity
As a measure of short-range correlations between the eigenvalues, one considers the nearest-neighbor spacing distribution P (s), which is the probability density to have a spacing of s between adjacent levels.
Random Matrix Theory and Chiral Symmetry in QCD
The striking contrast between the two histograms in Fig. 2 can be understood qualitatively. A fixed chemical distance ℓ between the origin and the trap means that there exists at least a minimum path connecting those sites whose length is ℓ.
II. Territory covered by N random walkers on stochastic fractals. The percolation aggregate
So, two two–point functions will be related to each other, and the difference between the weights of the fields of one correlation is 2/f greater than the difference between the weights of the fields of the other correlation.
Two dimensional fractional supersymmetric conformal field theories and the two point functions