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    • n Wên-li The higher literary idiom of Chinese, that of the canonical books and of all composition pretending to literary standing. It employs a classical or academic diction, and a more condensed and sententious style than Mandarin, and differs also in the doubling and arrangement of words.
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Chin. wên li,


In science:

Let Z be the delayed random walk in the infinite cluster of p-Bernoul li bond percolation on W = G ⋉ Px∈G F and write Z (n) = (mn , ηn ).
Anchored expansion, percolation and speed
Note that for k < r, the fact that t∗ h−k (Li∗F ) ∈ CG (C )≤w−k implies, by Proposition 8.2, that Hom(h−k (Li∗F ), t∗G [n]) = 0 whenever n ≥ r − k .
Purity and decomposition theorems for staggered sheaves
By C F [n]|C ∈ CG (C )≤w+q(C )+n , so by Lemma 8.5, t∗h−r (Li∗F [n]|U ) ∈ assumption, i∗ CG (C )≤w+q(C )+n−r for all r ≥ 0.
Purity and decomposition theorems for staggered sheaves
Provided that Li (v ), v ∈ V, i ∈ N consists of i.i.d. random variables, the pair (V, L) with L := (Lv (w)), v ∈ V, w ∈ V is called a WBP with associated BRW Mn , n ∈ N0 defined as Mn = P|v|=n δlog Lv (·∩R).
Exponential rate of L_p-convergence of intrinsic martingales in supercritical branching random walks
Correspondingly, we define t ∈ R∗ , r = ±Li ± Lj (i < j ), hr (t) = wr (t)wr (1)−1 , a, b ∈ Rm−n\0, α = ±Li . hα(a, b) = wα(a)wα(b)−1 , Let us write p(π) the permutation matrix corresponding to the permutation π , that is, the i, j entry of p(π) is 1 if i = π(j ) and zeros otherwise.
Local Rigidity of Partially Hyperbolic Actions