Salt block


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Salt block an apparatus for evaporating brine; a salt factory.
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In literature:

The value of all things, from a 5-cent block of Mayinit salt to a P70 carabao, is measured in palay.
"The Bontoc Igorot" by Albert Ernest Jenks
She walked four blocks to a new market, and bought bread and butter and salt codfish and a candy cane.
"Martie the Unconquered" by Kathleen Norris
The salt, moulded or cut into blocks, was transported to Gaul as an article of commerce.
"Hero Tales and Legends of the Rhine" by Lewis Spence
Season with salt and pepper and serve with croutons or toast, slices of bread cut in half-inch blocks.
"Mrs. Wilson's Cook Book" by Mary A. Wilson
The other half are loaded with blocks of salt on the way, for salt is in great demand at Timbuktu.
"From Pole to Pole" by Sven Anders Hedin
Ten salt blocks Anderson had in his barn.
"The Invaders" by Benjamin Ferris
In July 1786, several of the hundred head of horses which belonged to Captain Moore came in to the salt block to get salt.
"Legends of the Skyline Drive and the Great Valley of Virginia" by Carrie Hunter Willis
Blocks of salt are the favourite form of currency.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Slice 6" by Various
But Salt Lake City blocks are long, and Mr. Livingston's episode at the theatre has taken some time.
"Miss Dividends" by Archibald Clavering Gunter

In news:

Rolling Fire Glassworks is one of 11 smoke shops blocked from selling synthetic marijuana and bath salts by a court order.
Welcome to the 2010 season of Spanish Fly , Vida del Mar and other assorted salt water goodies that are on ESPN 2's Saltwater Sunday block.
Storage cloths are impregnated with a formula that blocks sulfur, salts and other tarnishing elements.
Paul Fraughton / Salt Lake Tribune Roy catcher Caylie Phelts blocks home plate and makes the tag on Brooke Ford of Salem Hills.
The tricky part about " blocking " sodium is that as much as 90% of the salt you consume everyday is "hidden" (salt that you don't shake on at the stovetop or dinner table).
Foot Detoxification Blocks of natural Himalayan salt help to cleanse the body in an easy, painless way, according to manufacturer Designed 4 Life.
The group is accused of blocking the driveway of D&L Energy, which owns a brine injection well site off Salt Springs Road.
Seven people were arrested for disorderly conduct on Ohio Works Drive for blocking the driveway of a business that owns an injection well site near Salt Springs Road.
Sunset on Great Salt Pond , Block Island, RI.
We put out salt blocks for our ani­mals and wild beasts know where the best salt lick is.
A passionate defense of the $6 box of salt, the $8 jar of tuna, the $4 block of butter and other seeming indulgences that are completely worth the cost--with the recipes to prove it.

In science:

The structure is built up by ordering perovskite blocks in a rock salt superlattice (Fig. 12) and the properties of the material are thought to critically depend on this ordering.
On Site Percolation on Correlated Simple Cubic Lattice
In the simplest one-dimensional problem with parallel-plate, blocking electrodes, over-charging of the double-layer “capacitors” leads to net adsorption of neutral salt from the bulk, regardless of the polarity of the diffuse-layer voltage .
Strongly nonlinear dynamics of electrolytes in large ac voltages
The weakly nonlinear regime in a blocking electrolytic cell generally breaks down at large voltages, when the neutral salt adsorption is by the diffuse layers is strong enough to significantly deplete the quasi-neutral bulk solution in the diffusion layers [1, 52, 53, 54].
Strongly nonlinear dynamics of electrolytes in large ac voltages