• Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Swipes swīps bad or spoilt beer, also small-beer
    • ***


In literature:

He knew how to get at the old gentleman's dough, and he swiped it several days ago.
"Frank Merriwell's Races" by Burt L. Standish
I give you, Dillon, the name of 'Swipes.
"Tess of the Storm Country" by Grace Miller White
P'r'aps, altogether, I've swiped twenty-five cents.
"Mary Louise in the Country" by L. Frank Baum (AKA Edith Van Dyne)
I never swiped no food!
"Cum Grano Salis" by Gordon Randall Garrett
That was swiped out of the set of Brother Baldwin.
"The Varmint" by Owen Johnson
I'm a good mind to swipe yez over th' nut wid me lanthern an' take ut away from yez!
"Desert Conquest" by A. M. Chisholm
Step lively, or some one will swipe them all!
"The Search" by Grace Livingston Hill
Then he gave his head a vicious jerk and swiped the angling wisp of hair back from his forehead.
"The Desert Fiddler" by William H. Hamby
I'll swipe a saddle off of one of those mules over there.
"A Tar-Heel Baron" by Mabell Shippie Clarke Pelton
Toddle along faster and let's get there before Rollins and Holt and the rest swipe all the grub.
"Left Guard Gilbert" by Ralph Henry Barbour

In poetry:

At five, as well may be believed,
I was a little tough;
For by that then I 'ad conceived
A cravin' for the stuff.
I swiped it from each neighbor's door,
An' roamed the district seekin' more.
"The Demon Milk" by C J Dennis
Far in the chest I gets that swipe,
An' crumbles in a heap.
An' starts to think the time is ripe
To 'ave a long, deep sleep.
"You are intensely rude," I said -
An' so they leaves there for dead.
"The Invalid" by C J Dennis
The tinchel closes. Terror, & plunging, swipes.
I lay my ears back. I am about to die.
My cleft feet drum.
Fierce, the two-footers club. My green world pipes
a finish—for us all, my love, not some.
Crumpling, I—why,—
"Dream Song 56: Hell is empty. O that has come to pass" by John Berryman
Out on the margin of Moonshine Land,
Tickle me, Love, in these Lonesome Ribs!
Out where the Whing-Whang loves to stand,
Writing his name with his tail in the sand,
And swiping it out with his oogerish hand;
Tickle me, Love, in these Lonesome Ribs!
"The Lugubrious Whing-Whang" by James Whitcomb Riley

In news:

The marine batted the lion with the saw, and it took two swipes at the saw thinking the lion could over take the man.
The Federal Reserve recently announced it was capping the amount banks could collect each time a card is used, commonly referred to as swipe fees.
2 Democrat in the Senate, Richard Durbin of Illinois, who has been fighting to cap these swipe fees for years.
A legislative effort to delay and study a new law that would cap swipe fees that retailers pay is picking up steam in Congress.
Be careful about swiping cards as you shop.
A teen punched a woman text messaging while walking through Central Park and swiped her phone, police said.
Falling tree smashes Jeep, swipes clubhouse , ruins Thanksgiving.
Feature new capabilities like swipe and five-way toggle.
(AP) — A Topeka man is under arrest after allegedly swiping $150 worth of steaks from a grocery store, then trying to sell them at a nearby hookah bar.
How Central Lee's Traci Keller swiped a pair of Air Jordans off none other than Michael Jordan.
Police said the device was used to copy customers' bank account information when they swiped their cards for a purchase.
Then, as the girl was about to get excited, this bitch swipes the ball right from her clutches and celebrates as if she was a hero.
With a swipe of his debit card in a Phoenix pharmacy, Tyler Hurst bought a $99 bottle of Lexapro and kicked off a 9,400-mile odyssey of international corporate tax avoidance.
He has admitted to swiping more than 25-tons of office equipment.
Police look for thief who swiped charity jar in Seminole County.

In science:

The degrees of freedom swiped by the light sheet are then bounded by the area of the horizon AH /4.
Quantum Mechanics, Spacetime Locality, and Gravity
Martha Stewart, in a Christmas message posted on her personal Web site, called for sentencing reform and took a swipe at the ”bad food” in prison.
Improving Update Summarization by Revisiting the MMR Criterion
The reason we believe is that data in this scientific application is more uniformly interesting: a typical job swipes a significant part of the data space (and hence file set) in search of particular physics events.
Small-World File-Sharing Communities