• What Dad Expected of Me in the Way Of Amusement 230
    What Dad Expected of Me in the Way Of Amusement 230
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v amuse make (somebody) laugh "The clown amused the children"
    • v amuse occupy in an agreeable, entertaining or pleasant fashion "The play amused the ladies"
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I amused myself by dropping gingerbread nuts over the seat I amused myself by dropping gingerbread nuts over the seat

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In 1986, a drunk fan got into a pace car at Talladega Superspeedway, and started joyriding on the track in front of a nationwide audience. The police cruisers who had to chase him around the track were not amused when they caught and arrested him
    • Amuse To entertain or occupy in a pleasant manner; to stir with pleasing or mirthful emotions; to divert. "A group of children amusing themselves with pushing stones from the top [of the cliff], and watching as they plunged into the lake."
    • Amuse To keep in expectation; to beguile; to delude. "He amused his followers with idle promises.""Whatever amuses serves to kill time, to lull the faculties, and to banish reflection. Whatever entertains usually awakens the understanding or gratifies the fancy. Whatever diverts is lively in its nature, and sometimes tumultuous in its effects."
    • v. i Amuse To muse; to mediate.
    • Amuse To occupy or engage the attention of; to lose in deep thought; to absorb; also, to distract; to bewilder. "Camillus set upon the Gauls when they were amused in receiving their gold.""Being amused with grief, fear, and fright, he could not find the house."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Anagrams amused the ancient Greeks, Romans and Hebrews, and were popular during the Middle Ages.
    • amuse To cause to muse; absorb or engage in meditation; occupy or engage wholly; bewilder; puzzle.
    • amuse To keep in expectation, as by flattery, plausible pretenses, and the like; delude; keep in play.
    • amuse To fix the attention of agreeably; engage the fancy of; cause to feel cheerful or merry; entertain; divert: as, to amuse an audience with anecdotes or tricks, or children with toys.
    • amuse Synonyms Amuse, Divert, Entertain, Beguile, occupy, please, enliven. Amuse may imply merely the prevention of the tedium of idleness or emptiness of mind: as, I can amuse myself by looking out at the window; or it may suggest a stronger interest: as, I was greatly amused by their tricks. Divert is to turn the attention aside, and (in the use considered here) to something light or mirthful. Entertain is to engage and sustain the attention by something of a pleasing and perhaps instructive character, as conversation; hence the general name entertainment for lectures, exhibitions, etc., designed to interest in this way. “Whatever amuses serves to kill time, to lull the faculties and banish reflection; it may be solitary, sedentary, and lifeless: whatever diverts causes mirth and provokes laughter; it will be active, lively, and tumultuous: whatever entertains acts on the senses and awakens the understanding; it must be rational and is mostly social.” Crabb. Beguile is, figuratively, to cheat one out of weariness, of dull time, etc. The word is as often thus applied to the thing as to the person: as, to beguile a weary hour; to beguile one of his cares.
    • amuse To muse; meditate.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: At Jack Russell Stadium in Clearwater, Florida, on June 26, 1985, organist Wilbur Snapp played "Three Blind Mice" following a call by umpire Keith O'Connor. The umpire was not amused, and saw to it that Mr. Snapp was ejected from the game.
    • v.t Amuse a-mūz′ to occupy pleasantly: to divert: to beguile with expectation: :
    • v.t Amuse a-mūz′ (obs.) occupy the attention with
    • v.t Amuse a-mūz′ (arch.) to beguile
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  • Helen Gurley Brown
    Helen Gurley Brown
    “Beauty can't amuse you, but brainwork -- reading, writing, thinking--can.”
  • Charles Baudelaire
    “Everything considered, work is less boring than amusing oneself.”
  • Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
    “What I possess I would gladly retain. Change amuses the mind, yet scarcely profits.”
  • Sir Joshua Reynolds
    Sir Joshua Reynolds
    “The real character of a man is found out by his amusements.”
  • Arnold Bennett
    “Much ingenuity with a little money is vastly more profitable and amusing than much money without ingenuity.”
  • H. L. Mencken
    “I confess I enjoy democracy immensely. It is incomparably idiotic, and hence incomparably amusing.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. amuser, to make stay, to detain, to amuse, à,L. ad,) + OF. muser,. See Muse (v.)
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. amuser.


In literature:

He watched the boy in the box-office with, an amused and lively interest.
"Charles Frohman: Manager and Man" by Isaac Frederick Marcosson and Daniel Frohman
Lily, in spite of her fatigue, was amused at those mad girls.
"The Bill-Toppers" by Andre Castaigne
But he did not amuse her, even as much as she had been amused by Reanda.
"Casa Braccio, Volumes 1 and 2 (of 2)" by F. Marion Crawford
In looking over my followers I was amused to see what a strange mixture they were.
"An Explorer's Adventures in Tibet" by A. Henry Savage Landor
It is a great failing not to be able to appreciate what is amusing.
"Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen" by Hans Christian Andersen
He's so good-looking and amusing, and how delightfully he sings Debussy!
"Bird of Paradise" by Ada Leverson
In fact, it was a constant round of pleasure and amusement.
"The Chronicles of a Gay Gordon" by José Maria Gordon
All their favourite amusements are in some measure of a refined kind.
"Travels in France during the years 1814-1815" by Archibald Alison
She wished to know all about his relationships and his amusements.
"Sentimental Education, Volume II" by Gustave Flaubert
I amused myself in the garden, which was much frequented by birds.
"Personal Recollections, from Early Life to Old Age, of Mary Somerville" by Mary Somerville

In poetry:

What though no scenes of gay delight
Amuse each idle guest,
Nor costly luxuries invite
To share the splendid feast;
"Louisa. A Tale." by Jane Bowdler
My vigour is a new-minted penny,
Which I cast at your feet.
Gather it up from the dust,
That its sparkle may amuse you.
"A Lady" by Amy Lowell
I suffered the knife at my skin;
I knew the dye that he used
Was two and eleven a tin.
I confess I was somewhat amused.
"Bluebeard’s First Wife" by Leon Gellert
No looks austere may chill the flow
Of happy spirits bright;
While home amusements innocent,
The youthful ones delight.
"How To Make Home Happy" by Lizzie E Palmer
To-morrow we are going to marry
And work and play together,
And laugh together at things
Which would not amuse our neighbours.
"Walking Up A Hill At Dawn" by Edward Powys Mathers
So let it, Daya.
Where is she then? What stays her? Surely, surely,
You're not amusing me--And does she know
That I'm arrived?
"Nathan The Wise - Act I" by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

In news:

SeaWorld San Diego has ridden its new Manta roller coaster attraction to its first Turnstile Award, given out annually by the theme park industry magazine Amusement Today.
(AP) — Actress and comedian Brett Somers, who amused game show fans with her quips on the Match Game in the 1970s, has died, her son said.
Mean-spirited spoof not amusing.
Looking for a distinctive mix of melancholy and amusement.
He three enormous wall-mounted dresses in Beverly Semmes' Starcraft show (like "Olga," above) are surreal and amusing, but Semmes' message isn't clear.
And even nicer to read the occasional actor bio that pokes fun at actor bios, as Doug Loynd's does so amusingly in this program.
Koshik, a 22-year-old Asian elephant, puts his trunk in his mouth to modulate sound next to his chief trainer Kim Jong-gab at the Everland amusement park in Yongin, South Korea, Friday, Nov 2, 2012.
Dad used to talk about how babies got amused while their mothers worked.
Still, nothing amuses me more than when a lawyer pretends to take the moral high ground on an issue.
Ham radio operators will be amused to learn Morse code has moved to the Internet.
If it's not " motion sickness " you're feeling at the amusement park, what is it.
Summer is the time for road trips and amusement parks.
MASON, Ohio (October 9, 2012)—The Kings Island amusement park in Ohio is selling off pieces of a troubled roller coaster that is now being torn down.
I find it amusing and terrible that the doctors who have some say in determining if Jose Padilla is fit for trial are associated with the prison system accused of making him unfit in the first place.
Chef Robert Carter at Peninsula Grill frequently features his pimento cheese in amuse-bouches.

In science:

This does result in the amusing situation of our having to seriously consider a cosmology for the toy theory. J.
Can Quantum Cryptography Imply Quantum Mechanics?
In any case, the amusing part of Seth’s thesis is in the very end. A brief acknowledgement to Gordon Stanley, then director of OVRO. A warm thanks to David Rogstad for his patient advice.
Dark Matter in Galaxies: Observational overview
There is also a rather amusing quantitative observation that I can report on this point.
A perspective on Quantum Gravity Phenomenology
It is amusing to recollect that such an application of SUSY emerged, historically speaking, as a quite unexpected byproduct of the originally more ambitious supersymmetric quantum mechanics (SUSYQM) of Ed Witten.
PT-symmetry, ghosts, supersymmetry and Klein-Gordon equation
Amusingly, one of the quartic couplings is equal to the area of V0,4 in the canonical presentation.
Testing Closed String Field Theory with Marginal Fields