• Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Reheater an apparatus for restoring heat to a body
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  • Marlene Dietrich
    “Once a woman has forgiven her man, she must not reheat his sins for breakfast.”


In literature:

Have the bricks reheated, and let them be red-hot!
"Salammbo" by Gustave Flaubert
Every cold muffin was reheated, or bit of cold toast was utilized.
"Martie the Unconquered" by Kathleen Norris
Some articles of food occasionally need reheating during the process.
"Woman's Institute Library of Cookery, Vol. 1" by Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences
Add the milk and fish and reheat.
"Everyday Foods in War Time" by Mary Swartz Rose
If I have no ice, reheating it each day during warm weather prevents spoiling.
"How To Write Special Feature Articles" by Willard Grosvenor Bleyer
The bricks were reheated somewhere.
"Lippincott's Magazine, December, 1885" by Various
Thus the expense of a reheating and rerolling to refine the iron is obviated.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 613, October 1, 1887" by Various
To reheat, place in an oven with a pan of boiling water for ten minutes to freshen.
"Mrs. Wilson's Cook Book" by Mary A. Wilson
The guarantee includes all of the steam used by the engine or by the jackets or reheater.
"The New York Subway" by Anonymous
This red may be developed by reheating as in the case of making gold ruby glass.
"Artificial Light" by M. Luckiesh

In news:

The CW reheats its midseason schedule.
Bricmont Inc received a multimillion-dollar contract from Chaparral Steel to expand and upgrade its large section mill walking beam reheat furnace.
The 2-page flyer is packed with information on safely thawing and cooking your holiday turkey, as well as storing and reheating the leftovers.
Not in sandwiches or with microwave reheating , but in recipes that will make you embrace the extras you usually feel guilty about not using.
Apparently this is the button you are supposed to use when reheating , but not cooking, food.
Reheated conspiracy theories taste really stale.
Hot Gas Reheat Packaged Units.
Trane has added the hot gas reheat with direct digital dehumidification controls feature to its IntelliPak, Precedent, and Voyager II rooftop units.
Here's the thing about buying steamed crabs at many crab houses: They're often cooked in advance, then reheated, and chances are, they're not local.
Stir in the pasta, clam liquid and crushed red pepper and reheat thoroughly, about 8 minutes.
Just reheat in the microwave.
Very easy and delicious, you can make up in big batches and freeze for quick reheating.
These easy bites can be made ahead of time and reheated when ready to serve.
"Save a Chef" reheats the eliminated chef'testants with a chance for redemption.
Alas, we see only reheated New Deal leftovers.

In science:

Therefore the observable range is about 10 e-folds inside the interval [35,55], with the exact location of the former depending on the details of reheating.
Roulette Inflation with K\"ahler Moduli and their Axions
In this paper, we did not treat the issues of reheating at the end of inflation and the relation of the model to the observed particle physics.
Roulette Inflation with K\"ahler Moduli and their Axions
Details of reheating depend on the K¨ahler moduli dynamics at the end of inflation and on the interactions of the K¨ahler moduli with other fields, including the Standard Model particles.
Roulette Inflation with K\"ahler Moduli and their Axions
The coupling to other degrees of freedom, in particular those of the Standard Model, that appear in the reheating process is unclear.
Roulette Inflation with K\"ahler Moduli and their Axions
Such a story is based on an analogy with the string theory reheating in warped brane inflation due to braneantibrane annihilation investigated in .
Roulette Inflation with K\"ahler Moduli and their Axions