• WordNet 3.6
    • n assiduity great and constant diligence and attention
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Assiduity Constant or close application or attention, particularly to some business or enterprise; diligence. "I have, with much pains and assiduity , qualified myself for a nomenclator."
    • Assiduity Studied and persevering attention to a person; -- usually in the plural.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n assiduity Constant or close application to any business or occupation; diligence.
    • n assiduity Solicitous care of a person or persons; constant personal attention: usually in the plural.
    • n assiduity Hence Sycophantic attention; servility.
    • n assiduity Synonyms Industry, Assiduity, Application, Diligence, Constancy, Perseverance, Persistence, care, attention, watchfulness, sedulousness, patience. Diligence in labor often conveys the idea of quickness. Industry keeps at work, leaving no time idle. Assiduity (literally, a sitting down to work) sticks quietly to a particular task, with the determination to succeed in spite of its difficulty, or to get it done in spite of its length. Application, literally, bends itself to its work, and is, more specifically than assiduity, a steady concentration of one's powers of body and mind: as, he was a man of extraordinary powers of application; Newton attributed all his own success to application. Diligence is, literally, fondness for one's work, and so, by a natural transfer, industry that is alert. Constancy is the power to continue unchanged, as in affection, or to hold on in any particular course or work: it goes more deeply into character than the others. Perseverance suggests obstacles from without or within which are steadily met, and is morally neutral. Persistence may be good, but it is more often an evil perseverance, as obstinacy or a determination to carry one's point against unwillingness or refusal on the part of others. We speak of plodding industry, patient assiduity, steady application, great diligence, unshaken constancy, undaunted perseverance, persistence that will not take No for an answer.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Assiduity as-sid-ū′i-ti constant application or diligence:
    • n Assiduity as-sid-ū′i-ti (pl.) constant attentions, as to a lady
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  • Eugenio Montale
    Eugenio Montale
    “Man cannot produce a single work without the assistance of the slow, assiduous, corrosive worm of thought.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. assiduitas,: cf. F. assiduite,. See Assiduous
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. assiduitasassiduus, sitting close at—ad, to, at, sedēre, to sit.


In literature:

The Italian newsdealer now delivered the morning papers, and these he read assiduously.
"Sister Carrie" by Theodore Dreiser
We will assume, however, that, in spite of the assiduity of his lawyer, the prisoner has at last been indicted and is awaiting trial.
"Courts and Criminals" by Arthur Train
Alec passed the butter assiduously, but said nothing at all.
"The Imperialist" by (a.k.a. Mrs. Everard Cotes) Sara Jeannette Duncan
The manner of an important man of affairs, which he hay so assiduously cultivated, fell away from him.
"The Crisis, Complete" by Winston Churchill
Arthur Langly, both of whom were assiduous visitors at the house.
"The Stillwater Tragedy" by Thomas Bailey Aldrich
At first he had been distant, then more and more assiduously avoided her.
"The Burgomaster's Wife, Complete" by Georg Ebers
Yet every now and then he felt a mild interest in the people whom his companion assiduously pointed out to him.
"The Evil Shepherd" by E. Phillips Oppenheim
She worked, indeed, very assiduously.
"The Fat and the Thin" by Emile Zola
I determined to practice assiduously before attempting another match.
"Kent Knowles: Quahaug" by Joseph C. Lincoln
The house in London which I frequented with most pleasure and assiduity was that of Lord North.
"Memoirs of My Life and Writings" by Edward Gibbon

In poetry:

I grant you, Melesinda, when
Your instrument was new,
I was well pleased to see you then
Its charms assiduous woo.
"To A Young Lady, On Being Too Fond Of Music" by Charles Lamb
But cove, nor love's assiduous care
Could ebbing life's warm tide restore!--
Pale, wet, and speechless lay the fair
On Kilda's bleak and stormy shore.
"The Harp. A Legendary Tale. In Two Parts" by Hector MacNeill
O loved Simplicity! be thine the prize!
Assiduous Art correct her page in vain!
His be the palm, who, guiltless of disguise,
Contemns the power the dull resource to feign!
"Elegy I. He Arrives at His Retirement in the Country" by William Shenstone
Soft o'er his birth, and o'er his infant hours,
The ambitious maid could every care employ;
Then with assiduous fondness cropt the flowers,
To deck the cradle of the princely boy.
"Elegy XXIII. Reflections Suggested" by William Shenstone

In news:

There will be a final swing through battleground states on Monday, but the machinery his campaign assiduously put in place over two years is now on remote control.
Sasha Issenberg, in his new book The Sushi Economy, implies that to eat raw fish on rice is to become an assiduous participant in 21st-century global capitalism.
It was the assiduous work of Jeremy Duns, another writer, that laid out a case demonstrating that prize-winning mystery writer R.J. Ellory had been writing the "sock puppet" reviews on Amazon.
Though the Uzbek government can be capricious in its censorship, the Uzbek Wikipedia is assiduously unprovocative - indeed, Uzbeks writing about national hero Navoi is exactly the sort of thing that the state encourages.
Gandhi has assiduously courted the favor of the influential and powerful.
But why did he have to seek death so assiduously.
Here's the Post's Joel Greenberg reporting from Jerusalem on Israel's minor but startling volley in a conflict it has seemed to assiduously avoid entering.
Assiduously pursuing that policy, it now appears it is time for those of us in the baby boomer generation to have the good sense to lie down and bite the dust.
In the past few years, Wizards of the Coast has been assiduously releasing board games based off their D&D franchise — check out Michael Harrison's review of Lords of Waterdeep.

In science:

Assiduous readers are encouraged to look at and to see the close parallels.
Phenomenological loop quantum geometry of the Schwarzschild black hole
Assiduously tracking down all the constants in the above argument shows that the mixing time was bounded above by 225n log n or so.
A Coupling Argument for the Random Transposition Walk
It is a pleasure to thank the Fondation des Sciences Mathématiques de Paris for its generous support during the academic year 2011-12 and for giving me the opportunity to speak about my recent research in the prestigious Collège de France. I am grateful to all the participants of these lectures for their assiduity.
Lectures on Gaussian approximations with Malliavin calculus
After thirty years hard work, radio astronomers have assiduously built up a picture of relativistic jets and tentatively pushed up the Lorentz factors to 15.
Probing the Physics of AGN: A Summary
Such nonphysical models should be assiduously avoided, or at least they must include suggestions on how to measure/validate values of their most crucial external parameters.
The Workshop on Internet Topology (WIT) Report