• WordNet 3.6
    • adj antisocial hostile to or disruptive of normal standards of social behavior "criminal behavior or conduct that violates the rights of other individuals is antisocial","crimes...and other asocial behavior","an antisocial deed"
    • adj antisocial shunning contact with others; just shy" "standoffish and antisocial","he's not antisocial"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Antisocial Tending to interrupt or destroy social intercourse; averse to society, or hostile to its existence; as, antisocial principles.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • antisocial Averse or antagonistic to sociality or social intercourse.
    • antisocial Opposed to social order, or the principles on which society is constituted.
    • antisocial Specifically, in sociology, pertaining to a class of persons devoid of normal social instincts and showing criminal tendencies.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Antisocial an-ti-sōsh′al opposed to the principles and usages of society.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Anti- and Social.


In literature:

This was some new level of antisocial daring.
"Hacker Crackdown" by Bruce Sterling
The isolation and exclusiveness of a gang or clique brings its antisocial spirit into relief.
"Democracy and Education" by John Dewey
They perform antisocial acts.
"Our Androcentric Culture, or The Man Made World" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
It is the fountain head of all inhuman and antisocial feeling.
"The Positive School of Criminology" by Enrico Ferri
His ideals of life were not formulated in a real world, but in an artificial, antisocial environment.
"A Short History of Monks and Monasteries" by Alfred Wesley Wishart
His antisocial nature and his miserable manner of living kept every one from him.
"The Memories of Fifty Years" by William H. Sparks
The angry, antisocial person is most emphatically an irreligious person; there can be no love of his brother man where that spirit is.
"Religious Education in the Family" by Henry F. Cope
It is thus exquisitely egocentric, selfish, personal, and antisocial.
"Studies in Forensic Psychiatry" by Bernard Glueck
The varieties which nature really produces are brains which are more liable than others to produce antisocial actions.
"Psychotherapy" by Hugo Münsterberg
And so many survival reactions outlast their usefulness, becoming essentially antisocial and antisurvival.
"The Short Life" by Francis Donovan

In news:

Garlic's benefits antioxidant , antisocial.
Poor sense of smell linked to antisocial personality disorder.
Open meetings law makes elected officials antisocial .
Facebook is ubiquitous, but is it really an antisocial network.
During the ASAE and The Center annual meeting, I ran into a situation that made me wonder if social media actually is making us antisocial , at least with the people we're actually in the room with.
The Latest on Antisocial Personality Disorder.
An adults-only diagnosis, antisocial personality disorder describes individuals who tend to disregard and violate the rights of others around them.
Teen Shooter's Life Paints Antisocial Portrait.
Chelsea Clinton Antisocial at Social Media Panel.
Garlic's benefits antioxidant, antisocial .
Poor sense of smell linked to antisocial personality disorder .
The Latest on Antisocial Personality Disorder .
Introverts are not shy, antisocial or socially anxious.
Early adversity is associated with later psychopathology, including conduct disorder, antisocial personality disorder, anxiety, and depression.
Although the psychopathy diagnosis has never been included in any commonly accepted classification system for mental disorders (including the DSM), the very word psychopath is often linked to criminal violence and antisocial behaviour.

In science:

Heaviside’s behaviour some times strange, antisocial and even bizarre did not prevented him of becoming one of the great names in the history of electromagnetic theory.
Simple circuit theory and the solution of two electricity problems from the Victorian Age
For instance, there may be saturations (highly connected people might become less accessible), threshold effects (hermits may be prone to antisocial tendencies), and other non-linearities.
Interplay between Network Topology and Dynamics in Neural Systems