ball up


  • John DeWitt about to pick up the ball
    John DeWitt about to pick up the ball
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v ball up make a mess of, destroy or ruin "I botched the dinner and we had to eat out","the pianist screwed up the difficult passage in the second movement"
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  • Casey Stengel
    Casey Stengel
    “Going to bed with a woman never hurt a ball player. It's staying up all night looking for them that does you in.”
  • Jack Lemmon
    Jack Lemmon
    “If you think it's hard to meet new people, try picking up the wrong golf ball.”


In literature:

A shout went up as it was seen that the ball had taken the leg bail.
"Tell England" by Ernest Raymond
They were getting up a ball game in a small town and lacked one player.
"More Toasts"
The boys pulled at the door and it opened; and there stood Dick with the ball in one hand, picking up the candle with the other!
"The Last of the Peterkins" by Lucretia P. Hale
Nature has had regard in everything no less to the end than to the beginning and the continuance, just like the man who throws up a ball.
"Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus" by Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
So he curled himself up in a very tiny ball and waited for the shower to be over.
"Bunny Rabbit's Diary" by Mary Frances Blaisdell
But the little animal, instead of running away, just curled up into a ball and stayed there.
"Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue at Camp Rest-A-While" by Laura Lee Hope
There she lay, looking like a ball of ermine, with her two ten-days old kittens snuggling up close to her.
"What Timmy Did" by Marie Adelaide Belloc Lowndes
I chuckled on the way to the ball-room: I had dispensed with going up to the dressing-room.
"Hearts and Masks" by Harold MacGrath
To-day I'm gettin' balled up.
"Under Handicap" by Jackson Gregory
I picked the ball up and walked out with it as if it had been touched back of the goal.
"Football Days" by William H. Edwards

In poetry:

Farewell to Burke, O'Meally, Young Gilbert and Ben Hall,
Likewise to Daniel Morgan, who fell by rifle-ball;
So all young men be warned and never take up arms,
Remember this, how true it is, bushranging hath no charms!
"The Death of Morgan" by Anonymous Oceania
I have no joy of your banquets nor your lighted halls:
I flute not for your dancing at gay routs and balls.
When the last guest has departed, and the lights have died,
Come I with my shrill piping up the lone hillside.
"The Piper" by Cicely Fox Smith
The sun was just a-rising above the heath of furze,
And the shadows grow to giants; that bright ball never stirs:
There the shepherds lay with their dogs by their side,
And they started up and barked as my shadow they espied.
"The Sailor-Boy" by John Clare
Then Dagonet, turning on the ball of his foot,
"And whither harp'st thou thine? down! and thyself
Down! and two more: a helpful harper thou,
That harpest downward! dost thou know the star
We call the harp of Arthur up in heaven?"
"Idylls of the King: The Last Tournament (excerpt)" by Alfred Lord Tennyson
Then Dagonet, turning on the ball of his foot,
`And whither harp'st thou thine? down! and thyself
Down! and two more: a helpful harper thou,
That harpest downward! Dost thou know the star
We call the harp of Arthur up in heaven?'
"The Last Tournament" by Alfred Lord Tennyson
To which he has now returned. The day of course is fine
And a grown-up voice cries Play! The mallet slowly swings,
Then crack, a great gong booms from the dog-dark hall and the ball
Skims forward through the hoop and then through the next and then
"Soap Suds" by Louis MacNeice

In news:

Jim Baker, who ended up with the ball from the Immaculate Reception, holds the prized possession Friday at the Heinz History Center.
Hardesty was taken out after losing possession of the ball at the goal line and Trent Richardson ended up scoring on a 1-yard run.
Chapin players sit on their bench after their team gives up the ball in the fourth quarter of Friday night's playoff matchup against the Red Raiders from Greenville.
And that about sums up the Denver Public Library's 15th anniversary Booklovers Ball, the theme for which was Get A Clue .
Tries to make 1-handed catch on deep ball but tips it up and it's picked off.
Penn Valley Community College gave the Greyhounds a taste of their own medicine Tuesday, playing up-tempo, in-your-face kind of basketball and applied much pressure on the ball handler for most of the 40 minutes of play.
Kansas cornerback JaCorey Shepherd (25) wraps up Mountaineer receiver Stedman Bailey (3) before the ball reached him in the second half of KU's 59-10 loss Saturday against West Virginia University in Morgantown, W.Va.
Rockwood¿s Derick Mostoller eyes up Portage ball carrier Caleb Kephart Saturday.
Carter Kounovsky brings the ball up the court and shoots the long ball for 3 then plays tough defense and goes up for the breakaway layup followed by Garrett Bye with the put back dunk.
(AP) — Tom Crabtree caught the ball at the Green Bay 45 and chugged up field, looking over one shoulder and then the other to be sure the two Arizona Cardinals who were giving chase were still behind him.
When La Crosse has the ball: The Leopards are a run-first team, but that doesn't mean the opposition can load up the box and forget about the passing game.
Steve, Betsy and George come up try to guess the number of Super Mega Fun-Balls to win a contest.
Whether it is a double-elimination shuffleboard tournament, a makeshift game of basketball with balled-up tape and a garbage can inside the.
The competition continued to heat up during Classical Week as our celebs performed both individual and team dances as they fought to continue on their road to the Mirror Ball Trophy.
Aberdeen Central¿s Kelsey Hannigan brings the ball up the court against defensive pressure from Lauren Fowler of Sturgis last season.

In science:

Thus, H (r ) is the number of backbone-pivotals up to the time at which the process (S n)∞n=0 leaves the extrinsic ball for the first time.
Random walk on the high-dimensional IIC
The process of allocating the blocks can be seen as independently drawing balls of 3 different colours from an urn, where a ball of colour i has probability qi to be picked up, i = 1, 2, 3.
General approach to the fluctuations problem in random sequence comparison
Consider, for instance, a barbell graph made up of two m-cliques joined by k unweighted φ-edges with no endpoints in common (hence k ≤ m).3 If m is much larger than k , then bound (2) scales linearly with k (the two balls in the cover correspond to the two m-cliques).
Random Spanning Trees and the Prediction of Weighted Graphs
Given a state s ∈ adm0(T ), think of the edges with assignments 1 as a collection of cycles that several balls traveled in the jump-up model.
Random Walk on Knot Diagrams, Colored Jones Polynomial and Ihara-Selberg Zeta Function
The subsequent rolling of the condensate can encounter an instability, as a result of which the scalar condensate can break up into Q-balls .
Q-ball candidates for self-interacting dark matter