• Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Snow-ice ice formed from freezing slush
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  • William Shakespeare
    “Be thou as chaste as ice, as pure as snow, thou shalt not escape calumny.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. snáw; Ger. schnee, L. nix, nivis.


In literature:

This was serious, and, as we found afterwards the drifted snow had thawed down into ice: the whole of the inside of this hut was a big ice block.
"The Worst Journey in the World, Volumes 1 and 2" by Apsley Cherry-Garrard
Sometimes large masses of snow and ice, mixed with earth, fall or slide down the sides of the mountains with a loud crash.
"Big People and Little People of Other Lands" by Edward R. Shaw
You need to get this place in winter when ice and snow make it tough.
"The Man in the Twilight" by Ridgwell Cullum
The air was raw and chill, and, although the snow and ice were gone, the lake and the hills beyond looked singularly cold.
"The Forest Runners" by Joseph A. Altsheler
For six months we must lie idle, whilst the snow and ice wrap us round.
"French and English" by Evelyn Everett-Green
Here they began at once to clear away the snow from the ice at one side of the house, using their snow-shoes as shovels.
"Ungava Bob" by Dillon Wallace
He was under the fur coat of the Eskimo boy, being carried across the snow to the ice hut, or igloo.
"The Story of a Plush Bear" by Laura Lee Hope
But a Higher Power writ to her, writ on her heart, and went with her acrost the dark fields of snow and ice.
"Samantha at the World's Fair" by Marietta Holley
Immense expanses of snow and ice lay like a glittering garment upon both land and sea around the North Pole.
"Edison's Conquest of Mars" by Garrett Putman Serviss
Are you going to leg it back some hundreds of miles through thick ice and snow?
"The Time Traders" by Andre Norton

In poetry:

'Mid frozen snow, and blocks of ice,
And fiercely rolling waves,
He and his little crew went down,
Uncoffin'd, to their graves.
"The Fisherman's Wife" by Thomas Frederick Young
This freezing month of ice and snow
That brings our lives together
Lends to our year a living glow
That warms its wintry weather.
"The Old Tune" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
The river else doesn’t wholly reign,
But pale-blue ice is drowned now;
And clouds are not blue again,
But sun had drunk the snow out.
"The Spring Romance" by Innokentii Fedorovich Annensky
They're coming! And it seems so long
Since sadly autumn laid them low.
They left us with the robin's song,
They left us to the ice and snow.
"They're Coming!" by Nancy Rebecca Campbell Glass
Thus will the spring-flow'r bud and blow,
Wrapp'd round in many a fold of snow;
But, if an ice-wind pierce the sky,
'Twill drop upon its bed, and die!
"Love And The Spring-Flower" by Sir John Carr
"It is His own will to transport those folk
To a region of infinite ice and snow."
And his breath was a taper of incense-smoke,
And he lifted a finger and it was so.
"Legend" by Stephen Vincent Benet

In news:

Snow, ice responsible for several weekend accidents, road closures in Northeast Oregon.
Heavy snow, ice bury southern Plains, cut power.
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Snow and ice covers South, thaw could be days away.
Snow Spreads White Icing Across Big Country.
From sun and sand to snow and ice, the gear must keep working.
Alaska is best known for snow, ice, and a great view of Russia.
Latest Northeast storm brings nasty mix of snow, ice and rain.
National Snow & Ice Data Center.
Managing Snow & Ice, 2nd Edition.
Nor 'easter Dumps Snow and Ice on Areas Ravaged by Sandy.
The SnowEx Pivot Pro 1075 tailgate spreader is ideal for both large and small snow and ice control contractors.
Borough and private employees around the region spent the entire morning removing fresh snow and ice.

In science:

We recommend that the canonical “snow line” be reconceived as a water ice-ammonia line, and that NH3 be added to the volatile inventory of Jupiter- and Saturn-forming planetesimals.
Ice Lines, Planetesimal Composition and Solid Surface Density in the Solar Nebula
The formation pathway for these planets involves inward migration of proto-planets that formed from volatile ice-rich material beyond the snow line but that never attained masses sufficient to accrete large amounts of H/He nebular gas.
Three Possible Origins for the Gas Layer on GJ 1214b
If instead sublimated ices dominate with no observable H and He, it would indicate that GJ 1214b formed beyond its star’s snow line and migrated inward to its current orbital distance.
Three Possible Origins for the Gas Layer on GJ 1214b
The notes indicate a Run primarily dedicated to an unrelated target. b Run lost due to snow and ice. c Run primarily for follow-up of our pulsators. d Xcov 24 multi-site campaign. e Run primarily dedicated to search for sdO stars. f Run primarily for technical investigations. g Spanish service time.
A survey for pulsating subdwarf B stars with the Nordic Optical Telescope
The MIDAS telescope experienced very different weather conditions in Chicago - from high temperatures during summer, to heavy rain and storms, to snow and ice.
The MIDAS telescope for microwave detection of ultra-high energy cosmic rays