To call a bond


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To call a bond to give notice that the amount of the bond will be paid.
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In literature:

King Sigurd went to a feast east in Viken along with his court, and rode past a house belonging to a great bonde called Simon.
"Heimskringla" by Snorri Sturlason
A firm of lawyers, Greenlee & Call, stood by me in my struggle to make my bond.
"The Iron Puddler" by James J. Davis
He says this Preacher Bonds feels a special call to fight holiness.
"The Deacon of Dobbinsville" by John A. Morrison
Having been called a pin-head by a bond room cub he's in no mood to be kidded.
"Torchy As A Pa" by Sewell Ford
At one time he was called upon to unite the daughter of the village mayor and a prominent attorney in the holy bonds of matrimony.
"Little Masterpieces of American Wit and Humor" by Various
A scribe must be called in to draw up the marriage bond.
"Oriental Women" by Edward Bagby Pollard
I say, make a written bond of agreement to find all we shall want in what you call apparatus and brave men.
"Dutch the Diver" by George Manville Fenn

In news:

A Wake County judge blocked enforcement Monday of a new law that gave the training and continuing education of North Carolina bail bond agents to a single trade group, calling the new restrictions an unconstitutional monopoly.
The Bond Legacy called for all the actors to fill out a dinner jacket and tie, with power and panache.
But it would come at a cost some call unacceptable: significant cuts to public safety and employee benefits and putting off payments to CalPERS and bond payments.
Although no bond election will be called until February, the Tyler ISD board of trustees has presented a possible package to the public to gain feedback.
The Union school board voted Monday to call a special election for a $20.4 million bond issue to expand and remodel the 6th and 7th Grade Center, replace the track at the high school and other projects.
The clock is ticking down to a March 5 deadline for Nederland Independent School District trustees to call for a bond issue to take advantage of a low-interest loan to increase energy efficiency at schools in the district.
The stage is being set for a contest of positions regarding a Tyler ISD bond election that has yet to be called.
OTTAWA—The federal government is introducing a controversial new approach to funding social services called "social impact bonds" that can turn a profit for private investors.
Oxytocin is often called the "love hormone" because of its unique ability to help couples bond on a deeper level.
Animal Planet has a show called Pet Star which features people and their pets showing off the results of amazing hours in training — or what I like to refer to as quality bonding time.
SAN FRANCISCO — A juror called in sick at the Barry Bonds perjury trial Monday, forcing testimony to be postponed, while the government tried to get new evidence admitted that could abruptly turn the case in its favor.

In science:

The unzipping of DNA is a competition between the binding of the base pairs (to be called monomers) and the orientation of individual links connecting the monomers. A force applied at any point (say the end point) gets transmitted to individual bonds to orient each one in the direction of the force.
Randomly forced DNA
If DNA is dissolved into deuterated water, when the opening of a base pair exposes to the solvent the protons that form the hydrogen bonds, the so-called imino protons, those protons can be exchanged with deuterium from the water molecules of the solvent.
Experimental and theoretical studies of sequence effects on the fluctuation and melting of short DNA molecules
If the bonds of the collection C (x) satisfy the conditions of the event AN (x), we agree to call it a trap that we will denote by PN .
Heat-kernel estimates for random walk among random conductances with heavy tail
The main criticism against this model is that the independence assumption ignores all the dependencies that occur between the bonds; to try to justify the independence assumption, Bogomolny and Schmit apply a heuristic principle, the so-called Harris criterion.
On the nodal lines of random and deterministic Laplace eigenfunctions
Each atom has a certain number of potential connexions, which we call arms, and which can be paired with arms of other atoms to create bonds.
Coagulation with limited aggregations