• Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Sparke spärk (Spens.) a battle-axe.
    • ***


  • Benjamin Franklin
    “He that blows the coals in quarrels that he has nothing to do with, has no right to complain if the sparks fly in his face.”
  • Victor Hugo
    “To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.”
  • George Washington
    “Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience”
  • John A. Appleman
    John A. Appleman
    “I have heard it said that the first ingredient of success -- the earliest spark in the dreaming youth -- if this; dream a great dream.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Enthusiasm is that kindling spark which marks the difference between the leaders in every activity and the laggards who put in just enough to get by.”
  • Igor Sikorsky
    Igor Sikorsky
    “The work of the individual still remains the spark that moves mankind forward.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Perh. an error for sparthe.


In literature:

The flames were crackling merrily and the sparks were flying in various directions.
"Dave Porter in the Gold Fields" by Edward Stratemeyer
There's a spark of good somewhere in the worst of us, if we could but get at it.
"The Northern Iron" by George A. Birmingham
And undeniably there was a spark of laughter in them, quenched, as soon as his glance crossed hers, under long lashes.
"Robert Elsmere" by Mrs. Humphry Ward
From the other side, Mr. Sparks comes up and joins us.
"A Confederate Girl's Diary" by Sarah Margan Dawson
He watched it until it seemed only a single spark in the night.
"The Border Watch" by Joseph A. Altsheler
I suppose you've fixed it up with Spark.
"Frank Merriwell's Son" by Burt L. Standish
Joe Hawkridge stared at the fire on the beach and then turned to look at the spark of light on the ship.
"Blackbeard: Buccaneer" by Ralph D. Paine
He could even give out sparks; but for that one had to stroke his fur the wrong way.
"Children's Literature" by Charles Madison Curry
At such periods Mr. Sparkes was a prominent feature.
"In Connection with the De Willoughby Claim" by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Sparks shot out before it.
"The Machine That Saved The World" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins

In poetry:

But you do not yet see me,
Who am a torch blown along the wind,
Flickering to a spark
But never out.
"To The Others" by Lola Ridge
But all is cold and dark;
No unextinguished spark
Of life to me remains,
Of hopes, or joys, or pains.
"Of Death And Life" by Alfred Gibbs Campbell
If you desire
My spark should glow,
The peeping fire
You must blow;
Or I shall quickly grow
To frost, or snow.
"Upon A Delaying Lady" by Robert Herrick
Oh! had thy bosom ever known
That spark of birth divine,
My heart had found an answering tone
In every pulse of thine;
And when I touch'd the ardent lyre,
Thou wouldst have felt a kindred fire.
"Stanzas - III" by Peter John Allan
How the queen bore his upbraiding;
How his death in hunting came,
Tell the verses here translated:
Lights are they, in transit fading,
Scattered sparks, oblivion fated,
Memories from a mighty flame!
"Preface To Diarmid's Story" by John Douglas Sutherland Campbell
Yea, over and above it all, this is the simple truth,
Had I the coin, and could, I'd spend a million for my youth;
Then with my true love I would go a-sparking it again,
And look the love upon her grace my tongue could ne'er explain.
"If I Had A Million" by Samuel Alfred Beadle

In news:

Mortgage Seizure Plan Sparks Bondholder Talks With County.
Firefighters suspect a 14-inch telescope left outside in sunlight sparked a fire that damaged a Carefree home this week.
Free Election Day bus rides are one of the ways voters can get to the polls in the Reno-Sparks area next Tuesday.
'Ruby Sparks' fails to catch fire , or interest.
Actress and screenwriter Zoe Kazan, left, plays Ruby in "Ruby Sparks.".
Ruby Sparks but Doesn't Catch Fire .
State police say on Monday while a fuel pump was being installed in a vehicle a spark ignited some leaking gas.
James Guillory/US PresswireTyler Seguin has given the Bruins' top line a spark while filling in for center David Krejci.
Up Close with Jordin Sparks.
The veteran studio executive helped spark interest in the filmmaker's movies and persuaded him to return to the United States after 20 years in exile.
Chone Figgins was expected to give the Seattle Mariners a spark when he signed a $36 million, four-year contract with them in December 2009.
China's top cop, Wang Lijun, sparks speculation after unusual meeting at a US Consulate.
Cigarette butt sparked Lanes Fire.
Counterculture appeal sparks Cheba Hut's high hopes for growth.
Republican vice presidential candidate Rep Paul Ryan, R-Wis. Campaigns at the Peterbilt Truck & Parts Equipment company in Sparks, Nev.

In science:

However, the required robustness to HV sparks and the abaility to detect signals down to 2 fC necessitate the design of a more sensitive version having a low noise charge preamplifier input stage.
CALICE Report to the DESY Physics Research Committee, April 2011
Table (5): The comparison of our finding and those of sparks, 1975 (fundamental method).
Comprehensive online Atomic Database Management System (DBMS) with Highly Qualified Computing Capabilities
When h→ ∞ ⇒ S→ A6 K, These two conditions has been applied perfectly with what has been explained in the theory of Spark.
Comprehensive online Atomic Database Management System (DBMS) with Highly Qualified Computing Capabilities
Finally Sparks measurements has been evaluated and tested by based on (Shiraiwa and Fujino, 1966) by using the same factors with equation 17 and presents a good agreement with a results published by (Muller). Consequently, this can improve the validity of using AIMS as well as raise its accuracy.
Comprehensive online Atomic Database Management System (DBMS) with Highly Qualified Computing Capabilities
Also we have described and verified the validity of our system by comparing the analysis of atomic physics data using a AIMS with NIST , Sparks ,Seaton and D. A.
Comprehensive online Atomic Database Management System (DBMS) with Highly Qualified Computing Capabilities