• WordNet 3.6
    • n Thrinax small to medium-sized fan palms
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n thrinax A genus of palms, of the tribe Corypheæ. It is characterized by flowers with a minute six-cleft cup-shaped perianth, awl-shaped filaments, introrse anthers, and a one-celled ovary. It includes 9 species, natives chiefly of the West Indies. They are low or medium-sized palms, with solitary or clustered thornless trunks, marked below with annular scars, and above clad with a very regular network of fibers remaining from the sheathing petioles. They bear terminal roundish leaves with many two-cleft induplicate segments, an erect ligule, and smooth slender petiole. The flowers are bisexual, and borne on long spadices with numerous spathes, and slender panicled branchlets. The small thin-shelled pea-shaped fruit contains a single roundish seed furrowed with sinuate channels. The species are known in general as thatch-palms in Jamaica. Two species occur in Florida: T. parviflora, the taller, usually a small and very slender tree, becomes stem-less in the pine-barrens in the variety Garberi; the other, T. argentea, the broom-palm of the Isthmus of Panama, is sometimes known in conservatories as chip-hat palm, owing both names to the uses of its leaves. See also silk-top and silver-top palmetto, under palmetto.
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