• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Repleteness The state of being replete.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n repleteness The state of being replete; fullness; repletion.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Repleteness superabundant fullness: surfeit:
    • ns Repleteness (med.) fullness of blood: plethora
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  • (Decimus Junius Juvenalis) Juvenal
    (Decimus Junius Juvenalis) Juvenal
    “How incessant and great are the ills with which a prolonged old age is replete.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr.,—L. repletus, pa.p. of replērere-, again, plēre, to fill.


In literature:

Six volumes, replete with valuable and varied information, have already been published.
"What is Darwinism?" by Charles Hodge
At last the picnickers stretched themselves, replete and happy, upon the soft grass, to discuss a further course of action.
"The Outdoor Girls on Pine Island" by Laura Lee Hope
Our whole past history, replete with acts of bravery and self-sacrifice, seemed to be disappearing in the horrors of night.
"Banzai!" by Ferdinand Heinrich Grautoff
His poetry is replete with patriotic sentiment, and his strain is forcible and occasionally brilliant.
"The Modern Scottish Minstrel, Volume IV." by Various
Still more interesting than these various incidents are the tales and legends with which this book is replete.
"Maha-bharata" by Anonymous
Two men who had eaten to repletion could not hope to occupy the same apartment.
"Kitchener's Mob" by James Norman Hall
At last, filled to repletion, they leaned back and began a general conversation.
"Bob Hunt in Canada" by George W. Orton
He was now personally assailed by a charge replete with stupid malignity.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 1-20" by Various
No pen can describe, either, and to even faintly portray them is but to add gloom to a narrative already replete with it.
"Pocket Island" by Charles Clark Munn
In another carriage-house is a vehicle replete with historical and pathetic interest.
"The Idler Magazine, Volume III, April 1893" by Various

In poetry:

Good was the earth and all its bowers,
Good every cool retreat;
And all the birds and beasts and flowers
With goodness were replete."
"The Youthful Villager And The Hermit" by James Madison Bell
And the yearning of that race
Was for something deep and tender,
Life replete with power, with grace,
Touched with vision and with splendour.
"Permanence" by Duncan Campbell Scott
You've heard how Satan erst, with wiles replete,
Old mother Eve in Paradise deceiv'd,
Rashly of the forbidden fruit to eat,
And how her husband part from her receiv'd!
"Adam's Race" by Rees Prichard
How art thou bound such goodness to applaud,
And sing the praises of thy Saviour-God,
Who made thee of his glorious supper eat,
An entertainment with each good replete?
"A Preparation For The Holy Communion" by Rees Prichard
Voices solemn and sweet,
Children laughing and gay,
Light and purpose of life,
Dawn and falling of May;
The garland of day replete
With flowers that cover the strife, --
"The Poet's House" by Annie Adams Fields
Come thou! The very air, that aches to be
Void of thy bloom, is bending over thee.
It is of thee the violet breathes replete;
Remembering thee, the rose is straightway sweet.
"An Elegy" by Manmohan Ghose

In news:

If Losing Control has too much of a girl-com TV vibe about it - and it does, replete with wacky pals, bad blind dates, and perilously upbeat music cues - it also has smarts.
Tired of city living, four ELLE editors ditch Manhattan for a weekend in the country, replete with luxe goods and beyond.
Replete with enough quirks and quaintness to choke a mule, small towns are timelessly fertile ground for writers.
Want to ogle him, other classic dolls and a miniature amusement park replete with parachute jump.
Seeking a soulful sojourn replete with unforgettable memories.
It comes in your mailbox every fall, an envelope from the sheriff's office that contains a yellow slip of paper replete with a dizzying array of numbers.
Dr Brian M Schwab's recent letter advocating water fluoridation ("Fluoridation has been a great health effort," Reading Eagle, Oct 10) is replete with misleading statements.
President Bush, with Laura in tow, is preparing to head out, replete with a press corps under instruction to dress themselves decently and not appear like a bunch of slobs.
Full house Unsettling Shepard play is replete with woes financial and familial.
At right, a. GIF of del Potro's body serve achieving its goal, replete with Federer's not-at-all-neutral response.
The Army's Article 32 hearing for Sgt Robert Bales was so replete with witnesses and evidence that it looked as if he were on trial.
Most MBA students have high expectations that their summer internships will result in business bliss, replete with likable colleagues, satisfying work, and a full-time job offer in the end.
The calendar is replete with these weird, and in most cases, totally pointless days.
The 7,000-seat venue hosted two sold-out shows, replete with an 86-member orchestra, four soloists, and a choir of 130 voices.
6.72 million The Property: The blocks south and southeast of Hinsdale's downtown are replete with imposing homes of various eras and styles.

In science:

X, Y ) = c(Y , X )−1 ∀Y ∈ Ob j C , one easily sees that Z2 (C ) is stable w.r.t. isomorphisms (thus replete), direct sums, retractions, tensor products and duals, the inherited braiding obviously being symmetric.
From Subfactors to Categories and Topology II. The quantum double of tensor categories and subfactors
For monoidal categories we require in addition that 1 is simple. A subcategory of a semisimple category is called semisimple if it is closed w.r.t. direct sums and retractions, thus in particular replete (stable under isomorphisms).
From Subfactors to Categories and Topology II. The quantum double of tensor categories and subfactors
Obviously the subcategory Z2 (C ) is symmetric, contains the monoidal unit and is stable w.r.t. direct sums, retractions (in particular isomorphisms, thus replete) and duals.
From Subfactors to Categories and Topology II. The quantum double of tensor categories and subfactors
Lemma 7.1 I (C ) and ˜I (C ) are replete ful l subcategories of Z1 (C ).
From Subfactors to Categories and Topology II. The quantum double of tensor categories and subfactors
The properties of the braiding imply that C ∩ A′ is monoidal and stable under isomorphisms (thus replete), direct sums, retractions and two-sided duals.
From Subfactors to Categories and Topology II. The quantum double of tensor categories and subfactors