• Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Torn-down rebellious, ungovernable
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  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “I didn't know I'd have to be torn down before I could be built up.”
  • Faith Baldwin
    Faith Baldwin
    “Character builds slowly, but it can be torn down with incredible swiftness.”


In literature:

In the large cities buildings and bridges were torn down.
"The Best Short Stories of 1915" by Various
But he knew well enough that he himself must have torn it when he wore it down to the Conscripts' Hollow.
"The Young Mountaineers" by Charles Egbert Craddock
It was feared that the Indians had been tampering with the wires, and torn them down.
"Three Years on the Plains" by Edmund B. Tuttle
Before you went to bed you sat down and wrote a letter on a leaf torn from your pocket-book.
"The Shrieking Pit" by Arthur J. Rees
A brick, torn from its place in the chimney, tumbled down the roof.
"The Secret of the Storm Country" by Grace Miller White
They all turned toward where he stood near the bulletin board reading a message he had just torn down.
"Terry" by Charles Goff Thomson
Several times in the night she dreamed she had put the cloth out and that Jim and his wife had seen it and torn it down.
"Other Main-Travelled Roads" by Hamlin Garland
They took out their power units and left them to be torn down and repaired later.
"The Cosmic Computer" by Henry Beam Piper
Sichumovi was again occupied by a few Asa families, but the first houses were torn down and new ones constructed from them.
"Eighth Annual Report" by Various
He reached his own cabin and threw himself down in his bunk, torn in two.
"The Colors of Space" by Marion Zimmer Bradley

In poetry:

And rose till she was sitting in the bed,
Set her teeth hard, and shut her eyes and seem'd
As though she would have torn it from her head,
Natheless she dropp'd it, lay down, as she deem'd
"King Arthur's Tomb" by William Morris
The moon is rising above the creek,
The shining stars look down
On a little dreamer, whose pillowed cheek
Rests, in a volume worn,
Whose green-clad cover, dusty and torn,
Bears ' Harp without a Crown'.
"A Young Rebel" by Alice Guerin Crist
What more? A torn standard, whose tatters
The breath of the years' passing shatters,
To dust falling down?
A memory scarce known from the deedless?
A statue high-set o'er the heedless,
Fierce tide of the town?
"The Red Rose" by Cicely Fox Smith
Beaten, broken, flung from their foothold on the height,
Driven down like sheep to the reddened stream below,
Huddled, swept and torn from the fury of the fight,
Down and down the hill reeled the columns of the foe.
"Basaco" by Cicely Fox Smith
Music, a sudden glissando, sinister, troubled,
A drift of wind-torn petals, before him passes
Down jangled streets, and dies.
The bodies of old and young, of maimed and lovely,
Are slowly borne to earth, with a dirge of cries.
"The House Of Dust: Part 03: 08:" by Conrad Potter Aiken
My flanks are cleansed of blood-marks, my bit-torn mouth is healed,
But again I meet my master and again he makes me yield.
Beneath the moons of midnight and through the morning haze
He flogs me, wet and trembling, down the old remembered ways.
"The Outlaw" by William Henry Ogilvie

In news:

The Midland bank is to be torn down after over 100 years of serving the local area.
The Dance Studio is the third building to be torn down out of seven.
Fontana — After the Reid Park gazebo was torn down last year, village officials promised it would rebuild the structure.
Wood came from an old garage that was torn down, my cost was just the gas to hual the "junk" away.
Montauk's Lighthouse Scheduled to be Torn Down in the 1960's.
The former Steeb Dodge dealership and neighboring gas station just west of Ann Arbor St were torn down in 2006.
The Salvadoran restaurant El Zunzal will be torn down and replaced by a new building owned and operated by Dominion Jewelers.
The Salvadoran restaurant El Zunzal will be torn down and replaced by a new building owned and.
"When everything is being torn down, we're doing just the opposite," Peggy said.
Scorched 122 building torn down.
New Jersey's submerged roller coaster to be torn down, not made a tourist attraction.
Do you think the Drake power plant should be decommissioned and torn down.
Years ago, the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas won a design competition for an addition to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) by suggesting the entire museum be torn down and replaced.
Our beloved waterpark was being torn down and everything had to go.
The buildings at the corner of 5th and Main Street will soon be torn down.