• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Vail An unexpected gain or acquisition; a casual advantage or benefit; a windfall.
    • Vail Avails; profit; return; proceeds. "My house is as 'twere the cave where the young outlaw hoards the stolen vails of his occupation."
    • Vail Money given to servants by visitors; a gratuity; -- usually in the plural.
    • n. & v. t Vail vāl Same as Veil.
    • n Vail Submission; decline; descent.
    • Vail To let fall; to allow or cause to sink. "Vail your regard
      Upon a wronged, I would fain have said, a maid!"
    • Vail To lower, or take off, in token of inferiority, reverence, submission, or the like. "France must vail her lofty-plumed crest!""Without vailing his bonnet or testifying any reverence for the alleged sanctity of the relic."
    • v. i Vail vāl To yield or recede; to give place; to show respect by yielding, uncovering, or the like. "Thy convenience must vail to thy neighbor's necessity."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • vail See veil.
    • vail To profit; benefit; avail: a poetical use.
    • n vail Profit; gain; produce.
    • n vail An unlooked-for or casual acquisition; a windfall.
    • n vail Money given to servants by a visitor; a tip: usually in the plural. Also vale.
    • vail To let or cast down; let fall; lower; doff, especially in token of submission.
    • vail To yield; give place; express respect or submission by yielding, uncovering, or otherwise; bow.
    • vail To drop; move down; take a lower position; slope downward.
    • n vail Submission; descent; decline.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Vail vāl Same as Veil.
    • v.t Vail vāl to let fall
    • v.i Vail to yield: to drop, move down
    • n Vail (Shak.) submission, decline
    • v.i Vail vāl′ (poet.) to profit, avail
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Aphetic form of avale,. See Avale Vale
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Contr. from avail.


In literature:

But even unto this day when Moses is read, the vail is upon their hearts.
"The Arena" by Various
O'er eyes unused to heaven's light, sectarianism's vail was thick.
"Autobiography of Frank G. Allen, Minister of the Gospel" by Frank G. Allen
The week that Ellen Vail Montgomery came to town was a busy one for Miss Larrabee.
"In Our Town" by William Allen White
His face was hidden by a black vail.
"The Son of Monte Christo" by Jules Lermina
A Turkish woman in her vail was talking to them.
"Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume 1, No. 2, July, 1850." by Various
And Absolom Vail had found one here, it seemed.
"The Strange Cases of Dr. Stanchon" by Josephine Daskam Bacon
But it is time I drew a vail over these latter scenes.
"Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 8, January, 1851" by Various
"St. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls, Vol. 8, May 1886, No. 7." by Various
Gem vailed her eyes and said nothing.
"Tried for Her Life" by Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth
But the way his father took his little joke nearly made him "have a fit," as he told Jim Vail afterwards.
"Harper's Round Table, June 11, 1895" by Various

In poetry:

Since thou, alas! art flown,
It 'vails not whether Muse or Grace,
With tempting smile, frequent the place;
I sigh for thee alone.
"Ode to Health, 1730" by William Shenstone
“’What ’vails it there are wives to win,
And faithful hearts for those to yearn,
Who find not aught thereto akin
To make return?
"The Letter L" by Jean Ingelow
--Poet, babbling delicate song
Vainly for the ears of love,
Vail not hope if thou wait long;
Charming thy hope to song
Thou wilt win love.
"Quando Ver Venit Meum?" by Thomas MacDonagh
My face they cover, though it be divine.
As Moses was vailed, so is mine,
Lest on their double-dark souls either shine:
Was ever grief like mine?
"The Sacrifice" by George Herbert
—Hail then, Religion, with thy comforts hail!
Hail, holy Faith, that feeds on joys to come,
Whose eagle-eyes can pierce th' involving vail
That hides in darkness all beyond the tomb!
"Time: An Elegy. Written Near The Ruins Of Elgin Cathedral" by Robert Alves
The orphan ail, the orphan wail,
So weak in yonder dwelling drear,
The Heavens assail; within the Vail,
They grapple God to bow and hear:
Such grief below, such grace above,
Fancy dares the Throne of Love.
"Fancy" by Thomas Aird

In news:

Brighton purchased by Vail Resorts.
Jerry Draper, left, and Buddy Draper receive a Conservationist of the Year from the Colorado Association of Conservation District in Vail earlier this fall.
Mark Ballenger Ballenger Report Vail, CO Colorado.
Vail bus service transitions to winter.
VAIL, Colorado — Town of Vail buses will transition to the full winter schedule beginning Monday.
Vail Resorts can be sued for avalanche death.
BROOMFIELD — A judge ruled that Vail Resorts can be sued in the avalanche death of a local teen.
John LaConte Special to the Vail Daily Glenwood Springs, Colorado CO.
Betty Ann Woodland VAIL CO, Colorado.
Peter Vail of Boulder, Colo. Won the race in what is a new course-record time of 2:29:48.
Chain check in East Vail.
The dog died, according to The Vail Daily report.
Amy Drummet Vail, CO, Colorado.
Let's do Vail proud with golf course clubhouse.
Let's do Vail proud with golf course clubhouse .

In science:

Press, Vail, 1997, pp. 59-69. Smarandache, F., Only Problems, not Solutions!, Xiquan Publ. Hse., Phoenix, 1994, unsolved problem #20.
Sequences of Numbers Involved in Unsolved Problems
It should be noted, however, that the assumed energy independence of the normalization K is only observed on a 10% level.4 Since the scaled momentum may vail the effect with an absolute scale, it is also of interest to look at the differential cross-section for the unscaled momentum E dn/d3p.
Test of QCD Predictions for Multiparticle Production at LEP