• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Scudo (Com) A silver coin, and money of account, used in Italy and Sicily, varying in value, in different parts, but worth about 4 shillings sterling, or about 96 cents; also, a gold coin worth about the same.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n scudo A silver coin current in various parts of Italy during the eighteenth and nineteenthcenturies. Its value has varied slightly in different states, but has usually been about 4s. (about 96 cents). The scudo of Sardinia in 1817 was worth 4s. 0½d. (about 97 cents); of Naples, in 1818 and 1859, 4s. l½d. (about 99 cents); of the Papal States, in 1845 and 1859,4s. 4⅛d. (about $1.05). The scudo was occasionally struck in gold. The gold scudo of Pius IX. (1859) was worth 4s. 3⅛d. (about $1.03).
    • n scudo The space inclosed within the outer rim of the bezel of a ring; also, a bezel in sense 3 , used especially for rings of classical antiquity in which there is an engraved device upon the metal itself. See bezel, 3 .
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Scudo skōō′dō an Italian silver coin of different values, usually worth about 4s.: the space within the outer rim of the bezel of a ring
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
It., a crown, a dollar, a shield, fr. L. scutum a shield,. Cf. Scute
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
It.,—L. scutum, a shield.


In literature:

Not one scudo would I take under the price that I have named.
"Won by the Sword" by G.A. Henty
I saw her pressing my scudo to her lips and smile; I grew quite warm at the sight of it, and pressed a hot kiss upon her forehead.
"The World's Greatest Books, Vol. I" by Various
A scudo is a dollar, and a dollar has five francs, so that I wanted a thousand francs.
"A Roman Singer" by F. Marion Crawford
A scudo and a half apiece.
"Rollo in Rome" by Jacob Abbott
A car costs a scudo, and a man four carlins, a day.
"The Greville Memoirs" by Charles C. F. Greville
Here is a scudo for your expenses.
"Cuore (Heart)" by Edmondo De Amicis
The iperpero was worth 12 grossi, and 3 of them went to a scudo.
"The Shores of the Adriatic" by F. Hamilton Jackson
We knew that we were returning to our own France and we cared not a scudo for the reason.
"The Great White Army" by Max Pemberton
In 1578 the scudo was rated at 7 lira 0 soldi.
"The History of Currency, 1252 to 1896" by William Arthur Shaw
Scudo wrote that Thalberg's scales were like pearls on velvet, the scales of Liszt the same, but the velvet was hot!
"Franz Liszt" by James Huneker

In science:

Scudo, Weak limits for quantum random walks, Phys.
Temporal Fluctuations of Continuous-Time Quantum Random Walks on Circles
Grimmett, G., Janson, S., and Scudo, P. F.: Weak limits for quantum random walks, Phys.
Limit theorems for open quantum random walks