• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Subtile Acute; piercing; searching. "The slow disease and subtile pain."
    • Subtile Characterized by nicety of discrimination; discerning; delicate; refined; subtle. "The genius of the Spanish people is exquisitely subtile , without being at all acute; hence there is so much humor and so little wit in their literature. The genius of the Italians, on the contrary, is acute, profound, and sensual, but not subtile ; hence what they think to be humorous, is merely witty.""The subtile influence of an intellect like Emerson's."
    • Subtile Delicately constituted or constructed; nice; fine; delicate; tenuous; finely woven. "A sotil subtile] twine's thread.""More subtile web Arachne can not spin.""I do distinguish plain
      Each subtile line of her immortal face."
    • Subtile Sly; artful; cunning; crafty; subtle; as, a subtile person; a subtile adversary; a subtile scheme.
    • Subtile Thin; not dense or gross; rare; as, subtile air; subtile vapor; a subtile medium.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • subtile Tenuous; thin; extremely fine; rare; rarefied: as, subtile vapor; subtile odors or effluvia; a subtile powder; a subtile medium. Also subtle.
    • subtile Delicately constituted, made, or formed; delicately constructed; thin; slender; fine; delicate; refined; dainty. Also subtle.
    • subtile Sharp; penetrating; piercing.
    • subtile Same as subtle, 3.
    • subtile Same as subtle, 4.
    • subtile Same as subtle, 5.
    • subtile Same as subtle, 7.
    • subtile To contrive or practise cunningly.
    • subtile To scheme or plan cunningly.
    • subtile To tamper; meddle.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Subtile sub′til delicately constructed: fine: thin or rare: piercing: shrewd
    • v.i Subtile to make nice distinctions: to refine in argument
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. subtilis,. See Subtile


In literature:

The meaning is too subtile for the casual observer.
"The Madonna in Art" by Estelle M. Hurll
Dramatic, picturesque, and subtile, with an admirable sense of art-form, he could have become a powerful dramatist, perhaps a great novelist.
"Great Italian and French Composers" by George T. Ferris
But I am never more free and royal than when the subtile celerity of its magic combinations, whatever they are, is at work.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 5, No. 28, February, 1860" by Various
He sees them, studies them, and with an eye how penetrating, how subtile and sure!
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 16, No. 96, October 1865" by Various
We have found De Quincey a subtile philosopher, a mighty master of the historic art, a prose poet of unrivalled splendor.
"Continental Monthly , Vol. 5, No. 6, June, 1864" by Various
On its side the brain sends back the subtile fluid in question along the nerves to the different organs.
"Lamarck, the Founder of Evolution" by Alpheus Spring Packard
They are only subtilized.
"Fantasia of the Unconscious" by D. H. Lawrence
Our problems of adjustment have become more subtile and complex.
"The Psychology of Nations" by G.E. Partridge
We had soon another enemy to contend with, more subtile than even the Redskins.
"In the Rocky Mountains" by W. H. G. Kingston
In her words Lacy, more subtile and more used to women, read her preference and his rejection.
"A Little Traitor to the South" by Cyrus Townsend Brady

In poetry:

Whose song never bore
So much meaning as now:—
O, sympathy!—subtile
In teaching art thou.
"The Dew-Drop: A Metrical Fantasy" by Samuel Lover
DARK Angel, with thine aching lust
To rid the world of penitence:
Malicious Angel, who still dost
My soul such subtile violence!
"The Dark Angel" by Lionel Pigot Johnson
Sphinx was a monster that would eat
Whatever stranger she could get,
Unless his ready wit disclosed
The subtile riddle she proposed.
"Two Riddles. -- 1710" by Matthew Prior
Hide still, best Good, in subtile wise,
Beyond my nature's utmost scope;
Be ever absent from mine eyes
To be twice present in my hope!
"The Miner" by James Russell Lowell
And when I fall, like some old tree,
And subtile change makes mould of me,
There let earth show a fertile line
Whence perfect wild-flowers leap and shine.
"A Prelude" by Maurice Thompson
Thou art a poet, yet perchance may find
The birds will carol more delicious lays;
Thy waves of song may melt in melody,
Yet softer is the music of the sea.
Thou canst not rhyme so sweetly as the wind,
And nature is too subtile for thy phrase.
"Across The Sea - I - Childhood" by Thomas Chard

In science:

We will not entered the subtilities of planar maps nor in the details of the construction of the UIPQ and refer to [19, 21, 24] for more details.
Ergodic Theory on Stationary Random Graphs
There is however one subtility, arising from the fact that some of the fiber dom ains Dt may not be smoothly bounded.
Subharmonicity properties of the Bergman kernel and some other functions associated to pseudoconvex domains
It is constructed by joining two subtiles, denoted by dashed edges, with a sequence of 2w + 1 subtiles, of which one is drawn with thick edges.
Infinite families of crossing-critical graphs with prescribed average degree and crossing number
Then we form S (n+ 1) by placing polyhedra onto fans. A fan A in S (n) will be replaced by several subtiles in S (n + 1) corresponding to unglued faces of the polyhedron.
Creating subdivision rules from polyhedra with identifications
Because our polyhedra are spread out (recall Definition 3), these subtiles share either one edge or two contiguous edges with the fan.
Creating subdivision rules from polyhedra with identifications