action spectrum


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n action spectrum the efficiency with which electromagnetic radiation produces a photochemical reaction plotted as a function of the wavelength of the radiation
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In literature:

The hue of a purple liquid, for example, is immediately accounted for by its action on a spectrum.
"Fragments of science, V. 1-2" by John Tyndall

In news:

AP3 seed protectant fungicide system from Valent delivers multiple modes of action and shows a broadened spectrum of control across fungal species.
Reallocating broadcast spectrum for wireless broadband is now a formal action item for the Federal Communications Commission.
There is no perfect solution, but here are some actions carriers are taking to avoid a spectrum crisis.
The third-generation neonicotinoid controls a broad spectrum of tough pests including aphids, plant bugs, and stink bugs, and its novel mode of action can be incorporated into resistance management programs.
In what is expected to be a hot year for mergers and acquisitions across a spectrum of industries, it appears as though some key retailers will be in on the action.

In science:

Electromagnetic splitting in the hadron spectrum was recently investigated in quenched, noncompact QED on RBC/UKQCD N f = 2 + 1 domain wall ensembles with Iwasaki gauge action at a ∼ 0.11 fm.
Light hadron spectroscopy and pseudoscalar decay constants
There is a remarkable convergence of results from different groups using a wide range of lattice actions and analysis techniques which demonstrates that a large part of the experimentally observed ground state hadron spectrum can be reproduced within a few percent accuracy.
Light hadron spectroscopy and pseudoscalar decay constants
However, for simplicity we do use the NRQCD action developed for our NRQCDlight spectrum calculations .
Precision tests of the J/{\psi} from full lattice QCD: mass, leptonic width and radiative decay rate to {\eta}_c
The spectrum of the orbifold theory consists of states invariant under the combination of the SU (4) and Chan-Paton actions.
Models of Particle Physics from Type IIB String Theory and F-theory: A Review
Topologically Massive Gravity (TMG), the first action shown to have such a spectrum, is of third order in derivatives.
Higher-derivative massive actions from dimensional reduction