• Antlers and Skull of Irish Elk
    Antlers and Skull of Irish Elk
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n antler deciduous horn of a member of the deer family
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The difference between horns and antlers is that horns never stop growing and antlers shed and grow every year
    • n Antler (Zoöl) The entire horn, or any branch of the horn, of a cervine animal, as of a stag.☞ The branch next to the head is called the brow antler, and the branch next above, the bez antler, or bay antler. The main stem is the beam, and the branches are often called tynes. Antlers are deciduous bony (not horny) growths, and are covered with a periosteum while growing. See Velvet. "Huge stags with sixteen antlers ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The cells which make up the antlers of a moose are the fastest growing animal cells in nature.
    • n antler Originally, the first tine or branch of the horns of a deer.
    • n antler Any of the principal tines or branches of a deer's horns: with a descriptive prefix or epithet. (See below.)
    • n antler Now, when used absolutely, one of the solid deciduous horns of the Cervidœ, or deer family, which are periodically shed and renewed, as distinguished from the permanent hollow horns of other ruminants. Antlers are of all shapes and sizes, from the short simple spikes of some species to the enormous branched or palmate antlers of the stag, elk, or moose. They are secondary sexual organs, developed in connection with the rut, and generally only in the male sex; in some Cervidœ, as reindeer, in both sexes. They consist of a modification of true bone, and are therefore radically different from the cuticular or epidermal structures (horns) of other ruminants. During growth they are covered with a modified periosteal and epidermal tissue, abounding in blood-vessels, and furry outside; this is the velvet, affording a copious supply of blood to the rapidly enlarging osseous tissue. When the antlers are full-grown the vascular activity of the velvet ceases, a result mechanically facilitated by the development of the boss or bur at the root of the beam, which to some extent strangulates the blood-vessels. The velvet then withers and shrivels, and peels off in shreds, or is rubbed off by the animal. The horns of the American prongbuck are antlers, inasmuch as they are deciduous and grow in the manner just described; but they are cuticular structures, and otherwise like the horns of cattle. In forestry, the tines of much-branched antlers, as those of the stag, have special names. In the first year the stag has only frontal protuberances, called bossets; in the second, a simple stem or snag, called spike in the case of American deer; in the third, a longer stem with one branch, the brow-antler; in the fourth, the bez-, bes-, or bay-antler; in the fifth, the antler royal is acquired; after which the ends of the stag's horns become more or less palmate, developing the crown or sur-royal, whence more or fewer points, diverge in subsequent years. The total number of ‘points,’ counting all the tines, may be ten. The main stem of a branched antler is the beam; the branches, exclusive of the mere points of the palmated part, are the tines. The order of branching is different in different species; in some the division is dichotomous throughout, as in the mule-deer of America. In general, the tines are offsets of a main beam. The reindeer is remarkable for the great size of the browantler, which is also usually much larger on one side than on the other. The most palmate antlers are those of the European elk and of the American moose.
    • n antler Same as antler-moth.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Antler ant′lėr a bony outgrowth from the frontal bones of deer—restricted to males, except in the reindeer: branch of a stag's horn
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. auntelere, OF. antoillier, andoiller, endouiller, fr. F. andouiller, fr. an assumed LL. antocularis, fr. L. ante, before + oculus, eye. See Ocular
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. antoillier—Late L. ant(e)ocular-em (ramum), the branch of a stag's horn in front of the eyes.


In literature:

A stag dragged him from his horse by fixing its antlers in his belt.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 3" by Various
The third was a stone elk's head with the antlers in velvet.
"The Book of the National Parks" by Robert Sterling Yard
All about lay broken branches, like the antlers of stricken deer.
"The World I Live In" by Helen Keller
They are more free from flies too in these high places, which is important, for even the antlers are sensitive while growing.
"Wild Animals at Home" by Ernest Thompson Seton
And it was during this summer that he raised his first real antlers.
"Forest Neighbors" by William Davenport Hulbert
The vast antlers were characteristics that left no room to doubt of his species.
"The Plant Hunters" by Mayne Reid
He made a fine picture, with his antlers high in air and his whole form thrown in relief against the leaden sky beyond.
"The Young Ranchers" by Edward S. Ellis
The antlers which are worn only by the male are shed once a year.
"Scouting For Girls, Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts" by Girl Scouts
Those implacable antlers ploughed his hind-quarters remorselessly, till he squealed with pain and terror.
"Kings in Exile" by Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
Lying in the trail were a spike and an old bull with a broken antler.
"Letters on an Elk Hunt" by Elinore Pruitt Stewart

In poetry:

To the summer fields go
The stags, with antlers
Only stubs;
My darling's heart:
Have I thought of you.
"To the summer fields" by Kakinomoto no Asomi Hitomaro
Fiery antlers toss within the forests of heaven
And ocean’s plaintive towns
Echo the tread of celestial feet.
O the beautiful eyes stare down…
What have we done that we are blessèd?
What have we died that we hasten to God?
"Irkalla's White Caves" by Kenneth Patchen
A LULL! and tongues of languid flame
Lick every boom, and lambent show
Electric 'gainst each face aloft;
The herds of clouds with bellowings go:
The black ship rears--beset--harassed,
Then plunges far with luminous antlers vast.
"The Haglets" by Herman Melville
"This bristling boar's head, Delian Maid, to thee,
With branching antlers of a sprightly stag,
Young Micon offers: if his luck but hold,
Full-length in polished marble, ankle-bound
With purple buskin, shall thy statue stand."
"Eclogue 7: Meliboeus Corydon Thrysis" by Publius Vergilius Maro
"This bristling boar's head, Delian Maid, to thee,
With branching antlers of a sprightly stag,
Young Micon offers: if his luck but hold,
Full-length in polished marble, ankle-bound
With purple buskin, shall thy statue stand."
"Eclogue VII" by Virgil
The stag sprung up from his mossy bed
When he caught the piercing sounds,
And the oak-boughs crash'd to his antler'd head
As he flew from the viewless hounds;
And the falcon soar'd from her craggy height,
Away through the rushing night!
"The Wild Huntsman" by Felicia Dorothea Hemans

In news:

Wildlife officials said the poachers left behind the trophy antlers, which was unusual.
The poachers took only one hind quarter, the backstraps and the antlers.
Thousands of trophy antlers seized from poachers by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and sold through an online auction have netted state government more than $21,000 to continue the fight against wildlife poaching .
A good buck mount or rack of antlers can profit thousands of dollars.
0Good food plots are a great tool to help deer reach their full antler growth and reproductive potential.
I chased him last year and when he finally came in during the day he only had on antler.
Males in the bovid family—antelopes, cattle, goats, sheep—have horns or antlers, which biologists agree evolved as weaponry to compete for mates.
Joe Summers, Armon Provo too much for Antlers.
The quota is 100 antlered bulls.
A moose gets its antlers caught in the swing-set.
MO Drops Antler Point Restriction in CWD Area.
The Missouri Department of Conservation has dropped their Antler Point Restriction (APR) in a six-county area in the northern part of the state for this fall.
When DEC Commissioner Grannis announced recently that the department had dropped plans that would have created antler restrictions (AR) for deer hunting in eight wildlife management units of the northern and Western Catskills.
The Screven County buck's uncanny antler mass helped it score 127 B&C points.
The Screven County buck's uncanny antler mass helped it score 127 B&C points.

In science:

Thus, snakes wrestle with each other instead of biting, and mule deer crash or put antlers against antlers, but do not hurt the unprotected side of the partner.
Biological Evolution and Statistical Physics
The direction of edges in the cycle and in the antlers can be arbitrary.
Operators of rank 1, discrete path integration and graph Laplacians