• Affirmation, approbation. N.A. Indian
    Affirmation, approbation. N.A. Indian
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n approbation official recognition or approval
    • n approbation official approval
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Approbation Probation or novitiate. "This day my sister should the cloister enter,
      And there receive her approbation ."
    • Approbation Proof; attestation.
    • Approbation The act of approving; an assenting to the propriety of a thing with some degree of pleasure or satisfaction; approval; sanction; commendation. "Many . . . joined in a loud hum of approbation .""The silent approbation of one's own breast.""Animals . . . love approbation or praise."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n approbation The act of approving or commending; the giving of assent to something as proper or praiseworthy; sanction; approval; commendation.
    • n approbation In the Roman Catholic Church, the official judgment of a bishop or his representative approving the fitness of a priest for hearing confession. It is distinct from the conferring of jurisdiction or power of absolving, though, except in case of danger of death, necessary to the valid exercise of the latter. See jurisdiction.
    • n approbation An official sanction or license formerly required in England, France, etc., for the publication of a book or other writing.
    • n approbation Conclusive evidence; proof.
    • n approbation Probation; trial; novitiate.
    • n approbation Synonyms Approbation, Approval, liking, commendation; sanction, consent, concurrence. Approbation and approval are becoming separated in meaning, approbation being used more for the inward feeling, and approval more for the formal act.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Approbation ap-prob-ā′shun formal sanction: approval:
    • n Approbation ap-prob-ā′shun (Shak.) confirmation
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  • Count Leo Tolstoy
    “The chief difference between words and deeds is that words are always intended for men for their approbation, but deeds can be done only for God.”
  • Charles Caleb Colton
    “We ask advice but we mean approbation.”
  • Samuel Johnson
    “Nothing is more common than mutual dislike, where mutual approbation is particularly expected.”
  • William Shakespeare
    “It comes to pass oft that a terrible oath, with a swaggering accent sharply twanged off, gives manhood more approbation than ever proof itself would have earned him.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. approbatio,: cf. F. approbation,. See Approve to prove
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
See Approve.


In literature:

The last paragraphs, he said, he affectioned and approbated with all his heart.
"The Attache" by Thomas Chandler Haliburton
The last paragraphs, he said, he affectioned and approbated with all his heart.
"The Attache" by Thomas Chandler Haliburton
This opening I have named Nash Spring, in token of my approbation.
"Explorations in Australia, The Journals of John McDouall Stuart" by John McDouall Stuart
Had they not come that she might show off to them, and receive their approbation!
"Weighed and Wanting" by George MacDonald
My uncle Antony gave his approbation in high terms: but referred, as my aunt had done, to my sister.
"Clarissa, Volume 1 (of 9)" by Samuel Richardson
A rich thought, if it obtain your approbation!
"Clarissa, Volume 2 (of 9)" by Samuel Richardson
Inspired by your Ladyship's approbation, my steward has really done wonders.
"Vivian Grey" by Earl of Beaconsfield, Benjamin Disraeli
He wrote for the approbation of real scholars of generations yet unborn.
"Life Of Johnson, Volume 4 (of 6)" by Boswell
I will go out and tell the truth; then we shall, at least, have the security of self-approbation.
"Wyandotte" by James Fenimore Cooper
But I admire her as much in her reproofs, as I am fond of her approbation.
"Clarissa, Volume 4 (of 9)" by Samuel Richardson

In poetry:

For where should greatness fire her torch,
If not at greatness' shrine?
And whence should approbation come
Did not the gods incline?
"A Ballad Of 1812" by Sarah Anne Curzon
The law withstands the gospel path,
Which yet its approbation hath;
The gospel thwarts the legal way,
Yet will approve the law for ay.
"The Believer's Principles : Chap. II." by Ralph Erskine
Stumps are shaking, crutch-supported;
Splinted fingers tap the rhythm;
And a head all helmed with plasters
Wags a measured approbation.
"Interlude" by William Ernest Henley
His person, which appear'd to view,
We must allow, was handsome too.
His carriage met with approbation,
By far more polish'd than his station.
"John Bolders" by William Hutton
See how the eyes of heaven look down on you,
And smile, in gentle approbation
Of a most gentle deed. I pray they light
You safely to your friends.
"Laura Secord: The Heroine of The War Of 1812 - Act III" by Sarah Anne Curzon
Because they showered upon me their approbation,
And got up for me a handsome donation,
Which was presented to me by Sir Green,
In a purse most beautiful to be seen.
"Lines in Memoriam Regarding the Entertainment in Reform Street Hall, Dundee" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

Like the few other national cinemas that maintained any kind of transnational presence during Hollywood's globalization, Iran's has pegged its fortunes to approbation by international festivals.
Remember that in this society today, money is the form of approbation.

In science:

The associated questionnaire included 28 sentences for which the user had to provide an approbation level from 1 (disagree) to 5 (completely agree). These were organised according to three categories: “Generalities” covering usability issues, “Query formulation” and “Results interpretation”.
Mass data exploration in oncology: An information synthesis approach
The equality is ensured by finding an approbate imaginary part of the scatterers dielectric function ǫs for any particular light frequency ω and any position Z within the slab geometry.
Transport theory: Spatial coherence of random laser emission
Face recognition method based on Wavelet Packet Decomposition, and Principal Component Analysis. Approbation of the dissertation.
Computerized Face Detection and Recognition