Room and space


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Room and space (Shipbuilding) the distance from one side of a rib to the corresponding side of the next rib; space being the distance between two ribs, in the clear, and room the width of a rib.
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In literature:

A space was cleared in the center of the room, and there was a general rush to secure good positions.
"Miss Pat at School" by Pemberton Ginther
Willard said nothing, but went to his desk, and for the space of five minutes, perhaps, there was complete silence in the school-room.
"Sword and Pen" by John Algernon Owens
The room was very small, and the bedstead occupied a large portion of its space.
"A Tramp's Wallet stored by an English goldsmith during his wanderings in Germany and France" by William Duthie
Mr. Cameron moved to a little open space in the centre of the room, and bade Kirsty and Weaver Jimmie stand before him.
"The Silver Maple" by Marian Keith
Pity, that the heavy Kentucky barrels fill only half the freight room and leave so much space empty.
"Bremen Cotton Exchange" by Andreas Wilhelm Cramer
In a space the size of a Buick, and that's all the room there is.
"The Hated" by Frederik Pohl
Every foot of space in the dining-room, ante-room and lobby of the hotel was filled with tables.
"The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume VI" by Various
He was alive to impressions, and this second room, within a short space of time, had power, also, to arouse surprise.
"At the Crossroads" by Harriet T. Comstock
Karen led him across the shining spaces of the hall and into the morning-room.
"Tante" by Anne Douglas Sedgwick
On the first floor, the partition between dining-room and kitchen was removed, and the whole space made into a court-room.
"The Continental Dragoon" by Robert Neilson Stephens

In poetry:

The narrow room had vanished,--space,
Broad, luminous, remained alone,
Through which all hues and shapes of grace
And beauty looked or shone.
"Raphael" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Thou bringest all again; with Thee
Is light, is space, is breadth and room
For each thing fair, beloved, and free
To have its hour of life and bloom.
"And Art Thou Come With Us To Dwell?" by Dora Greenwell
Avis heard the beaten bell
Break the quiet space,
Gathering softly in the room Round her face;
And the sound of wings
From the deeps of rosy gloom
Rustled in the place.
"Avis" by Duncan Campbell Scott
The fog slips ghostlike into a thousand rooms,
Whirls over sleeping faces,
Spins in an atomy dance round misty street lamps;
And blows in cloudy waves over open spaces . . .
"The House Of Dust: Part 01: 08: " by Conrad Potter Aiken
Said I: "Of course you have a right,—
But not to blot my bath-room floor.
Yet though with slipper I may smite,
Your doom I morally deplore . . .
From cellar gloom to stellar space
Let bards and beetles have their place.
"Death Of A Cockroach" by Robert W Service
I SAID: "I shall find peace now, for my love has never been
Here in the little room, in the quiet place;
The walls shall not quiver around me, nor fires begin,
And I shall forget his voice and perhaps his face
And be still for a little space."
"Vain Hiding" by Margaret Widdemer

In news:

Kaskade Masters Time, Space and Big-Room Electronica.
This unit features expanded space, heightened technology and a design that allows family members to stay in the same room with their child or children.
The room decorations are tastefully done, and the space is now festive with extra greenery and ribbons.
Sure, this show was scaled down from past years, with no demo rooms and most exhibitors taking much smaller booth spaces.
Swapping out an oval wood table for a glass-topped round table made more room in the breakfast area and gave the space a brighter look.
Unused space beneath the garage of a hillside condominium is repurposed into a vibrant studio and sewing room .
I drove down Glasson Drive to the airport and stopped at my aunt 's hanger, which had space for an office, classroom and room for her two airplanes.
The executive rooms at this luxury hotel in Bangkok were redesigned to offer more space and a style that's in sync with today's modern traveler.
Unused space beneath the garage of a hillside condominium is repurposed into a vibrant studio and sewing room.
The 48,000-square-foot center will have strength training spaces, offices, lounges, study rooms, and an auditorium.
The Omni Corpus Christi Hotel in Corpus Christi , Texas, just underwent an $8 million renovation that included updates to guest rooms and the 38,000 square feet of meeting space.
The new school includes classrooms and seminar rooms, and dedicated space for internship coordination, entrepreneurship and leadership programming.
Vivid Palette consists of tufted and Eco Evolution dye-injected print carpet patterns for guest rooms and public spaces.
The new location, near the facility's administrative offices, will also offer office space for an oncologist and an exam room.
These porches and other outdoor spaces prove the best room in your house could be outside .

In science:

Aiming at combined utilisation in lecture rooms as well as in teleteaching, our model focuses on a clear, straightforward concept of reusable compound media components. Screenplay scripts arranging their behaviour in space and time will accompany these.
Media Objects in Time - A Multimedia Streaming System
The power coming from this device in the space downstream of the coils affects the design of the room shielding, and the coupling to the trap which has a first stage at very low temperature.
Intense Source of Slow Positrons
From x-ray and neutron powder diffraction, Ref. 4 showed that the unit cell of CsBiNb2O7 was orthorhombic at room temperature and in a √2at × √2at × ct relation to the simple tetragonal reference structure, systematic reflections being consistent with the non-polar space group Pmam and with the polar space group P21am.
Ferroelectricity in the Dion-Jacobson CsBiNb$_2$O$_7$ from first principles
This also implies that there is more room (and budget) for packing more servers in the same floor space.
Jellyfish: Networking Data Centers Randomly
The latter applications typically take important advantage of the idea that data are often hierarchical or tree-like and that there is “more room” in hyperbolic spaces of a given dimension than corresponding Euclidean spaces.
On the Hyperbolicity of Small-World and Tree-Like Random Graphs