To meet half way


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To meet half way literally, to go half the distance between in order to meet (one); hence, figuratively, to yield or concede half of the difference in order to effect a compromise or reconciliation with.
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  • Douglas William Jerrold
    Douglas William Jerrold
    “Some people are so fond of bad luck they run half way to meet it.”


In literature:

She might word the note so that Margaret would be told to come half-way, expecting to meet the missionaries, say at Keams.
"A Voice in the Wilderness" by Grace Livingston Hill
I am always willing to meet a man half-way; but you wouldn't meet me.
"The Free Range" by Francis William Sullivan
That he was untrammelled by principle, and was, moreover, prepared to meet them half-way, rendered their schemes no whit safer.
"A Modern Mercenary" by Kate Prichard and Hesketh Vernon Hesketh-Prichard
It was foolish and wrong, she said, to go half way to meet so great a trouble.
"The Inglises" by Margaret Murray Robertson
After doing first the one and then the other, he came back, and Trotty went half way to meet him.
"A Budget of Christmas Tales by Charles Dickens and Others" by Various
He said that he wished to meet Parliament half way, and that it should find him an honourable man.
"A History of England Principally in the Seventeenth Century, Volume I (of 6)" by Leopold von Ranke
However, he was not a boy who went half-way to meet trouble.
"Divided Skates" by Evelyn Raymond
But she only did so to meet expectation half-way.
"When Ghost Meets Ghost" by William Frend De Morgan
It will bring your husband down half-way to meet you and give him some happy hours of anticipation.
"Banked Fires" by E. W. (Ethel Winifred) Savi
I knew you would like me to meet you half way.
"The Price of the Prairie" by Margaret Hill McCarter

In poetry:

The stars are gone, the rose-bloom comes,—­
No blush of maid is sweeter;
The red sun, half way out of bed,
Shall be the first to greet her. None tell the news, yet sleepers wake,
And rise, and run to meet her.
"Songs of the Night Watches (complete)" by Jean Ingelow

In news:

"This is just nonsensical they're not willing to be reasonable and balanced and meet me half-way," said Dayton.

In science:

This shows that it is not sufficient to prove that all loaded faces are loaded or half-loaded wedges; we must also prove that they meet up in the correct way.
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