• Ponto standing, looking attentive
    Ponto standing, looking attentive
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n attentiveness the trait of being observant and paying attention
    • n attentiveness the trait of being considerate and thoughtful of others
    • n attentiveness paying particular notice (as to children or helpless people) "his attentiveness to her wishes","he spends without heed to the consequences"
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Church buildings ... special attention Church buildings ... special attention

Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: It is illegal in Lafayette, Louisiana to play a musical instrument for the purpose of attracting attention, without a license.
    • n attentiveness The state of being attentive; heedfulness; attention.
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  • Samuel Butler
    “If God wants us to do a thing, he should make his wishes sufficiently clear. Sensible people will wait till he has done this before paying much attention to him.”
  • Greg Anderson
    “Only one thing has to change for us to know happiness in our lives: where we focus our attention.”
  • Edward Frederic Benson
    Edward Frederic Benson
    “When one is happy there is no time to be fatigued; being happy engrosses the whole attention.”
  • Plato
    “Attention to health is life greatest hindrance.”
  • Richard Moss
    Richard Moss
    “The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention.”
  • Helen Rowland
    “When a girl marries, she exchanges the attentions of all the other men of her acquaintance for the inattention of just one.”


In literature:

The laws of attention and concentration of the mind.
"Clairvoyance and Occult Powers" by Swami Panchadasi
The efforts of man to procure himself pleasure are at times worthy of the attention of the philosopher.
"The Man Who Laughs" by Victor Hugo
A voice hailed me by name, and Bob sat up, looking attentively at me for his cue as to the treatment of the owner of it.
"Analyzing Character" by Katherine M. H. Blackford and Arthur Newcomb
One case of hardship is specially worthy of attention.
"A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents" by James D. Richardson
Give examples from your class work of free attention; of forced attention; of free derived attention.
"How to Teach" by George Drayton Strayer and Naomi Norsworthy
So they could give more attention to the obstacles above ground.
"The Young Wireless Operator--As a Fire Patrol" by Lewis E. Theiss
Communications otherwise transmitted will not receive attention.
"A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents: Ulysses S. Grant" by James D. Richardson
It is only certain plain and practical traits of such legislation that I desire to recommend to your attention.
"Messages and Papers of Rutherford B. Hayes" by James D. Richardson
Didn't pay extra much attention, because I wasn't interested in that piece.
"The Rules of the Game" by Stewart Edward White
Still there was the evident fact of his attentions, which were too frequent to be overlooked.
"The American Baron" by James De Mille

In poetry:

Hear then the word, and, all it says, believe,
And to its doctrines due attention give:
God will perform the thing which He has spoke!
God never yet has any promise broke!
"Advice, To Search For The Lord Jesus Christ" by Rees Prichard
Thus taught the village Pastor, on whose tongue,
Deeply attent, my youth and childhood hung,
As venerable man, he loved to trace,
In contrast to our woes, a Savior's grace.
"Days Of Youth : Part Second" by Thomas Cogswell Upham
Come all ye young people of every degree,
Come give your attention one moment to me;
It's of a young couple I now will relate,
And of their misfortunes and of their sad fate.
"Lois House" by Julia A Moore
And when he occupies a college,
Truth is replaced by Useful Knowledge;
He pays particular
Attention to Commercial Thought,
Public Relations, Hygiene, Sport,
In his curricula.
"Under Which Lyre" by W H Auden
To mark the day when, through the bulky tome,
Around your name the varying style refines?
And readers call their lost attention home,
Led by that index where true genius shines?
"Elegy II. On Posthumous Reputation - To a Friend" by William Shenstone
Unto thy Pastors due attention give,
And strive thy Rulers in all things to please,
In love and friendship with thy neighbours live,
And with all Christians in the bond of peace.
"Advice, To Have One's Conversation and Demeanour Always According To The Rules Of The Gospel" by Rees Prichard

In news:

But how many of us have paid any attention to the small frame-building on the northeast corner of the gold camp property.
The Future Of 'Short Attention Span Theater'.
America's shrinking attention span limits race to the latest bite-size sound bites.
Have a short attention span .
Los Angeles pension reform will be long attention span theater.
How standing desks could increase America's attention span and decrease its waistline.
For those with a short attention span .
New Long-Form Journal for a Short Attention-Span World.
The more television infants and toddlers watch, the more likely they are to have trouble paying attention and concentrating during their early school years, a study reports Monday.
This kid has the shortest attention span EVER.
I thought Jaycee who does the afternoon show on KTDY had the shortest attention span EVER but I have changed my mind after watching this video.
'Climategate' and the Perils of the Media's Short Attention Span .
This New York Times blog argues that this shortened attention-span makes for efficient business.
Vets' group: Link between TBI, blindness needs more attention.
Brief training regimen redefines upper limits of attention .

In science:

Among the foreground components, point-sources deserve especial attention given their extreme non-Gaussianity and highly variable spectral index. A brief summary of different methods can be found in Sanz et al. (2001) (henceforth SHM).
On Optimal Detection of Point Sources in CMB Maps
Originally, this theory attracted attention because of its ability to model a density-driven transition into a nonergodic state.
Structural Relaxation and Mode Coupling in a Simple Liquid: Depolarized Light Scattering in Benzene
This model deserves special attention for different reasons.
Out-of-equilibrium states as statistical equilibria of an effective dynamics
What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes t he attention of its recipients.
A Connection-Centric Survey of Recommender Systems Research
We now turn our attention to the variation in S due to variations in the fluid density ρ.
Variational Principles in General Relativity