• WordNet 3.6
    • n ascendence the state that exists when one person or group has power over another "her apparent dominance of her husband was really her attempt to make him pay attention to her"
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: High-wire acts have been enjoyed since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Antique medals have been excavated from Greek islands depicting men ascending inclined cords and walking across ropes stretched between cliffs. The Greeks called these high-wire performers neurobates or oribates. In the Roman city of Herculaneum there is a fresco representing an aerialist high on a rope, dancing and playing a flute. Sometimes Roman tightrope walkers stretched cables between the tops of two neighboring hills and performed comic dances and pantomimes while crossing.
    • n ascendence See ascendance, etc.
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  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    “Build today, then strong and sure, With a firm and ample base; And ascending and secure. Shall tomorrow find its place.”
  • Washington Irving
    “Rising genius always shoots out its rays from among the clouds, but these will gradually roll away and disappear as it ascends to its steady luster.”
  • Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
    “Progress has not followed a straight ascending line, but a spiral with rhythms of progress and retrogression, of evolution and dissolution.”
  • Saskya Pandita
    Saskya Pandita
    “By depending on the great, The small may rise high. See: the little plant ascending the tall tree Has climbed to the top.”
  • Thomas Vaughan
    Thomas Vaughan
    “Have thy heart in heaven and thy hands upon the earth. Ascend in piety and descend in charity. For this is the Nature of Light and the way of the children.”
  • Robert Louis Stevenson
    “We live in an ascending scale when we live happily, one thing leading to another in an endless series.”


In literature:

His only political principle was obedience to the powers that were in the ascendant.
"The History of England" by T.F. Tout
Carazon, ascended by the French astronomers: 15,800 English feet.
"The History of Sumatra" by William Marsden
We now ascended by a steep street to the upper town.
"Servia, Youngest Member of the European Family" by Andrew Archibald Paton
Kilawun conspired against his master, and was soon able to ascend the throne under the title of El-Malik el-Mansur.
"History Of Egypt From 330 B.C. To The Present Time, Volume 12 (of 12)" by S. Rappoport
Towards 8 o'clock, Caravan ascended to the chamber of death, closed the windows, and renewed the candles.
"The Works of Guy de Maupassant, Volume IV (of 8)" by Guy de Maupassant
This was the sole reason of his ascendency: she knew it herself.
"The Return of the Native" by Thomas Hardy
It lies in a great hollow of fertile ground, and on the southern side the historical Lovcen ascends.
"The Land of the Black Mountain" by Reginald Wyon
He worked them up to the highest confidence in his learning and wisdom, and gained complete ascendency over them.
"Salem Witchcraft, Volumes I and II" by Charles Upham
Such a man had of necessity a vast ascendency over the bad passions of the multitude.
"History of the Girondists, Volume I" by Alphonse de Lamartine
In their assemblies, their attitude, their words, even the tone of their voice, attested his ascendancy over them.
"History of the Expedition to Russia" by Count Philip de Segur

In poetry:

Then let the last loud trumpet sound,
And bid our kindred rise;
Awake, ye nations under ground;
Ye saints, ascend the skies.
"Hymn 3" by Isaac Watts
While the prayers of saints ascend,
God of Love, to mine attend.
Hear me, for Thy Spirit pleads;
Hear, for Jesus intercedes.
"To the Temple I Repair" by James Montgomery
I thought the lecture somewhat long,
Impatient for its ending;
When, sudden, came a burst of song!
It was the lark ascending.
"The Owl And The Lark" by Alfred Austin
Still let the poise and grace of you
All day his thought embower,
Height by degrees ascending soft,
The placid ease of power.
"Immortal Eve - I" by Manmohan Ghose
Perpetual ascend to Thee
Thy people's and Thy servants' cries,
O let us Thy compassion see,
And Thy salvation greet our eyes.
"Establish Peace" by Shlomo ibn Gabirol
And now the raging armies rush'd
Like warring mighty seas;
The heav'ns are shook with roaring war,
The dust ascends the skies!
"Gwin King of Norway" by William Blake

In news:

Columnist David Whiting battles fear as he ascends a near vertical wall at about 14,000 feet on Mount Whitney 's East Buttress.
Ok, I wasn't ascending Everest, just a rocky knob crowned with white pines that is an unnamed local landmark.
Martina Navratilova , taking a break after ascending to 4,500 meters on Day 4 of her hike up Mount Kilimanjaro, had to abandon her efforts due to the effects of high altitude on her lungs.
With Ron Paul ascending in Iowa, winning the hearts of independents, and even the endorsement of Andrew Sullivan, it's worth pointing something out: Ron Paul is not a kindly old libertarian who just wants everybody to be free.
8.1 mostly ascending miles, moderate.
A girl of unearthly beauty ascends to heaven while hanging out her sister-in-law's sheets.
It was a stunning Republican breakthrough but one stained by the kind of racial pandering and patriotic demagoguery that has characterized Republican ascendancy in the South.
That's correct: Yokohama combines the oil from orange peels with natural rubber to create a compound that improves performance characteristics in the Ascend while using renewable materials.
Reagan was an ideological inflection point, ending a 50-year liberal ascendancy and beginning a 30-year conservative ascendancy.
It has mistaken the soft diplomacy of Barack Obama for weakness, mistaken the US credit crisis for decline, and mistaken its own mercantilist bubble for ascendancy.
It's a move that sums up the ascendance of one surging brand and the decline of another: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen recently announced it is buying 28 former KFC restaurants, most in the Minneapolis-St.
Ascend nearly 6,000 feet during a 10-minute tram ride from the desert floor to the mountains overlooking Palm Springs, then snowshoe through Long Valley.
This sequence of shots was taken September 17, 2011 from 17:22:27 to 17:45:12 GMT, on an ascending pass from south of Madagascar to just north of Australia over the Indian Ocean.
Android is ascendant – we've said it once, we've said it twice.
Barack headlined a classy inaugural today 44 ascended, with grace, accepting th.

In science:

We first note that we can generate all ascending compositions of n, with smallest part at least m, by prepending m to all ascending compositions of n − m.
Generating All Partitions: A Comparison Of Two Encodings
This algorithm generates all ascending compositions of n where the first part is at least m in lexicographic order.
Generating All Partitions: A Comparison Of Two Encodings
The invocation RecAsc(n, m, 1) correctly visits all p(n) ascending compositions of n [22, p.78] and it immediately follows, therefore, that there must be p(n) invocations.
Generating All Partitions: A Comparison Of Two Encodings
Therefore, we let ¯IA2.1 (n) denote the average number of invocations of RecAsc required to generate an ascending composition of n.
Generating All Partitions: A Comparison Of Two Encodings
In this subsection we have developed a new algorithm to generate all ascending compositions of n.
Generating All Partitions: A Comparison Of Two Encodings