• WordNet 3.6
    • adj agape with the mouth wide open as in wonder or awe "the gaping audience","we stood there agape with wonder","with mouth agape"
    • n agape a religious meal shared as a sign of love and fellowship
    • n agape selfless love of one person for another without sexual implications (especially love that is spiritual in nature)
    • n agape (Christian theology) the love of God or Christ for mankind
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • adv. & a Agape Gaping, as with wonder, expectation, or eager attention. "Dazzles the crowd and sets them all agape ."
    • n Agape The love feast of the primitive Christians, being a meal partaken of in connection with the communion.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • agape With the mouth wide open; in an attitude of wonder, expectation, or eager attention.
    • n agape A meal partaken of in common by the primitive Christians, originally in connection with the Lord's Supper. It was made the occasion of offerings for the poor, and closed with devotional exercises, including the kiss of love. According to late usage, agapæ were also associated with weddings, funerals, anniversaries of martyrdoms, and the dedication of churches. The loss of their original character and the growth of abuses led to the prohibition of them in church buildings, and in the fourth century to their separation from the Lord's supper and their gradual discontinuance. Vestiges of the practice, however, remained as late as the Council of Basle in the fifteenth century, and customs historically derived from it are still observed by some denominations. See love-feast.
    • n agape In zoology, a genus of lepidopterous insects.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Agape ag′a-pē a love-feast, held by the early Christians at communion time, when contributions were made for the poor
    • adj., adv Agape a-gāp′ gaping from wonder, expectation, or attention.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Gr. 'aga`ph love, pl. 'aga`pai
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Lit., 'on gape.'


In literature:

They stared agape at Bentley and their faces went white when he strode toward them upright, like a man.
"The Mind Master" by Arthur J. Burks
And that old man suddenly stopped talking, so that his toothless mouth sucked in, then stood agape.
"The Martian Cabal" by Roman Frederick Starzl
Caesar was blowing and had thrown his mouth agape, a sign that beyond this he could make no further effort.
"The Golden Woman" by Ridgwell Cullum
His face was a ghastly gray, his eyes were sunken and his blackened lips hung agape.
"The Twins of Suffering Creek" by Ridgwell Cullum
He sat with mouth agape.
"Once to Every Man" by Larry Evans
The Drilgoes crowded closer, their faces agape with astonishment.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, May, 1930" by Various
His eyes protruded, and his mouth was agape.
"Carmen Ariza" by Charles Francis Stocking
Chevet stood silent, his mouth agape, struggling to follow my swift speech.
"Beyond the Frontier" by Randall Parrish
He who had sympathized with pagan ablutions the night before stood now with mouth agape.
"The Missourian" by Eugene P. (Eugene Percy) Lyle
He bowed to Larkin, who stood with mouth agape and eyes popping out.
"Aces Up" by Covington Clarke

In poetry:

And, more and more often, agape,
With my Gauloise dying out,
Over a glass of red wine,
I muse on the meaning of being this not that.
"What Does It Mean" by Czeslaw Milosz
The congregation dissected into pews
Gulping their strip teas in the luminous cavern
Agape's sacamental berry stews;
The nickel-plated light and clatter of heaven
"Morning Coffee " by A D Hope
A hundred women stared agape,
The menfolk nudged and laughed,
But none could find a likelier story
For the strange craft.
With fear and death and desolation
Rigged fore and aft.
"The "Alice Jean"" by Robert Graves
As a man, caught by some great hour, will rise,
Slow-limbed, to meet the light or find his love;
And, breathing long, with staring sightless eyes,
Hands out, head back, agape and silent, move
"The Night Journey" by Rupert Brooke
Questing a water channel. Bare and scrannel
The trees droop, where the crows sit in a row
With beaks agape. The hot baboon and ape
Climb chattering to the bush. The buffalo
Bellows. And locusts go
"Grisma; Or The Season Of Heat" by Edwin Arnold
Too late to save my household gods,
My treasures rich and rare.
My ransacked cupboards yawned agape,
My sideboard, too, was bare.
And there, beside my tumbled couch,
My trousers lay with rifled pouch.
"Culture and Cops" by C J Dennis

In news:

When Talent Management started, we were all agape at the different application origins of the competing vendors.
Oppa's Lady Ranger softball team opened the 2012 season with a 7-5 win over Agape Christian last week.
The Rangers took advantage of some first inning sloppiness by Agape to plate four big runs.
Christian non-profit organization Agape has gathered supplies and has a plane and has agreed to fly to Port-au-Prince with supplies specifically for the makeshift OR in Gressier.
He lies tummy-down on a white blanket, legs tucked under a bulky diaper, eyes shut and mouth agape.
Instead of being able to talk on the phone, go for a run, or make out with my boyfriend (as the commercials promise), I sit with my mouth agape trying not to drool.
Stephen Decatur High School Connections Club members Olivia Turner and Erin McGuire recently organized a canned food drive for the Agape Project in Berlin.
The Herald-Sun of Durham reports the thieves broke into the Agape Corner School last weekend.
Every year, the fields of the Agape Farm Retreat Center near Mount Union are transformed into the site of the largest Christian music festival on the east coast.
Agape FellowshipSunday, Pastor Chuck Nichols.
Sorkin Hits Goldman, Agape at Capes, Preemption Doctrine .
Agape Baptist Church Food Pantry, 248 W Wolf Ave, is open from 6 to 8 pm the fourth Wednesday of each month.
Agape launches "Raise Her Ransom " effort to fight sex-trafficking.
Agape International Missions recently launched a fu.
Stimulation will fade yet agape Love you can create.

In science:

Recent results of the SLOTT-AGAPE and POINT-AGAPE collaborations on a search for microlensing events in direction of the Andromeda galaxy, by using the pixel method, are reported.
Microlensing towards M31: candidates and perspectives
Paulin-Henriksson reported that the POINT-AGAPE collaboration had found seven microlensing pixels towards the M31, all bright and of short duration.
Summary of the XXXIX Rencontres de Moriond
Even for the die-hards, the matter will surely soon be settled by the POINT-AGAPE experiment 20 .
RIP: The Macho Era (1974-2004)
The POINT-AGAPE collaboration have already found a small number of interesting individual microlensing events towards M31 20 , carried out a survey for classical novae 21 and reported the locations, periods and brightness of ∼ 35000 variable stars 22 .
RIP: The Macho Era (1974-2004)
Darnley et al. (2006) have assumed a sort of scalability of nova rates to get 34+15 −12 for the Milky Way from 65 ± 16 for Andromeda (per year in each case, from the POINT-AGAPE survey), so it would be wrong to claim this as an example.
Astrophysics in 2006