behavior modification


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n behavior modification psychotherapy that seeks to extinguish or inhibit abnormal or maladaptive behavior by reinforcing desired behavior and extinguishing undesired behavior
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In literature:

The adaptations on the part of the ants are, with a single doubtful exception, all modifications in behavior and not in structure.
"Introduction to the Science of Sociology" by Robert E. Park
Well, then, adult behavior compared with the instinctive behavior of the little child shows these several types of modification.
"Psychology" by Robert S. Woodworth

In news:

AngelTrax has unveiled a versatile onboard video surveillance and driver behavior modification system, the CoPilot.
Behavior Modification Shane Sweet.
Weight Control by Behavior Modification .
Treatment through behavioral modification and medication.
Attorneys general try to rein in lenders' shabby behavior on modifications.
The Youth Activity grants are available for programs that provide ongoing, sustained efforts that focus on early intervention and longterm behavior modification of at-risk youth.
Now a study in the January issue of Behavior Modification finds that a treatment that appeals to both logic and emotion, via mental imagery , can help relieve these intrusive feelings.
Ask the vet's pets: Nuisance barking responds to behavior modification , citronella collar.
Skinner's notorious theory of behavior modification was denounced by critics 50 years ago as a fascist, manipulative vehicle for government control.
Note that this class is not a behavior modification program for specific fear issues.
So, he stopped taking medication at 12 years old and threw himself entirely into swimming , treating his condition with intense physical training and behavior modification instead.

In science:

However, the change of the temporal behavior from continuous to discrete one gives rise to the question about the validity of eqs.(2.15) – does the “switch” from continuous to discrete time causes only their modification or we should expect some new properties? I shall consider this problem in &7.3.
Fluctuations and Long-Term Stability: from Coherence to Chaos