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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Gr. thermos, hot—thermē, heat—therein, to heat.


In literature:

Behind the amphitheatre were the thermae of the same emperor Titus Vespasian.
"Travels Through France and Italy" by Tobias Smollett
Having said thus and having looked at the place, he sailed back to Therma.
"The History Of Herodotus" by Herodotus
At Therma, however, in the public place of the city, there were some beautiful statues.
"Life of Cicero" by Anthony Trollope
As an example of the magnificence of the ancient Roman baths, we may take the Thermae of Caracalla which could accommodate 1,600 bathers at a time!
"The Youthful Wanderer" by George H. Heffner
She was as much at home in the Thermae of Caracalla as you in your white-and-blue-tiled bath.
"Cheerful--By Request" by Edna Ferber
The hot springs near Cape Therma in Euboea are supposed to be those of AEdepsus.
"Plutarch's Lives, Volume II" by Aubrey Stewart & George Long
The next most considerable relic of antiquity, considered as a ruin, is the Thermae of Caracalla.
"The Best of the World's Classics, Vol. V (of X) - Great Britain and Ireland III" by Various
Therma, which attained to 1,130 feet.
"The 28th: A Record of War Service in the Australian Imperial Force, 1915-19, Vol. I" by Herbert Brayley Collett
The ruins are, in fact, part of the Golden House, for the Thermae have been altogether destroyed.
"The Greville Memoirs" by Charles C. F. Greville
Iam enim inter balnearia et thermas bibliotheca quoque ut necessarium domus ornamentum expolitur.
"The Care of Books" by John Willis Clark

In news:

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Rome Opera Theatre's annual outdoor summer season is staged in the famous red brick ruins of the Baths of Caracalla, the largest thermae in the world when completed in 217 AD.
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In science:

The iron L-shell hump is significant in all cases, unambiguously confirming the existence of therma l gas.
Every BCG with a strong radio AGN has an X-ray cool core: is the cool core - noncool core dichotomy too simple?
U is the vo ltage applied to electrodes, I is the tunneling current, k is the therma l conductivity coefficient of the substrate, l is the free path of electron inelast ic scattering in the substrate.
Quantum Physics and Nanotechnology
As noted in § 2, in this c ase part of the enthalpy flux is converted into Poynting flux during the initial therma l acceleration phase.
Magnetic Acceleration and Collimation of Gamma-Ray Burst Jets
Such a model is motivated by the idea of “therma l motion” of particles in collapsed structures, which causes th e FingersOf-God (FOG) observed in redshift surveys (Jackson 1972).
Testing cosmological structure formation using redshift-space distortions
C. The gas flowing at the velocity v has the thermodynamic temperature T* of the therma l mot ion of gas mo lecules and the cooling temperature T measured by a fixed thermometer placed in the flow path.
Vortex flow in the technology of radiation wave cracking (RWC)