• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Wiredraw Hence, also, to draw or spin out to great length and tenuity; as, to wiredraw an argument. "Such twisting, such wiredrawing , was never seen in a court of justice."
    • Wiredraw Hence, to draw by art or violence. "My sense has been wiredrawn into blasphemy."
    • Wiredraw To form (a piece of metal) into wire, by drawing it through a hole in a plate of steel.
    • Wiredraw (Steam Engine) To pass, or to draw off, (as steam) through narrow ports, or the like, thus reducing its pressure or force by friction.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • wiredraw To draw (metal) out into wire; especially, to form into wire, as a metal, by forcibly prilling through a series of holes gradually decreasing in diameter.
    • wiredraw To draw out to greater length; extend in quantity or time; stretch, especially to excess; prolong; protract.
    • wiredraw To draw out into excessive tenuity or subtlety, as a thought, argument, or discourse; spin out, especially by useless refinements, hair-splitting, or the like; render prolix at the expense of force and clearness.
    • wiredraw To stretch or strain unwarrantably; wrest; pervert; distort.
    • wiredraw To beguile; cheat.
    • wiredraw In the steam-engine, to draw off (steam) by one or more small apertures, materially reducing its pressure after the passage.
    • wiredraw To follow the profession, practice, or methods of a wiredrawer; especially, to use unwarrantable methods; pervert; cheat.
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