• Pinocchio Escapes from his Assassins
    Pinocchio Escapes from his Assassins
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n assassination murder of a public figure by surprise attack
    • n assassination an attack intended to ruin someone's reputation
    • ***

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Assassination of Viriathus Assassination of Viriathus

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Shakespeare invented the word "assassination" and "bump."
    • n Assassination The act of assassinating; a killing by treacherous violence.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Army doctor D.W. Bliss attended to two presidents after they were shot by assassins. In 1865 he was one of the 16 doctors who tried to save Abraham Lincoln. In 1881 he supervised the care of James Garfield.
    • n assassination The act of assassinating; the act, especially of a hired emissary, of killing or murdering by surprise or secret assault; murder by treacherous violence.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Gerald Ford was the only President to have two women attempt to assassinate him. Both attempts were in California in September of 1975. The first attempt was September 6, 1975, by Lynette Fromme who thought she could impress Charles Manson by killing the President. The next attempt was by Sara Jane Moore on September 22, 1975. Her motive was simply that she was bored. John Tyler, joined the Confederacy twenty years later and became the only President named a sworn enemy of the United States.
    • ns Assassination secret murder
    • ***


  • European Court Cliche
    European Court Cliche
    “Assassination is the perquisite of princes.”
  • Benjamin Disraeli
    “Assassination has never changed the history of the world.”
  • George Bernard Shaw
    “Assassination is the extreme form of censorship.”
  • Voltaire
    “The best government is a benevolent tyranny tempered by an occasional assassination.”
  • Herbert Clark Hoover
    “Words without actions are the assassins of idealism.”
  • Albert Camus
    “Whoever today speaks of human existence in terms of power, efficiency, and historical tasks is an actual or potential assassin.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Through Fr. or It. from Ar. hashshāshīn, 'hashish-eaters,' a military and religious order in Syria, of the 11th century, who became notorious for their secret murders in obedience to the will of their chief, and fortified themselves for their adventures by hashish, an intoxicating drug or drink made from hemp.


In literature:

I was not born for an assassin.
"Arthur Mervyn" by Charles Brockden Brown
He preferred to be reduced to private life rather than be an omnipotent assassin.
"Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary" by Voltaire
All agreed on the first point, the fact of the assassination.
"The Edge of the Knife" by Henry Beam Piper
Yes, in her heart; but from behind, just as they had stabbed me unawares, like assassins.
"Dr. Dumany's Wife" by Mór Jókai
The chief of this regime of organized plunder lived in daily fear of assassination.
"The Victim" by Thomas Dixon
As soon as I get home, I'll call Assassins' Hall and make the necessary arrangements.
"Last Enemy" by Henry Beam Piper
Nor was it beyond the range of probability that he was the assassin and was busy erecting safeguards for himself.
"The Substitute Prisoner" by Max Marcin
Help, De Guiche, I am about to be assassinated!
"The Vicomte de Bragelonne" by Alexandre Dumas
He found the detective quite discouraged in his efforts to find the assassin.
"The Silent House" by Fergus Hume
This was the situation when the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand and his wife occurred in Bosnia.
"Kelly Miller's History of the World War for Human Rights" by Kelly Miller

In poetry:

Guid guide thee by the gins and traps
Set by thae wild assassin chaps—
Aye casting bombs amang the Naps;
When ye're in Lunnon, frae their traps
Keep far, guid Garibaldi.
"Auld Scotland's Welcome To Garibaldi" by Janet Hamilton
There Christ some time among th' Egyptians past,
Until his parents heard the news at last,
That Herod, from whose cruelty they fled,
Who sought t' assassinate the Child, was dead.
"The Life And Death Of Christ" by Rees Prichard
Of old--life, livid, foaming, came and went
'Mid strokes of tocsin and assassin's knife;
Proscribers, murderers, each with each at strife,
While, mad and splendid. Death above them bent.
"The Rope-Maker" by Emile Verhaeren
When the last king of Persia fell,
By an assassin's sword,
Kindly the Grecian warrior treated.
The mother of the prince defeated:
Her royal name I pray you tell,
And how she mourned her lord.
"Enigma XV." by Elizabeth Hitchener
Ye Nymphs, if e'er your eyes were red With tears o'er hapless favourites shed,
Oh, share Maria's grief!
Her favourite, even in his cage,
(What will not hunger's cruel rage?)
Assassined by a thief.
"On The Death Of Mrs. Throckmorton's Bullfinch" by William Cowper
Boys, let it alone!
Turn your back on your deadliest enemy—Drink!
An assassin disguised; nor for one moment think,
As some rashly say, that true women admire
The man who can boast that he's playing with fire.
Boys, let it alone!
"Don't Drink" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

In news:

Helmer Takashi Miike, whose samurai swashbuckler "13 Assassins" played in competition at Venice, will make an as-yet untitled pic based on " Harakiri " (Seppuku), a 1962 Masaki Kobayashi period classic.
Back then, a Secret Service agent assigned to protect the president would stop a bullet for him, as agent Timothy McCarthy did for President Ronald Reagan during an assassination attempt in 1981.
An assassin on the run seeks payback in ' Haywire ,' an action thriller will little else going on but brutal encounters.
The white hearse used to transport President John F Kennedy's body, following his assassination in Dallas, Texas, in 1963, has sold once again on the auction block, this time around for $160,000, plus a $16,000 buyer's premium.
This hearse , which carried President John F Kennedy's body after his assassination in Dallas, was sold for $160,000.
Law enforcement officials say assassins have shot to death a deputy-elect in the northern Mexican state of Sonora two days before he was scheduled to take office.
Hesse (Brooklyn Bridge) beautifully captures the changing landscape of a journey, the wonder of discovery, and a fight to survive in a near-future novel set in the aftermath of a presidential assassination.
Evidence mounted on Tuesday that the 11-member assassination team that allegedly killed Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was traveling on fake passports.
Suspicion has fallen on Israel and its Mossad intelligence service, which has carried out overseas assassinations in the past.
Chloe Sevigny is a transgender assassin in the DirecTV series "Hit & Miss.".
ASPEN, Colorado — There have been assassinations, explosions, acts of sabotage, and cyberattack.
Two arrested in bid to assassinate North Korean defector Hwang Jang-yop.
The son of Sen Robert Kennedy invoked his father's assassination Thursday in a case stemming from his attempt to take his newborn son from a hospital maternity ward .
Witnesses think the incident was an assassination attempt, local media say.

In science:

Blows at Midnight, the Kennedy assassination, or Pearl Harbor.
Astrophysics in 2005