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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. ; Dut. zee, Ger. see, Ice. sær, Dan. .


In literature:

The waves broke with a soft swish on the rocks below them, and the tang of the sea was in the strong, fresh air.
"Anne Of Green Gables" by Lucy Maud Montgomery
The salt tang of the sea gladdened his nostrils, and he snorted with the pleasure of the stench of the mangrove swamp.
"Jerry of the Islands" by Jack London
Something in the soft woodland air and the sharper tang of the fens and the sea awoke response from his innermost soul.
"The Path of the King" by John Buchan
The air was balmy, with a tang of the sea in it.
"Story of My Life" by Helen Keller
But, though the sky was hard, the air was soft; the tang of the salt-sea spice lay over everything.
"West Wind Drift" by George Barr McCutcheon
He scented triumph from afar off, as one sniffs the tang of the sea.
"The Regent" by E. Arnold Bennett
His very voice was raw and husky with a tang of the sea in it.
"The Riddle of the Frozen Flame" by Mary E. Hanshew
Her letters had the tang of the sea.
"The Shield of Silence" by Harriet T. Comstock
He knew the sea like the old salts that were his neighbors, and from accounts he was as full of the tang of the sea as they.
"Adventures in the Arts" by Marsden Hartley
The spring of the heather, the tang of the sea brought peace.
"The Wind Bloweth" by Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne

In poetry:

Indoors the tang of a tiny oil lamp. Outdoors
The winking signal on the waste of sea.
Indoors the sound of the wind. Outdoors the wind.
Indoors the locked heart and the lost key.
"House On A Cliff" by Louis MacNeice

In news:

Tang is studying to become a veterinarian at UC Davis with a specialty in sea mammals .

In science:

Cane, M. A., Kaplan, A., Miller, R. N., Tang, B., Hackert, E. C. and Busalacchi, A. J., 1996: Mapping tropical Pacific sea level: Data assimilation via a reduced state Kalman filter. J Geophys.
A reduced-order strategy for 4D-Var data assimilation