• WordNet 3.6
    • adj airless lacking fresh air "a dusty airless attic","the dreadfully close atmosphere","hot and stuffy and the air was blue with smoke"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Airless Not open to a free current of air; wanting fresh air, or communication with the open air.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • airless Not open to a free current of air; wanting fresh air or communication with open air.
    • airless Without air; devoid of atmosphere.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Airless void of air: not having free communication with the open air
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.—L. aër—Gr.


In literature:

The airless house was crushing her.
"The Job" by Sinclair Lewis
Scotch heather does not grow here in this airless sort of place.
"Betty Vivian" by L. T. Meade
We can talk better there; it seems, even compared with India, such an airless night.
"Robin Redbreast" by Mary Louisa Molesworth
The day that was soon to melt into evening had been sultry, the class-rooms airless, their tasks fatiguing.
"A Sheaf of Corn" by Mary E. Mann
There was one afternoon in particular, on a hot, airless day in June, when Joan reached the last point of her endurance.
"To Love" by Margaret Peterson
An awe-inspiring thing, a looming planet that seemed almost ready to topple and crash upon this airless, frigid world.
"Empire" by Clifford Donald Simak
And I saw that the darkness down on the rocks was almost gone now, dissipating in the airless night.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, May, 1930" by Various
Clear-cut and golden was half the circle; the rest glowed faintly in the airless void.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, June, 1930" by Various
The evening came, the close of a hot and airless day.
"Love and Lucy" by Maurice Henry Hewlett
It is hot to-night, and has been airless all day, and I am out of sorts, and my work sticks, the devil fly away with it and me.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 25 (of 25)" by Robert Louis Stevenson

In poetry:

The birds return,
The blossom brightens again the cherry bough.
The hedges are green again
In the airless lane,
And hedge and blossom and bird call, Now, now, now!
"In The Lane" by John Freeman
Intensest heavens between close-lying faces
By the lamp's airless fierce ecstatic fire;
And we've found love in little hidden places,
Under great shades, between the mist and mire.
"Town And Country" by Rupert Brooke
She, in whose airless heart
We burst our veins to fill her full of hay,
Now stands apart.
She will not have us near her. Terribly,
Sweet Christ, how terribly her beauty burns us now!
"Elegy For The Monastery Barn" by Thomas Merton
Then Spring with one warm cloudy finger breaks
The frost and the heart's airless black soil shakes;
Love grown a man uprises, serious, bright
With mind remembering now things dark and light.
"I Have Never Loved You Yet" by John Freeman
But now he has it—much good may it do him
in the vacant spiritual of space—
only Russians & Americans to as it were converse with—weel, one Frenchman
to liven up the airless with one nose
& opinions clever & grim.
"Dream Song 113: or Amy Vladeck or Riva Freifeld" by John Berryman

In news:

Proto-planet Vesta's weathering is unlike other airless bodies.
Skin care brand selects airless dispensing.
The airless tire with internal spokes made from recyclable thermoplastic resin.
A number of designs for airless tires for cars have been put forward over the years, but one US company says its new version is intended for bicycles.
The world's deep seafloors are dark and airless places, but vast swaths may pulse gently with energy conducted through a type of newly discovered bacteria that forms living electrical cables.
Confirming the solar-wind - induced hydroxyl emphasizes the possibility of finding water on the surface of other similar airless bodies.
Binks has introduced the Airless 75 airless spray gun, a 7500 PSI industrial spray gun designed for both rough working conditions and user comfort.
Binks Airless 75 industrial spray gun.
The new Quattro automatic spray gun incorporates fast cycling, fine atomization and easy maintenance for general finishing in either non-circulating or circulating heated airless applications, the manufacturer says.
How Airless Stripers Work The other type of striping machine is the "airless" machine.
Professional skin care brand BABOR now employs Mega Airless dispensers for its exclusive line of DOCTOR BABOR neurocosmetic formulas.
Liquor tastes even better when the weather's balmy and the great outdoors beckon you to sip your pinot grigio, hefeweizen, or mai tai by sunshine or starlight instead of in some dim, airless saloon.
But Boulder scientists are having fun with a new thermo- image that came back showing an infrared Pac-Man-shape figure near Tethys, a small, airless moon.
Having trouble distinguishing a high-concept novel from an upmarket one, or voicey from airless.
These findings suggest that other airless bodies in the solar system may also possess water on their surfaces, investigators added.

In science:

For an airless body (the Moon for example), or an atmosphere with no greenhouse gases or clouds, radiative emission from the surface will escape to space unattenuated.
The Runaway Greenhouse: implications for future climate change, geoengineering and planetary atmospheres