• With the aid of electric torches
    With the aid of electric torches
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v aid improve the condition of "These pills will help the patient"
    • v aid give help or assistance; be of service "Everyone helped out during the earthquake","Can you help me carry this table?","She never helps around the house"
    • n aid the work of providing treatment for or attending to someone or something "no medical care was required","the old car needs constant attention"
    • n aid the activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose "he gave me an assist with the housework","could not walk without assistance","rescue party went to their aid","offered his help in unloading"
    • n aid a resource "visual aids in teaching"
    • n aid money to support a worthy person or cause
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Neptune comes to the aid of the sailors Neptune comes to the aid of the sailors

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Pepsi got its name from the ingredient pepsin, which is said to aid in digestion, however, it is not known
    • Aid (Feudal Law) A pecuniary tribute paid by a vassal to his lord on special occasions.
    • Aid (Eng. Hist) A subsidy granted to the king by Parliament; also, an exchequer loan.
    • Aid An aid-de-camp, so called by abbreviation; as, a general's aid .
    • Aid Help; succor; assistance; relief. "An unconstitutional mode of obtaining aid ."
    • Aid The person or thing that promotes or helps in something done; a helper; an assistant. "It is not good that man should be alone; let us make unto him an aid like unto himself."
    • v. t Aid To support, either by furnishing strength or means in coöperation to effect a purpose, or to prevent or to remove evil; to help; to assist. "You speedy helpers . . . Appear and aid me in this enterprise."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Kissing can aid in reducing tooth decay. This is because the extra saliva helps in keeping the mouth clean
    • aid To help; assist; afford support or relief; promote the desire, purpose, or action of: as, to aid a person in his business, or an animal in its efforts; to aid a medicine in its operation.
    • aid To promote the course or accomplishment of; help in advancing or bringing about; forward; facilitate: as, to aid the recovery of a patient, or the operation of a machine; to aid one's designs.
    • n aid Help; succor; support; assistance.
    • n aid He who or that which aids or yields assistance; a helper; an auxiliary; an assistant: as, Coleridge's “Aids to Reflection.”
    • n aid In feudal law, a customary payment made by a tenant or vassal to his lord, originally a voluntary gift; hence, in English history, applied to the forms of taxation employed by the crown between the Norman conquest and the fourteenth century. Aids in the narrower sense, whether to the crown or mesne lords, were by Magna Charta limited to grants on three special occasions: to ransom the lord when a prisoner; to make the lord's eldest son a knight; the marriage of the lord's eldest daughter. The legal authority to enforce such aids was abolished in 1660.
    • n aid An aide-de-camp: so called by abbreviation.
    • n aid plural In the manège, the helps by which a horseman contributes toward the motion or action required of a horse, as by a judicious use of the heel, leg, rein, or spur.
    • n aid A deep gutter cut across plowed land.
    • n aid A reach in a river.
    • n aid In the navy, an officer on the staff of an admiral whose duties are similar to those of an aide-de-camp to a general.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: For people that are lactose intolerant, chocolate aids in helping milk digest easier
    • v.t Aid ād to help, assist
    • n Aid help: assistance, as in defending an action: an auxiliary: subsidy or money grant to the king
    • ***


  • Prince Pyotr Kropotkin
    Prince Pyotr Kropotkin
    “Mutual aid is as much a law of animal life as mutual struggle.”
  • Titus Maccius Plautus
    “One does nothing who tries to console a despondent person with word. A friend is one who aids with deeds at a critical time when deeds are called for.”
  • Susan Sontag
    “AIDS obliges people to think of sex as having, possibly, the direst consequences: suicide. Or murder.”
  • Daniel Webster
    “Labor in this country is independent and proud. It has not to ask the patronage of capital, but capital solicits the aid of labor.”
  • Mahatma Gandhi
    “The control of the palate is a valuable aid for the control of the mind.”
  • Dorothea Brande
    Dorothea Brande
    “Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. aider, OF. aidier, fr. L. adjutare, to help, freq. of adjuvare, to help; ad, + juvare, to help. Cf. Adjutant


In literature:

A new journalism aided and was aided by the zeal to expose and the greed of the public for literature of exposure.
"The New Nation" by Frederic L. Paxson
On the contrary, he leans his body forward to aid in the action.
"The Wild Huntress" by Mayne Reid
Will thy courage fail, or canst thou, as if thou wert in very truth my son, aid me to compass that to which I am pledged?
"In Doublet and Hose" by Lucy Foster Madison
The wounded and sick of an army were indebted to the chance aid of friend or stranger, or were left to perish from neglect.
"History of Woman Suffrage, Volume II"
At this juncture the Colonization cause was brought before the Legislature, by a memorial asking aid to send emigrants to Liberia.
"Cotton is King and The Pro-Slavery Arguments" by Various
Otherwise, he might find himself engaged against both man and beast with only a single bullet to his aid.
"Heart of the Blue Ridge" by Waldron Baily
Finding that there was no prospect of receiving the promised aid for his college, Berkeley returned to England in 1731.
"The History of Dartmouth College" by Baxter Perry Smith
If you can decide upon any course which will hold back the other tribes from aiding the Senecas, act upon it at once, without orders.
"The Road to Frontenac" by Samuel Merwin
She had no knowledge of his resolve to thrust his aid upon her.
"The Night Riders" by Ridgwell Cullum
Catharine, in her ambitious projects, was often undecided as to which cause she should espouse and which party she should call to her aid.
"Henry IV, Makers of History" by John S. C. Abbott

In poetry:

Said the Old Christ skeleton
Care for the Poor
Said the Son of God skeleton
AIDS needs cure
"Ballad Of The Skeletons" by Allen Ginsberg
But 'tis not for me to aid thee
In thy flight;
For the Holy One who made thee,
Doeth right.
"My Heart" by Effie Afton
When I a verse shall make,
Know I have pray'd thee,
For old religion's sake,
Saint Ben to aid me.
"His Prayer To Ben Jonson" by Robert Herrick
God aid thee here, our earl,
God aid thee here, our earl,
It is Helga, who comes unto Orkney.
"Kaare's Song" by Bjornstjerne Bjornson
The State should also aid him
To build his lofty rhyme
On lordly eggs-and-bacon,
And sausages sublime.
"A Vision Splendid" by Victor James Daley
To the aid of my little son
I call all the magnalities --
Archangel, Dominion,
Powers and Principalities.
"A Woman Commends Her Little Son" by Katharine Tynan

In news:

Paediatric European Network for Treatment of AIDS (PENTA) and Pediatric AIDS Clinical Trials Group (PACTG/IMPAACT).
A coalition of HIV/AIDS and human rights organizations released a statement encouraging national governments to make human rights a central theme of the biannual International AIDS Conference.
Foreign aid spending is already tiny, let's cut military aid: letter to the editor.
The American policy to block visits or permanent immigration by foreigners infected with the AIDS virus came under justifiable criticism at the international AIDS conference in Italy this week.
Rite Aid's store- segmentation efforts include co-branded Save-A-Lot/Rite Aid stores (above).
Photograph by Curtis Cartier RIGHT-AID: In keeping with his trade-not-aid theory of philanthropy, Craig Calfee has started a bamboo-bike-building concern in Ghana.
The aid program targets farm-related and other entities not covered by aid from the Department of Agriculture.
Philadelphia – 31 July 2008 – The editors of The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology are pleased to announce the July issue, highlighting AIDS and AIDS research.
KENANSVILLE, N.C.- Imagine receiving financial aid for school but having to pay for tuition and books with your own money because the financial aid hasn't arrived.
It's World AIDS Day -- and AIDS itself is still with us, of course.
People gets information about AIDS near a giant red ribbon, symbolizing AIDS awareness, in the center of Athens during World AIDS Day on December 1, 2008.
The Obama administration's decision to suspend $800 million of its $2 billion in annual security aid to Pakistan inevitably raises the question of why the United States should continue to give Pakistan any military aid at all.
Eliminates Waiting List for AIDS Drug Aid.
Area AIDS agencies care for HIV/AIDS patients despite obstacles in securing funding.
The "Super Bass" hitmaker recently teamed up with pop star Ricky Martin to launch the latest MAC AIDS Fund Viva Glam campaign, which raises money to combat the spread of HIV and AIDS.

In science:

We are implementing a suite of software tools to aid Gamma-Ray Burst (GRB) researchers in working with the GRB data.
A GRB Tool Shed
The emission features are harder to identify, so to aid this process we show the sums of spectra in four phase ranges near phase zero in Fig. 7.
A TiO study of the dwarf nova IP Pegasi
The present work is partially supported by the Grant-in-Aid from the Ministry of Education.
Nonexponential Relaxation of Magnetization at the Resonant Tunneling Point under a Fluctuating Random Noise
Recently, tubulin’s electrostatic properties, including its potential energy surface, were calculated with the aid of the molecular dynamics package tinker.
Quantum Computation in Brain Microtubules? Decoherence and Biological Feasibility
Finally, improvements in hardware design to augment current module capabilities could greatly aid reconfiguration.
Multiagent Control of Self-reconfigurable Robots