• WordNet 3.6
    • n Tyranni New World flycatchers; antbirds; oven birds; woodhewers
    • ***


  • Socrates
    “Beauty is a short-lived tyranny.”
  • Sir Richard Steele
    “To give pain is the tyranny; to make happy, the true empire of beauty.”
  • Sydney Hook
    Sydney Hook
    “Fear of death has been the greatest ally of tyranny past and present.”
  • Edmund Burke
    “Bad laws are the worst form of tyranny.”
  • Henry Fielding
    “Where the law ends tyranny begins.”
  • Samuel Johnson
    “There are few minds to which tyranny is not delightful.”


In literature:

The first thing to be done is to free the aesthetic emotions from the tyranny of erudition.
"Art" by Clive Bell
Paterson of New Jersey flatly avowed that neither he nor his state would ever bow to such tyranny.
"History of the United States" by Charles A. Beard and Mary R. Beard
What was this towering old woman, with her theory of feminine freedom and practice of feminine tyranny?
"The Vicissitudes of Bessie Fairfax" by Harriet Parr
His desires are our freedom, His wrath our tyranny one over another.
"Oliver Cromwell" by John Drinkwater
If ever St. Paul approves o' submitting to tyranny, it's thae translators' fault.
"The Bow of Orange Ribbon" by Amelia E. Barr
The end of the tyranny, however, was fast approaching.
"The Digger Movement in the Days of the Commonwealth" by Lewis H. Berens
To punish weakness, is the most unjust tyranny.
"Superstition In All Ages (1732)" by Jean Meslier
By sparing Antony, against the opinion of Cassius, you suffered the tyranny to remain.
"Dialogues of the Dead" by Lord Lyttelton
Where is there less arrogancy and tyranny?
"The Apology of the Church of England" by John Jewel
I looked for nothing less than a volcano-burst of righteous indignation to pay me out for this piece of tyranny.
"The Master of Appleby" by Francis Lynde

In poetry:

Ah, Eloquence! thou wast undone;
Wast from thy native country driven,
When Tyranny eclipsed the sun,
And blotted out the stars of heaven!
"Ode To Eloquence " by Henry Carey
His love of truth, too warm, too strong
For Hope or Fear to chain or chill,
His hate of tyranny and wrong,
Burn in the breasts he kindled still.
"Lines In Memory Of William Leggett" by William Cullen Bryant
Flag of the truly free,
Despots before thee flee,
Victims of tyranny hail thee with pride;
Emblem of liberty
Thou shalt forever be:
Happy the land where her children abide!
"National Song" by Alfred Gibbs Campbell
"Nor, fashioned of fire and of air,
The splendour that burns on his head
Who was chiefest in ages that were,
Whose breath blew palaces bare,
Whose eye shone tyrannies dead:
"Tenebrae" by Algernon Charles Swinburne
Those who freedom inherit,
Bow not to Tyranny's throne;
Then, friends, in a kind spirit,
Judge of my love by your own.
Home, home, home, home!--
The land of the heart is our home!
"The Maid Of Saxony; Or, Who's The Traitor? - Act II" by George Pope Morris
The Patriot, torn by tyranny
From every best and dearest tie,
From kindred, child, and wife;
From all the objects of his love,
Whose smiles could make an Eden of
This barren wild of life;
"To Samuel Bamford," by Samuel Bamford

In news:

Although their newest album, The Tyranny of Distance, may have been released by the label that brought the world Green Day, Operation Ivy and the Donnas, Leo and company have an entirely different take on punk rock.
Bitcoin is about preventing monetary tyranny.
The National World War II Museum in New Orleans has created a new edition of a classic board game to educate younger generations about "the essential 1940s struggle to halt tyranny and secure cherished freedoms".
Leaving Reality Out How Textbooks (Don't) Teach About Tyranny By Diane Ravitch.
Glimpses of Tyranny and Resitance.
The pro-ObamaCare, pro-tyranny folk claim to have case precedents to support their side.
Stop the Standardized Test Tyranny.
John Waters is at war with the tyranny of good taste.
The Tyranny of the Majority .
The Tyranny of the Majority Party.
Our quality of life is owed to our freedom from tyranny and our freedom to pursue our economic interests.
Bitcoin is about preventing monetary tyranny .
The Tyranny of Defense Inc.
A Little Too Much Tyranny .
Tyranny of the test.

In science:

The ongoing tyranny of statistical significance testing in biomedical research.
Caveats for using statistical significance tests in research assessments
One advantage of PMC is that it allows us to break somewhat from the ‘sequential tyranny’ of ordinary Markov Chain methods.
Bayesian Model Averaging in Astrophysics: A Review
For example, some implementations of social recommendation may lead to the “tyranny of the minority,” where a small group of active, well-connected users dominate the site .
Analysis of Social Voting Patterns on Digg