• WordNet 3.6
    • adj absent lost in thought; showing preoccupation "an absent stare","an absentminded professor","the scatty glancing quality of a hyperactive but unfocused intelligence"
    • adj absent nonexistent "the thumb is absent","her appetite was lacking"
    • adj absent not being in a specified place
    • v absent go away or leave "He absented himself"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Absent Being away from a place; withdrawn from a place; not present. "Expecting absent friends."
    • Absent Inattentive to what is passing; absent-minded; preoccupied; as, an absent air. "What is commonly called an absent man is commonly either a very weak or a very affected man."
    • Absent Not existing; lacking; as, the part was rudimental or absent .
    • Absent To take or withdraw (one's self) to such a distance as to prevent intercourse; -- used with the reflexive pronoun. "If after due summons any member absents himself, he is to be fined."
    • Absent To withhold from being present. "Go; for thy stay, not free, absents thee more."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • absent Not in a certain place at a given time; not in consciousness or thought at a certain time; away: opposed to present.
    • absent Not existing; wanting; not forming a part or attribute of: as, among them refinement is absent; revenge is entirely absent from his mind.
    • absent Absent-minded (which see).
    • n absent One who is not present; an absentee.
    • absent To make absent; take or keep away: now used only reflexively, but formerly sometimes otherwise, as by Milton: as, to absent one's self from home; he absented himself from the meeting.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Absent abs′ent being away: not present: inattentive—v.t. (abs-ent′) to keep one's self away
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  • Ambrose Bierce
    “Woman absent is woman dead.”
  • Benjamin Franklin
    “The absent are never without fault. Nor the present without excuse.”
  • Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
    “The people who are absent are the ideal; those who are present seem to be quite commonplace.”
  • Sir Matthew Hale
    Sir Matthew Hale
    “Talk well of the absent whenever you have the opportunity.”
  • Homer
    “Achilles absent was Achilles still!”
  • Proverb
    “Never find fault with the absent.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F., fr. absens, absentis, p. pr. of abesse, to be away from; ab, + esse, to be. Cf. Sooth
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. absent-, pr.p. of absumab, away from, sum, esse, to be.


In literature:

Athalie, her gaze remote, nodded absently.
"Athalie" by Robert W. Chambers
Another essential element of organic life is also absent from the moon.
"The Story of the Heavens" by Robert Stawell Ball
This is absent from Shakespeare.
"Tolstoy on Shakespeare" by Leo Tolstoy
Harvey was absent at breakfast, and at dinner the chair opposite Irene's was still vacant.
"Macaria" by Augusta Jane Evans Wilson
She waited for the effect absently and puckered her lips.
"Otherwise Phyllis" by Meredith Nicholson
He receives it absently, leaving it on the table.
"Somehow Good" by William de Morgan
Pain is usually absent until the articular surfaces become carious.
"Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities--Head--Neck. Sixth Edition." by Alexander Miles
Plutina had never a doubt as to the faith of the absent one.
"Heart of the Blue Ridge" by Waldron Baily
Instead of doing so, he walked to the window and looked out in a singularly absent manner.
"Not Like Other Girls" by Rosa N. Carey
He was absent, but there was no difficulty in obtaining his conviction.
"The Life of Cicero" by Anthony Trollope

In poetry:

My spirit holds you, Dear,
Though worlds away,"--
This to their absent ones
Many can say.
"Parted" by Sophie Margaret Hensley
All of a sudden, an absent
Stare, you look at me, still
Immeasurably distant,
You begin a smile.
"Your Eyes Go Sad" by Fernando Pessoa
And often in her calmer hours,
And in her happy dreams,
Upon its long-deserted hook
The absent portrait seems.
"To A Portrait Of "A Gentleman"" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
The Church has waited long
Her absent Lord to see;
And still in loneliness she waits,
A friendless stranger she.
"The Church Has Waited Long" by Horatius Bonar
A home above the year's seasons
home of children animals and apples
a square of empty space
under an absent star
"Home" by Zbigniew Herbert
In absent reverie, she hears
That voice, nor can forget;
The fond illusion disappears,--
Her arms are empty, yet.
"Empty Are The Mother's Arms." by Alfred Castner King

In news:

The several stray cats are noticeably absent that once roamed the University of Montevallo campus among the brick buildings and tall trees that are shedding their fall leaves.
Absent from Dell 's press conference.
The new policy, approved on a 6 to 1 vote with one member absent, forbids the distribution of leaflets from any outside organization, except government agencies or PTAs.
Da'Rick Rogers absent from Vols' practice.
The all-too-familiar absent stare, gruesome, gaping wounds, and hardened gait made it obvious what was happening.
Jesse Jackson Jr has been absent from Congress since June.
Economists have warned the economy could tip back into recession absent a deal.
Absent any significant deterioration in the macroeconomic environment, Utah's economy is expected to continue outperforming the broader US economy .
Absent minded driver loses passenger.
And that in itself is enough to make shopping for that special, although often absent, sportsman or woman easy.
For the first time, the Indiana Court of Appeals addressed whether it's possible to create an escrow absent an escrow agreement or fee.
Quick turnaround in federal probes absent in shameful murder case.
Both Mayor L Douglas Wilder and Mayor-elect Dwight C Jones were notably absent during the Nov 19 joint meeting between Richmond City Council and the.
Mariano Rivera was absent from a Yankees workout today for the second straight day with the club's blessing, The Post has learned.
Green arrow absent for southbound turn at Shula-Killian intersection (taken Oct 18).

In science:

This ensures that the long–range term in (20) corresponding to the eigenvalue λ(0) = 1 will be absent for any correlation function of the type G(A−hAi)B (r).
Matter Correlations in Branched Polymers
In regions I and II a magnetic field is absent.
Paraxial propagation of a quantum charge in a random magnetic field
The small angle left-right asymmetry, which is absent in the scattering cross-section, is responsible for the effective Lorentz force exerted by the Aharonov-Bohm line.
Paraxial propagation of a quantum charge in a random magnetic field
It is well known that a missing VEV solution for an adjoint scalar Σ is absent in the prototype SU (5).
From Prototype SU(5) to Realistic SU(7) SUSY GUT
In terms of the Dirac spectrum, the eigenvalues do not occur in pairs ±iλ, and strictly zero eigenvalues are absent.
Random Matrix Theory and Chiral Symmetry in QCD