To beat the bounds


  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • To beat the bounds to trace out the boundaries of a parish in a periodic survey or perambulation, certain natural objects in the line of journey being formally struck with a rod, and sometimes also the boys whipped to make them remember
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. béatan, pa.t. béot.


In literature:

Then the king's men went to a lodging in which Raud's house servants slept, and killed some, bound others, and beat others.
"Heimskringla" by Snorri Sturlason
Her walk seemed oddly familiar, and when she turned the corner for which he was bound, his heart began to beat.
"The Forsyte Saga, Volume II." by John Galsworthy
Her walk seemed oddly familiar, and when she turned the corner for which he was bound, his heart began to beat.
"The Forsyte Saga, Complete" by John Galsworthy
The man having been too much for us, we were bound to give the boy a sound beating, and that beating he received.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. IX., March, 1862., No. LIII." by Various
My father lay on the ground, bound hand and foot, while a dragoon was preparing to beat him with a heavy bridle.
"Jacques Bonneval" by Anne Manning
His heart playing a sudden drum-beat, he threw the carven timber from him and bounded to his feet.
"Queed" by Henry Sydnor Harrison
The north-bound trains may be no good to beat, and they may be no good to beg.
"The Road" by Jack London
With an undisguised ejaculation, and beating wildly at the insect with her hands, the nun bounded to one side and turned her face full upon me.
"The House of Martha" by Frank R. Stockton
The railroads are bound to beat you when you do your level best; So give it up to the grangers and strike out for the west.
"Cowboy Songs" by Various
A ship leaves our shores bound westward to an Atlantic port: the wind, being from the north, beats on her right side all the way.
"The Parables of Our Lord" by William Arnot

In poetry:

I shrieked, and bounding to my feet,
I fled, but as before,
Bare footsteps tracked me beat for beat
With mine, even to the door:
What then befel I cannot tell—
I know of nothing more!”
"Ned Connor" by Charles Harpur
"They fought so well not one was left to tell
Which got the largest share of cuts and slashes;
When heroes meet, both sides are bound to beat;
They telescoped like cars in railroad smashes.
"How To Not Settle It" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
Who dare set bounds to the Red Wind,
The East Wind in his wrath?
Lo! we have bitted and bridled him,
And turned him from his path!
From the waves that beat we have called his feet
To the long grass of the rath.
"Song Of The Fomoroh" by Nora Jane Hopper Chesson

In news:

This month we're beating the drum of American design, with a special emphasis on those objects you just figure are bound to be made overseas.
ARCADIA, Calif (AP) – Out of Bounds rallied in the stretch to beat 1-2 favorite Secret Circle by a half-length in the $100,000 Sham Stakes, the first Kentucky Derby prep of the season at Santa Anita on Saturday.

In science:

Thus–as for random facet– more geometry is needed to beat the exponential lower bounds.
The Random Edge Simplex Algorithm on Dual Cyclic 4-Polytopes
Our concentration behaves better for small values of λ with respect to Hypercontractivity Concentration Inequality and for some polynomials we beat the Latala bounds for large values of λ since our smoothness parameters are incomparable.
Bernstein-like Concentration and Moment Inequalities for Polynomials of Independent Random Variables: Multilinear Case
As Thurston points out, if he were to use the Huygens formula to adjust the length of his grandfather clock, which has an amplitude of 5◦ , to beat seconds, the error bounds show that the clock would lose between 4 and 8 minutes per week.
The AGM Simple Pendulum
Because of assumption 1 each player would try to beat the other players by advancing in weaponry so that the other players don't stay a threat to them anymore. 4. A player with a weapon is bound to use it eventually.
Nations At War I: Why do we keep building weapons?
This leads to the construction of self-dual codes and codes beating known bounds.
On the decoding of quasi-BCH codes