• WordNet 3.6
    • n abatement the act of abating "laws enforcing noise abatement"
    • n abatement an interruption in the intensity or amount of something
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Abatement (Her) A mark of dishonor on an escutcheon.
    • Abatement The act of abating, or the state of being abated; a lessening, diminution, or reduction; removal or putting an end to; as, the abatement of a nuisance is the suppression thereof.
    • Abatement The amount abated; that which is taken away by way of reduction; deduction; decrease; a rebate or discount allowed.
    • Abatement (Law) The entry of a stranger, without right, into a freehold after the death of the last possessor, before the heir or devisee.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n abatement The act of abating, or the state of being abated; diminution, decrease, reduction, or mitigation: as, abatement of grief or pain.
    • n abatement The amount, quantity, or sum by which anything is abated or reduced; deduction; decrease. Specifically, a discount allowed for the prompt payment of a debt, for damage, for overcharge, or for any similar reason; rebate.
    • n abatement In heraldry, a mark annexed to coat-armor, in order to denote some dishonorable act of the person bearing the coat of arms, or his illegitimate descent. Nine marks for the former purpose are mentioned by heralds, but no instance of their actual use is on record. The bendlet or baton sinister (which see), a mark of illegitimacy, is of the nature of an abatement; but the paternal shield, although charged with the baton sinister, would generally be the most honorable bearing within reach of the illegitimate son. Abatements generally must be regarded as false heraldry, and are very modern in their origin. The word is also used to denote the turning upside down of the whole shield, which was common in the degrading of a knight. Also called rebatement.
    • n abatement In law: Removal or destruction, as of a nuisance.
    • n abatement Failure; premature end; suspension or diminution, as of an action or of a legacy. See abate.
    • n abatement The act of intruding on a freehold vacated by the death of its former owner, and not yet entered on by the heir or devisee.
    • n abatement In revenue law:
    • n abatement A deduction from or refunding of duties on goods damaged during importation or in store.
    • n abatement A deduction from the amount of a tax. The mode of abatement is prescribed by statute.
    • n abatement In carpentry, the waste of a piece of stuff caused by working it into shape.
    • n abatement Rebate, allowance, deduction, discount, mitigation.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Abatement the act of abating: the sum or quantity abated: :
    • n Abatement (law) the act of intruding on a freehold and taking possession before the heir, the abandonment of an action, or the reduction of a legacy
    • n Abatement (her.) a supposed mark of dishonour on a coat of arms—apparently never actually used
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  • Joseph Addison
    “Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joys, and dividing our grief.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OF. abatement, F. abattement,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. abatre, to beat down—L. ab, from, and batĕre, popular form of batuĕre, to beat: conn. with Beat.


In literature:

Yet, when the time of my delivery drew near, this care and tenderness of me abated.
"The Autobiography of Madame Guyon" by Jeanne Marie Bouvier de La Motte Guyon
Then on the seventh day it was somewhat abated.
"An American Robinson Crusoe" by Samuel. B. Allison
The insurrection saw no abatement.
"Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Volume 11, No. 24, March, 1873" by Various
But the First Consul would not abate his demands.
"Union and Democracy" by Allen Johnson
The rage of the elements, abating at last a trifle, had far exceeded the Captain's expectations.
"As It Was in the Beginning" by Philip Verrill Mighels
This, however, did not abate Republican activity, and, in the end, six of the nine Republican nominees were elected.
"A Political History of the State of New York, Volumes 1-3" by DeAlva Stanwood Alexander
The sea finally became so high and so threatening that the captain ordered that we should heave to and wait for the storm to abate.
"The Land of the Long Night" by Paul du Chaillu
But finally the combat abated and the friendship was preserved.
"Erasmus and the Age of Reformation" by Johan Huizinga
We longed more than ever for the gale to abate that we might help them.
"Old Jack" by W.H.G. Kingston
The storm abated and the moon shone out for a short time, enabling him to complete his work.
"The Rival Crusoes" by W.H.G. Kingston

In poetry:

And how so many score of times ye flit
With wife and babe and caravan of kit,
Not all thy travels past shall lower one fare,
Not all thy tears abate one pound of it.
"The Exiles' Line" by Rudyard Kipling
No rich, ne poore estate,
Can puffe or yit abate,
The godly and the faithfull hart:
The faithfull goeth free
Although he martred be
A thowsand times with woe and smart.
"A Tragedie of Abrahams Sacrifice" by Arthur Golding
Appease my pain, assuage its raging smart,
Observe my grief, and ease my troubled heart,
Trim my expiring lamp, my woes abate,
Receive my soul — I for thy mercy wait.
"An Earnest Prayer For Pardon Of Sins" by Rees Prichard
Let not the toys of this precarious state —
Let not God's justice on the day of doom —
Let not the fear of death, my zeal abate,
Nor stop my flight to my eternal home.
"A Prayer For A Sick Person" by Rees Prichard
Snatch me from hell's dun gloom to open day,
Remove all blindness from my mind away,
(So that I soon may see my dang'rous state,)
And my pain'd conscience's keen pangs abate!
"A Prayer To Direct A Sick Man What Things Are Most Necessary For Him To Ask, And To Meditate Upon, I" by Rees Prichard
No glare of high estate,
No gloom of woe or want,
The radiance can abate
Where Heaven delights to haunt:
Sin only bides the genial ray,
And, round the Cross, makes night of day.
"Fifth Sunday After Epiphany" by John Keble

In news:

Arron Frankum, a retired US Navy officer who is disabled and had the taxes on his home in Marlborough abated through the program, asked officials in Avon to consider doing the same thing.
Advocacy for some kind of policy to abate excessive electricity use has been championed through years of Energy Committee meetings by Councilmember Shane Brinton.
Council Approves Tax Abatement for Barricuda Networks.
MARTINSVILLE The recently-approved 10-year 60 percent tax abatement for a proposed power plant by Indianapolis Power and Light in Washington Township is a win all around for everyo.
Pratt County Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution this week, which authorizes tax abatement and exemptions for purposes of economic development.
Dist 17 mulls tax abatement .
Items Tagged with ' Abatement Technologies'.
A public hearing will be held Oct 1 before the Wyoming City Council on a request for a 12-year tax abatement for Die-Tech Engineering Inc.
An automotive plastics factory south of Rogers City is seeking a tax abatement from Pulawski Township for new equipment to make a new product line.
The Bayonne City Council voted unanimously last night to approve a 30-year tax abatement for Royal Wine Corp.'s national headquarters slated to be built at Bayonne Crossing.
Graham's tax abatement bill deserves praise.
PDA OKs tax abatement plan.
Policy makers have long used property tax abatements and incentives to draw investment, rehabilitation and other economic development to particular locations.
Assisted living facility applies to extend its tax abatement PILOT for additional decade.
And Italian officials report that subsequently the looting has abated.

In science:

The independence of abatement behavior by non-members in our nearly linear case is consistent with prior explorations of linear benefit function.
Model of an International Environmental Agreement among Asymmetric Nations applied to Debris Mitigation
The results suggest that a coordination mechanism allowing for transfer payments between self-interested parties can provide a promising means for increasing abatement of debris generation.
Model of an International Environmental Agreement among Asymmetric Nations applied to Debris Mitigation
The results suggest that, in a debris IEA where benefits are effectively additive in the regime of interest, active “freeriding” in the sense of a counter-productive decrease of non-members abatement to offset an increase in members’ abatement may not be a problem.
Model of an International Environmental Agreement among Asymmetric Nations applied to Debris Mitigation
Abate, Iteration theory of holomorphic maps on taut manifolds, Mediterranean, Rende, 1989. M.
Loewner Theory in annulus I: evolution families and differential equations
Indeed, concerns over pollution have forced governmental, environmental, and regulatory agencies to start implementing emissions abatement procedures at certain airports, such as La Guardia .
Environmental benefits of enhanced surveillance technology on airport departure operations