• Appliance for strengthening the muscles
    Appliance for strengthening the muscles
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n appliance durable goods for home or office use
    • n appliance a device or control that is very useful for a particular job
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The appliance that uses the most use of water in the home is the toilet
    • Appliance A thing applied or used as a means to an end; an apparatus or device; as, to use various appliances; a mechanical appliance; a machine with its appliances.
    • Appliance An apparatus or device, usually powered electrically, used in homes to perform domestic functions. An appliance is often categorized as a major appliance or a minor appliance by its cost. Common major appliances are the refrigerator washing machine clothes drier oven, and dishwasher. Some minor appliances are a toaster vacuum cleaner or microwave oven.
    • Appliance subservience; compliance.
    • Appliance The act of applying; application.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n appliance The act of applying, putting to use, or carrying into practice.
    • n appliance Something applied as a means to an end, either independently or subordinately; that which is adapted to the accomplishment of a purpose; an instrumental means, aid, or appurtenance: as, the appliances of civilization, or of a trade; mechanical, chemical, or medical appliances (tools, machinery, apparatus, remedies, etc.); an engine with its appliances.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Appliance anything applied: means used:
    • Appliance (Shak.) compliance
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  • Beverly Jones
    Beverly Jones
    “Now, as always, the most automated appliance in a household is the mother.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. aplier—L. applicāre, ātumad, to, plicāre, -ātum, to fold.


In literature:

There wuz every appliance and new-fangled invention to help wimmen cook, and do her work, and every old-fangled one.
"Samantha at the World's Fair" by Marietta Holley
Then the jug had to be refilled from the pump, which was a crazy old appliance worked by hand.
"Sixteen Months in Four German Prisons" by Henry Charles Mahoney
Out-of-doors they have had to use their wits and have not been spoiled by all the appliances of city life.
"A Girl's Student Days and After" by Jeannette Marks
The release of the energy associated with the structure of the atoms is not available by any of our mechanical appliances.
"The Breath of Life" by John Burroughs
Your Lighting Company maintains a repair department for all heating and cooking appliances.
"Fowler's Household Helps" by A. L. Fowler
Add to these the adornments and appliances of dress, and you have before you a very beautiful young woman.
"The Continental Monthly, Volume V. Issue I" by Various
These worse than useless appliances should never be resorted to for the temporary relief which they sometimes afford.
"The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser in Plain English" by R. V. Pierce
It was found quite impossible to stretch the wire tightly between the poles, as the necessary appliances were wanting.
"What Might Have Been Expected" by Frank R. Stockton
Each room would be constructed like an elevator, with appliances at hand for moving it up and down.
"The Idiot" by John Kendrick Bangs
If it does, there should be a little fortune in the appliance.
"Flood Tide" by Sara Ware Bassett

In poetry:

Men say they know many things;
But lo! they have taken wings, —
The arts and sciences,
And a thousand appliances;
The wind that blows
Is all that any body knows.
"Men Say They Know Many Things " by Henry David Thoreau
But when, through new perfection of appliance,
Faith merged at length in undisputed sight,
The mystic mover was revealed to science,
No Dark Companion, but — a speck of light.
"The Dark Companion" by James Brunton Stephens

In news:

Bragg's Appliance is a well- oiled machine.
Courtesy of Bruce Lattimer / Bragg's Appliance has left no doubt about their ability as they've charged to a 16-0 record.
Smart was the word of the day at LG's CES 2011 Press Conference: Smart TVs, Smart Appliances, Smart Phones.
0The title refers to a 1920s concept that allowed consumers to try out an appliance for a month, on approval .
Appliances, such as a microwave, when they're not in use.
This orthodontist decided to take the plunge into CNC Swiss after having difficulty finding job shops with the machining time to make his parts, tiny components that go into an orthodontic appliance.
The recalled appliance's electric power cord can be damaged by the oscillation motion of the fan.
Clinton Appliance & Furniture Company, Inc. Willie's Camping Center, Inc. 1 month ago.
Willie's Camping Center, Inc. Clinton Appliance & Furniture Company, Inc.
Clinton Appliance & Furniture Company, Inc. Willie's Camping Center, Inc. 1 month ago 554 views 0.
Rent-A-Center and other rent-to-own companies tout hot products with appealing payment plans, but their deals are a costly way to buy appliances, electronics, and furniture.
Paganini of the Pots & Pans: Man Makes Music with Kitchen Appliance Synthesizer.
Clinton Appliance & Furniture Company, Inc. 12 months ago.
(FORTUNE Magazine) – As Americans, we have grown up thinking of coffee primarily as a hot, tan liquid dispensed from fairly automatic appliances, then "doctored" as needed to make it drinkable. cut costs to help it live up to its promise to match the lowest price online for appliance parts and accessories.

In science:

Similarly to the batch job execution case, appliance execution on the grid can be monitored throught the grid job’s standard output stream.
Batch-oriented software appliances
In Section 3.1, we identified three issues that can make application deployment on a cluster a complex sysadmin task. A common solution to issue (R3) is to deploy only appliances that have undergone a “certification” process by the local security personnel or other trusted entity.
Batch-oriented software appliances
AppPot solves the issue by allowing the execution of the appliance through UML; there is thus no need to supervise the appliances installed on the system, as they can gain no more privileges than the executing user already can.
Batch-oriented software appliances
Actually, systems administrators can just provide the minimal UML infrastructure (the kernel binary, the slirp executable, etc.) and allow users to install their own appliances.
Batch-oriented software appliances
Issues (R1) and (R2) can be mitigated by virtualized appliances of any kind; the specific contribution of AppPot in this case is to enable the use of such appliances on existing batch-oriented computing infrastructures.
Batch-oriented software appliances