• WordNet 3.6
    • n areola small circular area such as that around the human nipple or an inflamed area around a pimple or insect bite
    • n areola small space in a tissue or body part such as the area between veins on a leaf or an insect's wing
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Areola An interstice or small space, as between the cracks of the surface in certain crustaceous lichens; or as between the fibers composing organs or vessels that interlace; or as between the nervures of an insect's wing.
    • Areola (Anat. & Med) The colored ring around the nipple, or around a vesicle or pustule.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n areola In entomology, a small, generally angular, inclosed space on a surface, as the spaces between the veinlets in the wing of a dragon-fly, or pale spaces between dark lines which form a network. Also areolet.
    • n areola In botany, a term sometimes used to designate the meshes of cellular tissue or little distinct angular spaces on a surface.
    • n areola In anatomy: Any little cell, area, or space; especially, one of the small interstices in the meshes of areolar tissue and the like, or among minute interlacing vessels, as capillaries. The colored circle or halo about the nipple of the human mammary gland, pink in virgins, and brown of various shades in women who have borne children. The red ring of inflamed tissue surrounding a pustule. Hence, figuratively
    • n areola An aureole.
    • n areola In decorative art and manufacture, any plate, tile, or flat panel. A tile of earthenware, or a plate of marble or stone forming part of a pavement. One of the eight plates, rectangular, with arched tops, and richly jeweled and enameled, which make up the circuit of the imperial crown of the Byzantine empire and that of Charlemagne. See crown.
    • n areola Also areole.
    • n areola A tessellation in the thallus of some lichens.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Areola a-rē′o-la a small area: :
    • n Areola a-rē′o-la (bot.) any slightly sunk spot, on the surface
    • n Areola a-rē′o-la (physiol.) the interstice in the tissue of an organised substance: any circular spot such as that around the human nipple
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. areola, dim. of area,: cf. F. aréole,. See Area
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. areola, a dim. of Area.


In literature:

Her mammae were well developed, her nipples erectile and surrounded by a brown areola, from which issued several hairs.
"Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine" by George M. Gould
But these areolae may perhaps rather be considered as merely the points of production of the tubes.
"A History of Science, Volume 4(of 5)" by Henry Smith Williams
Shell brown, with the areolae and the keels yellowish; head brown, with a yellow streak over each eye.
"Sketches of the Natural History of Ceylon" by J. Emerson Tennent
In other cases a small sore surrounded by a congested areola forms in relation to the nail and refuses to heal.
"Manual of Surgery" by Alexis Thomson and Alexander Miles
Areae or Areolae: wing cells or spaces between veins.
"Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology" by John. B. Smith
In this richly ornamented Stigmaria the characteristic areolae present the ordinary aspect.
"The Testimony of the Rocks" by Hugh Miller
The drawing was made when the pustule was beginning to die away, and the areola retiring from the centre.
"An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae" by Edward Jenner
At this stage, the markings of the areola, with the exception of the central spot, are obscure.
"Natural History of the Ornate Box Turtle, Terrapene ornata ornata Agassiz" by John M. Legler
At times a reddish areola surrounds each lesion, especially those appearing upon the trunk.
"A System of Practical Medicine by American Authors, Vol. I" by Various
Dr. Smellie, and also Dr. W. Hunter both considered the areola as proof positive of pregnancy.
"A System of Midwifery" by Edward Rigby

In news:

Peppers are on their way out at the farmers market as the last are being harvested, according to Alma Areola, who said the heirloom tomatoes grown in greenhouses at Areola Farm will continue to be available during winter months.
Digital Leather, Destruction Unit, Puffy Areolas, Runnies.
I've taken to the Bleader before to express my love for Puffy Areolas and all things related.
At an average follow-up of more than three years, there were no recurrent cancers of the nipple-areola complex in women undergoing therapeutic mastectomy, and no primary cancers in women undergoing preventive mastectomy.
Once her scars heal and the implants settle into place, she plans to get a three-dimensional tattoo of a nipple and areola on both breasts —- instead of undergoing surgery to reconstruct her nipples .
J'Lo had her areola slip out of her dress last night.
During the procedure , it is also possible to reshape the areola to correct stretched or skewed positioning, all while maintaining blood and nerve supply to the area for consistent sensation.