• Mother Hubbard and dog looking into bare cupboard
    Mother Hubbard and dog looking into bare cupboard
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj bare lacking embellishment or ornamentation "a plain hair style","unembellished white walls","functional architecture featuring stark unornamented concrete"
    • adj bare lacking in amplitude or quantity "a bare livelihood","a scanty harvest","a spare diet"
    • adj bare completely unclothed "bare bodies","naked from the waist up","a nude model"
    • adj bare having everything extraneous removed including contents "the bare walls","the cupboard was bare"
    • adj bare providing no shelter or sustenance "bare rocky hills","barren lands","the bleak treeless regions of the high Andes","the desolate surface of the moon","a stark landscape"
    • adj bare lacking its natural or customary covering "a bare hill","bare feet"
    • adj bare lacking a surface finish such as paint "bare wood","unfinished furniture"
    • adj bare apart from anything else; without additions or modifications "only the bare facts","shocked by the mere idea","the simple passage of time was enough","the simple truth"
    • adj bare not having a protective covering "unsheathed cables","a bare blade"
    • adj bare just barely adequate or within a lower limit "a bare majority","a marginal victory"
    • v bare lay bare "denude a forest"
    • v bare make public "She aired her opinions on welfare"
    • v bare lay bare "bare your breasts","bare your feelings"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

shrike in bare branches shrike in bare branches
kingfisher on bare branch kingfisher on bare branch

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: It's against the law to catch fish with your bare hands in Kansas.
    • Bare Bore; the old preterit of Bear v.
    • Bare Destitute; indigent; empty; unfurnished or scantily furnished; -- used with ofrarely with in) before the thing wanting or taken away; as, a room bare of furniture. "A bare treasury."
    • Bare Mere; alone; unaccompanied by anything else; as, a bare majority. "The bare necessaries of life.""Nor are men prevailed upon by bare words."
    • Bare Plain; simple; unadorned; without polish; bald; meager. "Uttering bare truth."
    • Bare Surface; body; substance. "You have touched the very bare of naked truth."
    • Bare (Arch) That part of a roofing slate, shingle, tile, or metal plate, which is exposed to the weather.
    • Bare Threadbare; much worn. "It appears by their bare liveries that they live by your bare words."
    • v. t Bare To strip off the covering of; to make bare; as, to bare the breast.
    • Bare With head uncovered; bareheaded. "When once thy foot enters the church, be bare ."
    • Bare Without anything to cover up or conceal one's thoughts or actions; open to view; exposed. "Bare in thy guilt, how foul must thou appear !"
    • Bare Without clothes or covering; stripped of the usual covering; naked; as, his body is bare; the trees are bare .
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: No one may catch fish with his bare hands in Kansas.
    • bare Naked; without covering: as, bare arms; the trees are bare.
    • bare With the head uncovered. In numismatic descriptions, said of a head on a coin or medal when uncovered or devoid of any adornment, such as a diadem or laurel-wreath.
    • bare Open to view; unconcealed; undisguised.
    • bare Lacking in appropriate covering or equipment; unfurnished: as, bare walls.
    • bare Plain; simple; unadorned; without polish.
    • bare Threadless; napless.
    • bare Poor; destitute; indigent; empty; unfurnished; unprovided with what is necessary or comfortable: absolutely or with of.
    • bare Empty; valueless; paltry; worthless.
    • bare Mere; scarcely or just sufficient: as, the bare necessaries of life; a bare subsistence.
    • bare Unaccompanied; without addition; simple.
    • bare Unadorned; without literary or artistic effect; bald; meager.
    • bare In beer-making, not completely covered by the bubbles formed in fermentation: said of the surface of beer.
    • bare Raw; excoriated.
    • bare Lean; spare.
    • bare The uncovered or unhidden surface; the body; the substance.
    • bare To make bare; uncover; divest of covering: as, to bare one's head or one's breast.
    • bare To disclose; make manifest; lay bare: as, to bare the secrets of the grave.
    • bare Old preterit of bear.
    • n bare That part of a clapboard, roof-slate, or the like, which is exposed to the weather when the roof is complete, as distinguished from the lap.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The Bingham Canyon copper mine in Utah is the biggest manmade hole on Earth. It is more than a half-mile deep and 2.5 miles across. An astronaut can see this hole from the space shuttle with his bare eyes.
    • adj Bare bār uncovered: naked: open to view: poor, scanty: unadorned: : :
    • v.t Bare to strip or uncover
    • adv Bare in a shirt only
    • pa.t Bare bār old of Bear.
    • adj Bare bār (Shak.) unarmed: mere or by itself
    • adj Bare bār (Shak.) paltry, desolate: empty
    • adj Bare bār (Spens.) rude
    • ***


  • Mark Twain
    “Sometimes too much drink is barely enough.”
  • Fran Lebowitz
    “All God's children are not beautiful. Most of God's children are, in fact, barely presentable.”
  • Samuel Hoffenstein
    Samuel Hoffenstein
    “Babies haven't any hair; Old men's heads are just as bare; between the cradle and the grave lie a haircut and a shave”
  • Tom Petty
    Tom Petty
    “I'm barely prolific and incredibly lazy.”
  • Hoshang N. Akhtar
    Hoshang N. Akhtar
    “Marriage is more than four bare legs in a bed.”
  • Kahlil Gibran
    “Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”


Bare your heart - If you bare your heart to someone, you tell them your personal and private feelings. ('Bare your soul' is an alternative form of the idiom.)


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. bar, bare, AS. bær,; akin to D. & G. baar, OHG. par, Icel. berr, Sw. & Dan. bar, Oslav. bosŭ, barefoot, Lith. basas,; cf. Skr. bhās, to shine. √85
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. bær; Ger. baar, bar; Ice. berr.


In literature:

The clean-cut track of a horse showed in the bare, hard sand.
"The Boy Scouts Book of Campfire Stories" by Various
It's only a bare box!
"Jim Spurling, Fisherman" by Albert Walter Tolman
Her sinewy legs, bare to the knees, are tightly incased in a pair of sea-soaked trousers.
"A Village of Vagabonds" by F. Berkeley Smith
Early in February, San Martin's army, now barely 4,000 strong, descended upon Villa Nueva.
"A History of the Nineteenth Century, Year by Year" by Edwin Emerson
She found that the sitting-room lacked the bareness of dormitory rooms.
"Hester's Counterpart" by Jean K. Baird
The sun barely showed itself.
"Jewish Children" by Sholem Naumovich Rabinovich
Without a pause she turned to Durham and had the ugly wound on his scalp laid bare.
"The Rider of Waroona" by Firth Scott
After the branches were lopped off, the trunks looked so slender and bare, that they could scarcely be recognized.
"Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen" by Hans Christian Andersen
Imagine the upper branches nearly bare, shattered perhaps by lightning.
"The Book of the National Parks" by Robert Sterling Yard
Even yet you've barely met her.
"The Dominant Dollar" by Will Lillibridge

In poetry:

(Fringing slipper
and tangled hair
left an interim silver
"Orozco: Does A Fresco For The Revolution" by Norman MacLeod
No slippers or satin
Could make thee as sweet
As thy calico frock
And thy tiny, bare feet.
"Alfred to Emma - A Rural Love Sonnet" by Joseph Warren Watson
Cled in black, her eelids
Reid wi' greitin sair—
Was she wife and widow
In a towmond bare?
"Ower The Hedge" by George MacDonald
Through the bare branches
Sigh'd the chill breeze,
As the sun went down
Where the leafless trees
"The Dew-Drop: A Metrical Fantasy" by Samuel Lover
Gather us to thy heart,
Lay us thy spirit bare:
Give us in thee our part,
O Mother young and fair!
"A Simple Song For America" by Karle Wilson Baker
Lovely the lonely
Bare trees and green grass--
Lovelier now the last hours of slow winter
Slowly pass.
"Last Hours" by John Freeman

In news:

There are crochet hooks so small you can barely tell there is a hook on the end.
THE violinist Elmar Oliveira of Croton -on-Hudson is barely 50, but he has already played more than 2,000 solo concerts in 21 years.
PULLMAN — The cupboard isn't completely bare for Washington State, not with Pac-12 leading scorer Brock Motum returning for his senior year.
Cupboard almost bare for Toronto FC in home finale as Montreal comes to visit.
Lewiston food pantry's cupboard nearly bare.
Katy Perry's appearance on the long-running PBS children's show has been pulled after parents complained about the singer's cleavage-baring dress.
"Helen Thomas's blue-padded seat in the front row of the White House briefing room has barely cooled," reports a breathless Wall Street Journal article, "but her former colleagues in the press are already climbing over each other to fill it".
Dresses with cutouts are a tasteful way to bare some skin in Hollywood, but the peep show style can be hard to pull off.
Kim Kardashian's Cleavage-Baring Cutout Dress: Love It or Hate It.
The smokin' hot supermodel stripped down into her birthday suit and had her bare body painted in vibrant colors for a brand new Astor campaign– and has the steamy new naked image.
Ten hours in the heat with barely a break.
In a three-year period that witnessed thousands of nearby residents suffer through unemployment, barely a week passed that J&S Tool didn't advertise its intent to hire a qualified, full-time employee.
The competitive ski racer was in so much pain, she could barely get out of bed.
Want to know what to make of the hot women crossing your path in slightly revealing tank suits or barely there bikinis.
Surreal, she could barely take in the information.

In science:

Having discovered it first in H I, we were then able to discern the galaxy as a barely visible smudge on the POSS-II plate (left panel of Figure 4).
Star Formation and Tidal Encounters with the Low Surface Brightness Galaxy UGC 12695 and Companions
The middle left panel shows the resolved integrated H I column density map which seems to be slightly offset from the optical image. H I contours are plotted at 0.5, 1, 2, 4 and 6×1020 atoms cm-2 The middle right panel shows the barely resolved radial H I surface density profile.
Star Formation and Tidal Encounters with the Low Surface Brightness Galaxy UGC 12695 and Companions
First, note that the tachyon VEV T0 behaves as a “bare” quantity: it does not enter in determining physical quantities.
AdS/CFT Correspondence and Type 0 String Theory
Clearly, even for a value of h as large as 0.3 the two curve are barely distinguishable.
Chiral Random Matrix Model for Critical Statistics
The matrix element for producing such an excitation by a bare spin-flip operator of a spin active in one of these clusters will be of order the corresponding ˜J ⊥ , while the number of such spins contributing will be of order some effective “moment” µx of this cluster.
Dynamics and transport in random quantum systems governed by strong-randomness fixed points